Dragon Ball: 19 Disturbing Facts About Videl

Dragon Ball is a series that is full of truly unforgettable and unique characters, both of the powerful and ordinary variety. In a franchise that’s spanned hundreds of episodes, it’s not unusual to have a rotating cast, with characters coming and going in various capacities. Videl may enter relatively late in the general scope of Dragon Ball, but she instantly makes a strong impression, both on the audience and Gohan, as a formidable female opponent.

Videl secures her position in the series when she and Gohan shack up together and she’s really the perfect foil for the grown up version of Goku’s offspring. Even though Videl doesn’t always serve the most exciting purpose, she remains a fascinating addition to the franchise. Accordingly, Here Are 19 Disturbing Facts About Dragon Ball’s Videl.

19 Her Relationship With Gohan Begins With Blackmail

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Videl and Gohan’s relationship gradually culminates into a very sweet, loving partnership, so it’s kind of crazy to consider that the whole thing is predicated on manipulation and blackmail! Craftily, Videl blackmails Gohan so that he’ll enter the 25th Tenkaichi Budokai so she can fight against him. Then, she uses her knowledge of how Gohan’s the Great Saiyaman to make him spend time with her.

18 She’s A Plagiarist

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Videl and Gohan bond in a number of ways after they become a couple and one of their more altruistic efforts is that in Dragon Ball Z’s anime continuity they become a scrappy crime-fighting duo. There’s nothing wrong with Videl lending Gohan a hand in this area, but her whole get up, the Great Saiyaman 2, is super derivative of Gohan’s idea, rather than doing something original. She takes the easy way out here and piggybacks on Gohan’s character.

17 She Manipulates An A-List Celebrity To Do Her Bidding

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Videl pops up a number of times and gets featured in some interesting plot lines throughout Dragon Ball Super, but one of her most significant storylines is her role with Barry Kahn and the Great Saiyaman feature film. Videl visits the set of this movie and it’s not long until big time film star, Barry Kahn, falls for Videl. She’s not interested, but she uses the fact that he is in order to get what she wants and help out her husband.

16 She’ll Erase Her Personality For A Guy

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This tidbit is a bit of an exaggeration, but as soon as Gohan mentions that he likes short hair, Videl cuts hers off. It's a drastic move and who knows how long she had her hair styled like that! Videl instantly shifts over to Gohan’s interests as a way to win his heart, rather than push more of herself. Maybe she could have made Gohan learn to love long hair.

15 She Isn’t Afraid Of Zombies

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This might seem like a strange quality to have intel on, but in the 12th Dragon Ball Z film, Fusion Reborn, Janemba’s wacky demonic powers bring a heap of zombies to the forefront to keep some of the supporting characters busy. Videl and Gohan face off against some undead, but Videl doesn’t even blink at the challenge, whereas many others would be freaked out over this anomaly. Videl's probably great with hanging out candy on Halloween.

14 She’s A Fighting Prodigy

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Not only is Videl the only female to be a winner in a rung of the Tenkaichi Budokai, but she’s the champion of the Junior Division. To become so strong, her father rigorously trained her and her childhood was made up more of sparring than games with friends.

If anything, her severe strength as a child may have alienated her from other girls her age. With such a strong work ethic built into the character, it's a shame that she wasn't given an opportunity to prove herself in Super’s Tournament of Power.

13 Her Baby Is Stronger Than She Is

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We don’t just mean that Videl’s daughter is stronger than she is, but even when Pan is within Videl’s womb, it appears that she could somehow have more strength than her mom. As a mere infant Pan is able to fly and leave the Earth’s atmosphere, a feat that Videl herself has never even done herself. Videl is a strong character at that, so it’s rather alarming that her infant could probably beat her up. So much for time outs.

12 Her Family’s Connection To The Devil

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So this is more of Akira Toriyama’s weird naming puns, but both Mr. Satan and Videl herself (which is an anagram for “devil”) have weird demonic name ties. On top of this, Videl’s license plate is also 666, so maybe there actually is some stock in this idea. She at least plays into it and encourages it, which is something. Maybe if Dabura were friendlier with Videl and her father there'd be more cause for concern.

11 She Takes More After Chi-Chi, Than Gohan

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When Videl and Gohan first meet, she's a real firecracker and the most interesting woman to ever come along and challenge him. However, after Videl and Gohan get married, Videl forms a strong bond with Chi-Chi and adopts more of her mother-in-law's habits than Gohan’s more aggressive ones. Videl doesn’t totally eliminate fighting from her life, but it’s no longer the dominant force that it used to be.

