How A Drunk Baggage Handler Fell Asleep On The Job And Ended Up Flying To Chicago

How A Drunk Baggage Handler Fell Asleep On The Job And Ended Up Flying To Chicago

actuSomehow, a drunk baggage handler fell asleep in the cargo hold of an airplane after throwing away everyone’s luggage and wound up flying to Chicago.

Most of us try and get as many freebies from our jobs as possible. Some steal staplers, some get free parking, and some lucky few Google employees get free ice cream every Friday. We unfortunate slaves at TheThings occasionally find a dead pigeon on our desk, and we’re grateful to our benevolent overlords for the offering.

Our editors might be cats. We've never actually seen them, so it's impossible to tell.

But rarely do any of us get something as expensive as a free flight to Chicago. Of course, in the case one unfortunate baggage handler, the fee for his flight might be coming out of his future employment possibilities.

According to ABC 7 News, a Piedmont Airlines employee at Kansas City International Aiport was working in the cargo hold of an American Airlines 737 last Wednesday when he decided to take a nap. The fact that he might’ve been a tad tipsy may have influenced his decision making when it came to bunking down in the cargo hold of a soon-to-be-in-the-air jetliner.

"A Piedmont Airlines employee, who was working an American Airlines flight on the morning of Oct. 27 at Kansas City International Airport (MCI), inadvertently fell asleep in the forward cargo hold of a Boeing 737-800 aircraft," American Airlines said in a statement. "The flight subsequently took off with the team member in the cargo hold, which was heated and pressurized.”


Lucky for the employee, the 737’s cargo hold was both heated and pressurized, otherwise, instead of arriving in Chicago with a hangover he would have arrived frozen and asphyxiated (that is to say extremely dead).

American Airlines
via WGT-TV

Upon arrival, the baggage handler was discovered by O’Hare International employees, who reported him to the local authorities. When questioned by police, the 23-year-old baggage handler indicated he was intoxicated when he fell asleep in the plane’s cargo hold.

The baggage handler did not require medical assistance and no charges were filed. He was then sent back to Kansas City, where he almost certainly had an awkward conversation with his boss.

American Airlines went on to say that they’d be discussing the situation with their Piedmont colleagues, who are a subsidiary of American.


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