Duck And Dog Are Best Friends After An Unusual Upbringing

This duck thinks she’s a dog after forming an unlikely friendship with a canine named Daisy.

We’ve seen some unlikely animal friendships over the years. Dogs have befriended pretty much everything from cheetahs to cats and even cows. There’s a giraffe that became friends with a baby elephant in Kenya a few years ago, and an aquarium diver in Winnipeg that formed an unlikely bond with a green moray eel. We don't think anyone would think of eels as cuddly until seeing the video.

Now we can add “dog befriends duckling” to the mix. It’s certainly not the weirdest thing we’ve ever heard.

The story of Rocket and Daisy starts off on a sad note. Molly Mackeown, 23, was heading home from work in Hertfordshire, England when she spotted a lonely duckling waddling across the road. Despite spending half an hour searching, the duckling’s family was nowhere to be found.

Rocket and Daisy
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Initially, Molly thought that she’d just take the poor, abandoned duckling to a local animal shelter, but then she noticed her 2-year-old Yorkie/poodle mix dog take a real interest in the little thing. That’s when she decided to keep her.

"When I first brought her home to my dog Daisy, she was really interested in her but also a little bit wary as she didn't know what she was,” explains Molly. “But Daisy loved her from the first time she saw her.


"Rocket was about three to four days old when I brought her home and at first she lived in a big box inside under a heat lamp." But soon after, Rocket warmed up to Daisy, following her around the yard, swimming together in the pond, and snuggling up together to take naps.

"They walk around the garden together, sleep together, curl up on the bed together. When I bring Rocket inside she's basically like a dog."

Rocket now lives outside in a chicken coop on Molly’s property, but she brings the duck inside fairly often to play with Daisy. Their friendship has only grown over the months that Rocket has matured into an adult duck. Rocket has been testing out her wings recently, with Molly believing she may eventually take off to find a mate and live life as a real duck instead of a house dog.

But if Rocket does fly away one day, Molly believes that she’ll always come back to visit her best canine friend.

What an adorable duo!


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