10 She's Prone To Parasitic Infection

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The Dragon Ball universe sure loves its evil possession storylines. So many heroes in the series used to be former villains, so it's always a lot of fun to further muddy those waters. In Dragon Ball GT, Videl—like most of Earth's population—gets infected by Baby's Tuffle parasites. Additionally, Videl gets possessed by Towa's Dark Magic in Xenoverse 2.

9 They’re Not Together In Future Trunks’ Timeline

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Some love stories are for the ages and others, while sweet, are largely the result of all sorts of random events and factors. Videl finds true love with Gohan, but in the war-torn world of Future Trunks' reality, things aren't quite so romantic. In this future timeline, Future Gohan is Future Trunks’ teacher. Apparently Videl and Gohan are not always meant to be together.

8 She Has Untapped, Wasted Potential

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Some characters in Dragon Ball just know that they're receptacles for massive energy and other characters develop this knowledge over time. Videl may be human, but she's capable of real greatness. She masters flight surprisingly easy and is arguably the strongest female human in the series, but she never pushes herself to go further or pick up excessive energy attacks. Her Kamehameha use is even reserved for video games.

7 She's Met A Grim End

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To be fair, it feels like some characters in Dragon Ball are caught in a never ending cycle of death and revival. Videl doesn't remain unscathed through the series and even though she fares a lot better than some other characters, she still experiences defeat. Videl, much like all of the survivors on Kami's Lookout during the climactic events during the fight against Buu, gets turned into chocolate and then eaten. It's a particularly grim and humiliating way to go out, especially for such a prideful fighter.

6 Her Wedding Was A “Secret”

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We don’t actually get to see Videl’s wedding to Gohan, but it’s implied that it happens right before the first episode of Dragon Ball Super takes place. Dragon Ball explicitly shows Goku and Chi-Chi’s wedding and devotes a whole mini-arc to it, but Videl and Gohan don’t get the same luxury, which led some to believe the ceremony never actually happened. The first episode of Dragon Ball Super features a plot where Goten and Trunks are trying to find Videl the perfect wedding gift, which is a pretty big red flag that one did go down. So why couldn’t the important event be shown?

5 She's Fabricated Her Age

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Well, to be more accurate here, it's more like Toei fabricated her age, but it wouldn't be hard to develop a conspiracy theory that Videl wants people to think that she's younger than she is. In the manga, it's stated that Videl was born in Age 756 and Gohan  in 757, which means she's a year older than her husband. In the anime, however, they're made to be the same age.

4 Her Pregnancy Wasn’t Planned

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Life is full of surprises, whether that means the invasion of a new powerful enemy or some unexpected personal news. Videl and Gohan's relationship is bulletproof as soon as they get together, but Videl's pregnancy actually catches the two off guard. In Battle of Gods, Videl accidentally finds out that she's pregnant when Dende heals her and discovers the news.

3 She Might Moonlight Under A Different Alias


Weird translation errors and changes happen all of the time, but during Videl’s participation in the 25th Tenkaichi Budokai during Dragon Ball Z’s Buu Saga, people in the audience cheer her on with signs that say “Bidel.” Episodes later, more signs refer to her as “Beedel.” It’s likely just a weird animation mistake, but the consistency behind it is peculiar. Technically it is possible that Videl also fights under the secret alias, “Bidel,” for some reason.

2 Her Mother Isn't Just Out Of The Picture, She's Dead

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Family trees can sometimes get a little complicated in Dragon Ball. Many assumed that Videl's mother left her husband due to his showboating ways and his love for the fight or they simply didn't consider Videl's birth mother at all. It's revealed that Videl's mother was named Miguel and that she didn't leave her family, but she actually passed away and has not made any on screen appearances, although her name has come up.

1 She’s A Human Who's Used Super Saiyan Ki

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Dragon Ball has progressively become a Saiyan oriented series, but Videl occupies a unique position in the series in that she’s a human that’s not only around a whole lot of Saiyans, but she marries one and has a child with one. Videl retains her human status throughout the series, but during Goku’s Super Saiyan God ceremony that he goes through to first unlock the transformation, Videl is involved in the activities. Due to Videl’s pregnancy with a Saiyan at the time, she gets the same Super Saiyan glow during the ritual, which is a pretty big deal and kind of a first, even though it doesn’t lead to anything.

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