Duck Dynasty: 20 Things A&E Tried To Bury

04Duck Dynasty. Just reading those words inspires ideas of camouflage patterned pants and duck callers tucked into a plethora of pockets. Thinking about the content of the show, it isn’t something that we would ever consider to be a favorite, personally. Hunting has mixed feelings and some awkward actions. But Duck Dynasty? The focus more on the hunters rather than their game, and that’s what makes this show so relevant and exciting to so many people.

Not only is there duck drama to watch when one escapes, but there’s also family drama to watch. It’s like the best day at the county fair paired with the bearded, outdoorsy, male versions of the Kardashian clan. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch. But Duck Dynasty has just as many secrets as other reality TV families. It just takes some digging to get them out.

20 The Beards Were A Brand Choice


This is one that surprised us to learn about, although maybe we shouldn’t have been so shocked. The beards were not a fashion choice the family decided to follow. The beards were, in fact, a brand decision that the network decided would help with their outdoorsy image. They required all the guys in the family to grow beards, and, to be honest, it kind of worked.

19 Editors Would Rephrase Their Grace


According to Radar Online, Phil had some choice words for the network; but none of them were bad. The editors decided to change the way that they would say grace in the show in order to make it more palatable to those who might not believe (or feel comfortable with) the lord.

18 Phil’s Had A Bit Of A Troubled Past


One secret A&E has totally tried to bury is Phil’s troubled past. Not only does he come across as the iron-fist patriarch of the family, but he’s kept his past an iron-fist level secret. We know that he’s spoken about his addiction issues before, as well as his jealousy in regards to his wife. However…

17  Including Having To Flee The State


Who knew that he actually had to flee the state once? Fair warning, this story is not the happiest one. According to Phil (and Radar Online), his past included a flee-the-state moment to avoid the falling out of a fight he got into. The couple he fought was in the hospital, which meant serious enough injuries to get him seriously in trouble.

16  Jase Never Thought The Show Would Work


Looper mentioned this fact, which we thought was a bit of a surprise. While all the guys on the show seem to be loud and proud about their show loyalty, Jase had some hidden feelings. He didn’t necessarily think the show would work! We hope that he’s had a change of heart since, considering how much the show has exploded with popularity.

15  Uncle Si Is Camera Shy


Which is a little awkward considering the fact that they’re on a reality TV show, basically. According to Eternal Life, the producers loved Uncle Si in the same way viewers do, but they struggled to get “realness” out of him. Eventually they discovered that they had to hide the cameras in order to keep him comfortable and open.

14 They’re A Little More Star Studded Than We Thought


From camo-print BMWs (seriously) to staying in fancy hotels and going to talks and signings, Duck Dynasty men aren’t as one-dimensional as the show would make them out to be. Yes, they like living the outdoorsy life. But they also have thoughts and ideas and preferences that show what kind of stars they really are.

13 They Released A Product That Offended Certain Groups


Looper reminds us of that golden age back in 2013 when Duck Commander Wines were available at all the convenient outlets, like Walmart, you could find. However, Phil might not be the best person to be promoting wine considering his past. The product also offended the Family Ministries group, which actually cancelled an appearance of the duck dudes.

12 The Business Behind It Is A Bit Of An Empire Now


With values that are estimated to be in the millions (if not billions), Duck Dynasty has truly risen through the ranks of television. These guys are popular, and their duck call sales prove it. Eternal Life compared sales of duck calls and found that they increased from 60,000 to 600,000 during the course of the show.

11  There’s A Secret Son


Okay, not a truly secret son. Everyone knows about him, and even some avid viewers will catch a reference to him now and then. Phil’s fourth kid, Alan, opted to not be involved in the Duck Dynasty business. Honestly, totally fair. We’re not sure we’d be able to deal with the demands of the duck calling world either.

10  PETA Doesn’t Like Them


Is it any surprise that PETA isn’t wild about a show which basically revolves around hunting? According to Radar Online it isn’t just the treatment of animals that gets PETA angry. With Duck Dynasty specifically they dislike the fact that they’re promoting violence to children so early on in their lives.

9 And Neither Do Fancy Hotels


Jase is arguably the most calm out of all of them. He’s never really struggled with addiction, and he’s pretty clean-cut under all that beard. However, Looper says that a fancy hotel denied him entry once! They thought he was homeless and couldn’t possibly afford to stay in one of their rooms. Big surprise, right?

8  Phil Won’t Sign Underwear


Mr. High Morals, Phil is one of the men on the show who absolutely sticks by his beliefs. This includes the idea of not being inappropriate or improper. And that means that, unfortunately, Phil won’t be signing any underwear for those who might want it. Paper, for sure. But anything closer to the skin is a hard no.

7 But He Has Been Unfaithful Before


His rough past affected Miss Kay too, unfortunately. She found out that he was unfaithful to her once over the course of their marriage. Honestly, once in 50 years is still a pretty good ratio. And he’s shown his regret and repentance as well as many years of changed behavior. It seems like all really is forgiven.

6 Even The Profanity Is Fake


One of the funniest stories we heard about this show comes to us from Radar Online. According to an interview with Phil they heard, some of the profanity in the show isn’t real. The producers just added bleeps in when they were editing to make it seem like they were a little rougher and tougher than they actually are.

5 Their Commercial Spots Are Highly Coveted


Like, tens of thousands of dollars for a few seconds, if any at all. Their shows are so highly watched that the commercials can reach into millions of homes at once, which is partially why businesses bid so highly for them. Is it worth it? Well, yeah! Commercials are a great form of advertising, especially on such an entertaining show.

4 Si And His Wife Started In A Questionable Way


Considering all the marriage proposals he gets now one would think that he’d be totally fine with a no. However, Looper says, “before they married, Uncle Si asked for [his wife’s] hand in marriage over 70 times before she answered his bridal calls and said yes.” Kind of sweet, but also a little terrifying, in our opinion.

3 Phil And Miss Kay Were Separated For A While


But don’t worry, they’re still holding strong despite the hiccups in their relationship. Radar Online reminds us that these two are still together, despite a three month separation fairly early in their marriage. It’s surprising to us since we always assumed a happy marriage couldn’t involve distance. It worked out for them, though!

2 Si Is Quite The Ladies Man


Uncle Si isn’t our cup of tea, but apparently there are plenty out there who would like to drink him up. Maybe it’s the beard, or maybe it’s the rough and tumble, yet carefree attitude he brings to any and all situations. Radar Online quotes Phil as revealing that Si has had “hundreds” and even maybe “thousands” of marriage proposals. Huh.

1 Hygiene Is A Struggle


The secret that A&E tries to bury the most? Hygiene. Not all the dirt and grime show up on camera, but boy, they’re a little ripe behind the scenes. Radar Online mentions a quote from Phil which highlights the fact that “not a lot of hygiene [is] going on in their family.” This is especially concerning in the summer when they’re running around in those huge jackets.

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