Duck Takes First Steps After Being Fitted With Special Wheelchair In Adorable Video

In a story that’s sure to put a smile on your face, a disabled duck is taking his first steps after being fitted with a special wheelchair.

Merlin the duck was born with a defect that left him paralyzed. He was adopted by the Goats of Anarchy Sanctuary in 2018, which is located in Annandale, New Jersey. The sanctuary made it their mission to get the duck a specialized wheelchair in order to help him move around.

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They got in touch with a company called Walkin’ Pets, which designs wheelchairs specifically for animals. How cool is that? The company was able to modify one of their miniature wheelchair designs, which is usually used for cats and dogs. The wheelchair was a success, and moments after Merlin was fitted with his new ride, the duck was off.

“I was thrilled my company was able to help a handicapped duck, our first one ever,” Mark Robinson, the founder of Walkin’ Pets, said of their custom order. The company was founded in 2001, and since its creation, has produced over 50,000 wheelchairs for disabled pets.

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Representatives from Walkin’ Pets took a special trip from the headquarters in Amherst, New Hampshire to the New Jersey sanctuary where Merlin lives so they could deliver his wheelchair. Mikayla Feehan, the social media coordinator for Walkin’ Pets, took a video of the little duck trying the contraption on for the first time. “We took a road trip to New Jersey earlier this month to visit Goats of Anarchy, who rescue disabled animals,” she said of the video.

The clip, which you can watch here, shows Merlin waddling around in his wheelchair has gone viral and it’s easy to see why. The duck is absolutely adorable in the tiny wheelchair. But even more, the camera can tell just how happy Merlin is to finally be moving on his own.

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“Merlin was born with an injured leg and they reached out to us to fit him with a wheelchair. We have never made one for a duck so one of our engineers adjusted a mini quad wheelchair just for him,” Mikayla continued to say about the video. “Watching him take his first steps was really cool. Once he was all rigged up, it was truly amazing. The wheelchair can go into water we would just recommend avoiding salt water to keep the wheelchair in tip-top shape.”

She added, “To see Merlin taking his first steps in that wheelchair really warmed my heart” We feel the same way!

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