Dragon Ball: 23 Crazy Hidden Details About Saiyan Women

It’s hard to believe that when Akira Toriyama initially kicked off Dragon Ball, it was a relatively grounded, terrestrial show. The concept of Saiyans from another planet wasn’t even on Toriyama’s mind yet. While Saiyans may not have been part of the original Dragon Ball blueprint, they’ve slowly become what’s arguably the dominant presence in the series. Goku, Vegeta, and the other overpowered Saiyans continue to face new foes and set new precedents in terms of how far their strength can be pushed.

The Saiyan race has become Dragon Ball’s most popular fighters, but the franchise dominantly focuses on the efforts of male Saiyans. While the gender divide for the species is incredibly skewed, female Saiyans occasionally pop up throughout the show’s run. They may still be an oddity, but they’re steadily making a name for themselves. In order to better understand this other half of the race, here are 23 crazy hidden details about Dragon Ball’s Saiyan women.

23 They Are Prone To Tuffle Infection

Dragon Ball Kale Caulifla Tuffle Infected
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The Saiyans are an extremely resilient warrior race that are capable of handling almost anything that gets thrown their way. However, one weakness that’s presented itself a few times, especially with the females of the race, is their susceptibility of infection by the vengeful Tuffle race. Pan succumbs to this in Xenoverse 2, but the promotional anime Super Dragon Ball Heroes also shows the same possessive gambit happen to both Kale and Caulifla, while male Saiyans avoid it.

22 All Pureblood Female Saiyans Were Filler Until Gine

Dragon Ball Minus Gine And Baby Goku
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There has always been a tiny level of disconnect between Dragon Ball’s manga and its anime in terms of what exactly is considered canon. Accordingly, the manga and some of the supplementary animated specials dig into the history of the Saiyan race and show some female Saiyan amongst the crowd, like Fasha. The existence and importance of these female Saiyans was never clear until Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Minus story, which officially states that Gine is Goku’s mother and therefore the first non-filler Saiyan.

21 They Age Differently Than Saiyan Males

Dragon Ball Old Pan Praying
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Dragon Ball has demonstrated on several occasions that Saiyans age much more gracefully than standard humans and they’re able to retain their youthfulness for much longer than average. While this is witnessed with characters like Goku and Vegeta, curiously, female Saiyans may not be as resilient in this area. Dragon Ball Fusions introduces an elderly female Saiyan named Stabba, who’s covered in wrinkles. Granted, her age isn’t stated, but it could still provide answers. Additionally, Dragon Ball GT: A Hero’s Legacy shows Pan at over 100, which may just be specific to her, but could extend to all Saiyan women.

20 Pan Will Eventually Be The Strongest Saiyan

Dragon Ball GT Pan Energy Blast
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This detail will certainly come down to whether Pan remains a character that the Dragon Ball franchise continues to focus on and develop in the coming materials. As far as Dragon Ball Super is concerned, Pan’s still just a baby, but the series has proven that diluting the Saiyan bloodline through hybridization actually leads to a stronger offspring. Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files even says that Pan is so powerful that she may transform into a type of Super Saiyan that no one has ever seen before.

19 The GT Staff Didn't Want Pan To Turn Super Saiyan

Dragon Ball GT Pan As Doll
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The way that Dragon Ball GT’s production staff viewed Pan was that she basically was designed to be strong, but not so strong that she could solve problem's without Goku's assistance. Pan was always designed to be someone that Goku would rescue, so turning her into a Super Saiyan would be antithetical to that, even if she was technically strong enough. The staff of Dragon Ball GT cite the episode where Pan gets transformed into a doll and must be rescued as the breaking point where they knew they'd never push Pan to that power plateau.

18 Their Hair Has Some Leeway

Dragon Ball Bulla And Vegeta
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Saiyan hair has always been a big talking point, mostly because it tends to defy logic, even by anime hair standards. There seem to be fairly strict guidelines in place when it comes to Saiyan hair, however, it’s the female of the species that have earned some freedom in this regard. Pureblooded Saiyans are all said to have black hair and hairstyles that don’t change. Many female Saiyans are hybrids that break this rule and it seems that they have more variety than the males. It just seems like when it comes to Saiyan women, there’s more versatility in terms of their hair color and how it stays.

