Duck Mom Stands By While Her Babies Are Rescued

A concerned duck mom in California supervised the police while they rescued her babies from a drain pipe. The officers, who posted videos of the rescue to Twitter, joked that Mama Duck was "quite the micromanager."

According to the Sunnyvale DPS, ”Mama Duck is supervising our Animal Control Unit with this call. Her babies were stuck in a storm drain and she wanted to make sure we were doing the rescue job right. They are safe and sound and together now and we’re pretty sure she was happy with our services.”

Back in April, Officer Jennifer Sanchez, was the first responder on the scene in Northridge, California, when a frantic mother duck was found pacing around a manhole, quacking for help. Sanchez discovered seven little ducklings at the bottom of the manhole, while two others stood with their mom.

Sanchez, at 5-feet-5-inches, is the shortest person in the Northridge Department of Police Services, which helped her fit down the manhole. “This was my first duckling-in-a-manhole call,” Sanchez said.

“You don’t realize how attached the ducklings are to their mother and vice versa,” she said. “It was really interesting to see how determined the mother duck was to stay behind, waiting for her duckies.”

Though some of the ducklings had waded deeper into the hole, officers tried using brooms and cardboard to corner the ducklings to no avail. “I remember holding two ducklings at one point,” Sanchez said. “I would talk to them and say, ‘Please don’t freak out, I’m helping you.'”

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Finally, after an hour and a half, Sanchez and her partners were able to rescue all of the ducklings, except for one, which was rescued an hour later. By then, the mother duck and the ducklings had disappeared, leaving their sibling behind. The duckling was eventually turned over to an animal sanctuary. When Sanchez arrived home that night, she told her boyfriend, “I saved several lives today. He goes, ‘Wait what?’ I replied, ‘I sure did.'”

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