These Stunning Drawings Show What It Would Be Like If We Lived Alongside Giant Animals

A mysterious artist who goes by the pseudonym Aruduka55 has captured the hearts of animal lovers everywhere by creating breathtaking illustrations of an imaginary world where massive animals live alongside humans.

We’ve already determined we don't deserve animals, so it’s hard to imagine how much more perfect animals that are double, triple, or quadruple our size would be. Aruduka55 takes this otherworldly concept and creates marvelous illustrations of it in a muted, soft, ethereal color palate. The artist tends to choose to put animals in the spotlight that are important to Japanese culture like tanuki, foxes, birds, dogs, and cats.

In a list compiled by BoredPanda, this artist's portfolio grows more and more intriguing as you scroll along. The sense of peace is overwhelming in nearly every photo, and we can’t help but let out a dreamy sigh just imagining taking a nap in a fluffy cats fur or lounging under fall leaves with a tanuki.

This illustration features a stunning use of soft light and a giant kitsune (fox) in the center of a dark room. Who wouldn’t want to curl up and take a snooze against that soft, beautiful fur?

If you’re feeling a melancholy adventure, this illustration is definitely for you. Featuring another kitsune, this illustration seems to have an even deeper meaning. Kitsune are incredibly prevalent in Japanese folklore, often depicted as tricksters and shape shifters. BoredPanda reports that Inari is the Japanese god of foxes, fertility and agriculture, so it only makes sense a woman would approach one in a what appears to be a Shinto shrine.

Kitsune are also often associated with rain during sunshine, or what’s often referred to as “sun showers.” In Japanese, sun showers are called “Kitsune no Yomeiri”, which literally translates to “the fox’s wedding.”

Moving away from foxes to the more domesticated fluffy animals, cats are huge in Aruduka55’s artwork. You can practically hear the cool wind and crunch of snow under your feet in this photo. This looks like something that’ll be in the next Ghibli movie, and with the Totoro-like eyes and tranquility of the photo, it’s no surprise why we feel that way. Blue birds make frequent appearances in Aruduka55’s illustrations, and since they’re a considered a good omen in many cultures, there might just be a reason for that.

We already know you can get Shiba Inu marshmallows, but this stunning dog looks like it might be even sweeter. No need for boats in this giant animal world, hitch a ride across the river on your adorable dog and you’re ready to go.

Using your cat as a place to lounge under raining cherry blossoms? Sign us up. Since most of us aren’t lucky enough to see the early cherry blossom bloom in Japan, we’ll have to settle for the 2020 Olympics torch influenced by them.

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While it looks like the only giant animals we're gonna have in our lifetime are giant pandas, we sure can dream about a world where we can curl up on our massive cats after a bad day.

All image credit goes to Aruduka55. Images were originally found via BoredPanda.com.

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