17 The First Female Super Saiyan Didn't Appear Until 2017

Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Caulifla Energy Deflect
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To many fans’ excitement, Dragon Ball Super finally brought some new Saiyans into the fold, as well as some powerful female Saiyans at that. Caulifla and Kale from Universe 6 both show up in Dragon Ball Super’s 88th episode, but it takes a little longer for a female Super Saiyan to appear. Finally, episode 92 of Dragon Ball Super marks the first appearance of a female Super Saiyan with Caulifla. It’s only one episode later when she gets the basic of Super Saiyan 2 under her belt, too!

16 They Have A Specialized Maiden’s Burst Attack

Dragon Ball Pan Maidens Burst
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Female Saiyans have taken up a larger presence in the Dragon Ball video games where the franchise gets opportunities to color outside the lines and play around with canon. Accordingly, “Maiden’s Burst” is a technique that is mostly relegated to the video games, but Pan and the other female Saiyan characters all share these “Maiden” attacks. It’s a nice way to highlight what “girl power” is capable of doing. It also makes sense that the female side of the race would develop some of their own abilities over time.

15 They Initiate Romance

Dragon Ball Gine And Bardock
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Due to the typical level of aggression that’s associated with the Saiyan males, it’d be logical to assume that this extends into the matchmaking process. Male Saiyans have plenty of skills and responsibilities, but they’re strangely a little reserved when it comes to romance. Perhaps they’re too focused on battle to worry about procreation. Accordingly, the Saiyan women are the ones that do the pursuing and initiation when it comes to finding a mate.

14 Kefla Is The Only Female Saiyan Strong Enough To Beat Goku Or Vegeta

Dragon Ball Kefla Versus Ultra Instinct Goku
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When it comes to raw power, it’s widely considered that Goku and Vegeta are at the top of the Saiyan power scale. Even though these two are essentially Dragon Ball’s strongest warriors, that doesn’t mean that they’ve never been defeated by other Saiyans, including those of the female persuasion. Granted, it takes Kefla, the fusion of both Kale and Caulifla to overpower Goku and Vegeta, but she does it. This just goes to show that female Saiyans have no limits to their strength.

13 The Legendary Super Saiyan Is A Woman, Not A Man

Dragon Ball Super Legendary Super Saiyan Kale
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It seems that the Saiyan race consistently caters to the males of the species, but it looks like the female Saiyan might actually have a greater capacity for power than anyone anticipated. For the longest time Broly was considered to be the Legendary Super Saiyan, but Dragon Ball Super helped rewrite the canon. Kale is without a doubt Universe 6’s Legendary Super Saiyan and even though Dragon Ball Super: Broly shows Broly undergo a similar transformation, it alludes to it being a Berserker form instead. As it stands, Kale, a female, is Dragon Ball’s resident Legendary Super Saiyan.

12 Universe 7’s Saiyan Women Are Virtually Extinct

Dragon Ball Fasha Crater
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This is to no fault of the Saiyan women themselves, but they’ve been dealt an unfortunate lot in Universe 7, Dragon Ball’s primary universe. Female Saiyans were such an anomaly precisely because there are none left in Universe 7. Frieza’s destruction of Planet Vegeta wiped out those that were left, and all that remains are the new female children of Saiyan on Earth. Glimpses into other universes, like Universe 6, show that things aren’t nearly as grim for female Saiyan elsewhere out there.

11 They’re Naturals At Fusion

Dragon Ball Kefla Fusion Super Saiyan 2
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Something as powerful as fusion seems like it would go beyond the limitations of gender, but so many techniques in the Dragon Ball universe have bizarre stipulations behind them that you can never be too sure. Fusion between female Saiyans may not be super popular, but the limited examples of it stand out. Dragon Ball Super puts Kale and Caulifla together to make the super powerful Kefla, but the Dragon Ball video games keep this tradition going with Pandel (Pan and Videl) and Bulpan (Bulla and Pan).

10 They’re Great Team Players

Dragon Ball Caulifla Kale Holding Hands
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Saiyan males are aggressive sorts and they tend to prioritize defeating the enemy or better serving themselves then helping an ally in battle. That’s not to say that the concept of teamwork is foreign to them, but they like their moments in the spotlight. However, it looks like female Saiyan are much more likely to support their fellow lady in battle. Kale and Caulifla do some of the most damage in the Tournament of Power and even though they’re driven by battle, they value their bond and friendship, too. Cabba, for instance, doesn’t perform nearly as well.

