Doc Crew Catches Incredible Footage Of An Octopus Changing Color As It Dreams

Ever wonder whether animals dream as we do? Well, we can't speak for everything, but it seems as if octopi do.

While a large chunk of the human race is eager to venture into space and discover whether there's life out there, another is content to carry on discovering right here on Earth. It might seem as if we have explored every inch of our little blue planet, but that couldn't be further from the truth. There is still so much right here at home left to discover.

According to EarthSky, approximately 18,000 new species of animal, plant, and microbe were discovered in 2018 alone. As we said, there's a lot left to discover here on Earth. Humans also continue to learn new information about ourselves, the planet we live on, and the millions of different things we share it with.

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The footage below is a terrific example of that. PBS is currently in the process of filming a documentary that will be named Octopus: Making Contact. The crew behind the project has released what is effectively a teaser for the documentary, and as uneventful as it might seem, it has got us incredibly excited to see the rest. As you can see below, the footage shows what is a sleeping octopus rapidly changing color multiple times.

We knew that octopi change color, but why is this one doing so in its sleep? Well, show narrator Dr. David Steel has hypothesized that the eight-legged sea creature might well be dreaming. "This is a camouflage, like she’s just subdued a crab and now she’s going to sit there and eat it and she doesn’t want anyone to notice her," explains Steel. While we can never know for sure, we'd like to think that this octopus is indeed dreaming about what it likes to do most, eat.

We've all seen our dogs chasing rabbits while they sleep, but an octopus catching and eating a crab? That's a new one on us. An incredibly beautiful and fascinating one as we mentioned above. The documentary the footage has been lifted from will be very interesting, and we are looking forward to learning even more about what is clearly a fascinating animal most of us currently know relatively little about.

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