Enthusiastic Volunteer 'Drinks Guy' Steals Fans' Hearts At Berlin Marathon

Just like with most major cities, even Germany’s Berlin has its own annual marathon. And this year, it happened on the 16th of September, where Eliud Kipchoge broke the world record, by running over 42 (26 miles) kilometers in just over 2 hours. And as with any marathon, there are plenty of volunteers that are around the racing track that help the runners with whatever they need, which is mostly hydration.

However, while most volunteers just trying to do their best with handing over whatever the runners need, while they’re running, during this event, the people who tuned in to watch the marathon saw something a bit different. The volunteer that was handing the water bottles to Kipchoge was probably the most enthusiastic feeder that anyone has ever seen. One of the writers for Let’s Run tweeted out a video of the feeder, saying that he wished everyone could be as passionate as the feeder, which he affectionately dubbed "Drinks Guy".

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Well, as things turned out, the passionate volunteer is called Claus-Henning Schulke, and he’s an amateur triathlete that also works as a project manager. And this volunteer quickly grabbed the attention of over 100,000 people online, who had seen the video from the original tweet. Schulke has been volunteering at the marathon in Berlin since 1998, and currently, he’s a senior member in the crew that’s in charge of getting all of those elite athletes that you see running their drinks while they’re racing. He also said that he and Kipchoge arranged the best way to have the racer grab the bottle, which was directly from his hand, and not from a table, which can easily be missed.

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The entire crew prepares before the marathon, and during the marathon, their job is to go from one station to the next by bike. They then take the bottle that’s been already prepared by the athlete’s crew, and pass it to the runner, get back on the bikes, and go to the next station. And despite the stress of timing and getting everything right, all he wanted to do was help Kipchoge do his best and set a world record. And that’s where all of the enthusiasm for his job stemmed from because he was feeling overwhelmed at having the opportunity to support his favorite athlete.

Thanks, Drinks Guy!

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