9 They Are Named After Vegetables

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Fasha
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One of the most well-known “Easter Eggs” in the Dragon Ball community is that the bulk of Saiyans’ names are actually vegetable puns. This goes all the way back to how Planet Vegeta is the root of this. It’s funny to laugh at the jokes associated with name’s like Kakarot, Broly, Paragus, or Raditz, but it’s nice to see that the weird name treatment also extends to female Saiyan. Kale and Caulifla are obvious, but Gine and Fasha are actually puns on spring onion and corn, respectively.

8 Universe 6 Female Saiyans Are Tailless

Dragon Ball Universe 6 Saiyans Meet Goku
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Even though the Saiyan women of Universe 7 sport tails, that doesn’t mean that this detail is present across the board. Dragon Ball Super throws some Saiyans from Universe 6 into the mix and it’s quickly clear that they don’t play by exactly the same rules. For instance, Universe 6 Saiyans have evolved past the point of needing tails, so it’s a useless addition for these Saiyan women.

7 They’re Great Dancers

Pan Para Para Boogie
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Dragon Ball GT gets a lot of flack from the Dragon Ball community. Its first arc is heavy in the humor, as opposed to action, which either works for audiences or it doesn’t. One of the major events from this stretch of episodes is the group’s encounter with the Para Para Brothers. Pan actually adopts their bizarrely dangerous dance move, the Para Para Boogie, which she parlays into an attack in Dragon Ball video games. Both Goku and Trunks also witness this maneuver, but Pan’s the only one who picks it up.

6 They’re Exceptional Teachers

Dragon Ball Grandma Pan And Goku Jr
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Make no mistake, there are plenty of instances where males of the Saiyan race demonstrate how they’re also formidable tutors, but it’s necessary to highlight the occasions where female Saiyans go above and beyond here. In the future timeline outlined in Dragon Ball Online, Pan has formed a school known as the Pan Fighting Network, which is one of the major schools of training. Furthermore, in GT’s A Hero’s Legacy, Pan is also the one who trains Goku Jr.

5 Universe 6 Female Saiyans Are Generally Stronger

Dragon Ball Kale Caulifla Energy Attack
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This is a topic that’s definitely debatable and still continuing to evolve, but the details that Dragon Ball Super provides regarding Universe 6 and their Saiyans certainly implies that they’re of a higher quality. Kale and Caulifla explain that Saiyans from their universe are more evolved and they even have a greater propensity for becoming Super Saiyan. Kale and Caulifla master the transformation and Super Saiyan 2 just from talking through the process.

4 They’re All Strong-Willed

Dragon Ball Gine
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Due to how the males of the Saiyan race are so preoccupied with strength and battle power, it makes sense that these would also be traits that they’re interested in with their mates. It may take some time for a Saiyan male to admit love, but the type of partner that they’re drawn to stems from the strong-willed nature of Saiyan women. They all have particularly stubborn dispositions.

3 They Can Turn Super Saiyan

Dragon Ball Caulifla Super Saiyan Scream
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There used to be a time when the spectacle of turning into a Super Saiyan was an extreme rarity. Now the transformation has basically become commonplace, but there were still some mysteries associated with the power-up. For the longest time there was debate if Saiyan women could become Super Saiyan, since it had never been witnessed before, even though characters were strong enough. This was officially put to rest when both Kale and Caulifla turned into Super Saiyans in Dragon Ball Super.

2 They Have Tails

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This tidbit may seem a little redundant since Saiyan men from Planet Vegeta were all born with their iconic tails, but it’s important to point out that this is a physiological trait that’s also present in the ladies. Plenty of female Saiyans back on Planet Vegeta are seen with their tails, proving that it’s a beacon of power that’s present for the entire species. Saiyan women and men are equal in this regard.

1 They Can Turn Into Great Apes

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Great Ape Battle
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This is another area that may seem like a no-brainer for some, but just because the males of the Saiyan race can do something, it’s not safe to presume that the women can too, especially when that something is a giant act of aggression like turning into a gigantic ape. Yes, female Saiyans have tails, but it’s possible that they’re just ornamental and not functional. Thankfully, Dragon Ball Z flashbacks and video games confirm that female Saiyan can also utilize Blutz Waves to become a lumbering Great Ape.

These are some of the biggest surprises and details that we could pull together regarding the female sect of Saiyans, but have we missed anything major? Sound off in the comments below!

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