16 Dudes Who Play Wimps On Screen (But Are Tough In Real Life)

Every Hollywood actor dreams of being a leading man. They dream of being the tough guy movie star. Of course, not everyone can be an action hero. The sweet, funny guy is just as important. These classic characters sometimes get the label of being a wimp, which isn't entirely accurate.  There's a long list of famous Hollywood wimps that are just as popular as the tough guy. It's not wrong to be a renowned wimp. Indeed, it made many of these actors world famous.

However, don't let looks fool you. Many of these famous wimps are just great actors. Indeed, many of them are real-life tough guys. They're tougher than the world's most renowned action heroes. They could probably beat up Wolverine and Rambo alone. They might be famous for playing a coward, but they're strong and dangerous. Some train in martial arts, some have a military background, and some are just a badmammajamma. Here is a look at 16 Male Celebs Who Played Wimps On Screen (But Are The Opposite In Real-Life).

16 Jon Lovitz

via Forbes

Jon Lovitz usually plays a weird but funny character. He's not the one blowing up trucks or saving the damsel in distress. Instead, he's the guy cracking jokes, but he can also bash heads. Lovitz had a few altercations with comedian Andy Dick. Andy made some rather poor comments about Lovitz's close friend the late Phil Hartman. Both arguments became physical and even resulted in Lovitz bashing Andy's head and back against a bar.

15 Nolan Gould 

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Nolan Gould grew up in front of the world. He went from playing the annoying little brother on Modern Family to one buff dude. Luke Dunphy is a bit of a wimp but more of a risktaker. He's fearless but avoids bullies. In real-life, Nolan Gould works out and takes care of his health. He's in great physical shape, and it takes toughness to achieve that.

14 Wilmer Valderrama

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That 70's Show wouldn't be the same without Fez. Of course, he wasn't the only wimp hanging out in Foreman's basement. Wilmer Valderrama is nothing like his famous TV counterpart. Indeed, Valderrama enjoys taking care of his health and working out. There's nothing that screams tough guy like spending hours in the gym.

13 Ed Westwick

via IndependentUK

Chuck Bass didn't depend on his strength and muscle to get him by. He used his smarts and wit to defeat his rivals. In real-life, Ed Westwick wastes no time throwing down. Indeed, he was once in a tiny brawl against actor Toby Hemingway. The fight quickly came to an end before there were any serious injuries.

12 Kevin James

via Hollywood reporter

Kevin James first gained worldwide fame for his role as Doug Heffernan on the hit series King of Queens. Doug's just an ordinary guy and a bumbling doofus. Of course, he's no pushover. In real-life, James is one tough dude. In 2012, he portrayed a biology teacher turned UFC fighter in Here Comes The Boom. James trained with top MMA fighters to prepare for the role. In other words, don't mess with Kevin James.

11 Vince Vaughn

via Deadline

Vince Vaughn isn't necessarily a wimp. He's been the tough guy on a few occasions. Of course, he has played the underdog and was a bit of wimp in The Break-Up. Regardless, he's usually not the action hero. That doesn't mean he's not tough. Indeed, avoid Vaughn at the bar. In 2001, during the filming of Domestic Disturbance, Vaughn got into a bar brawl alongside co-star Steve Buscemi and writer Scott Rosenberg. Vaughn is always ready to throw down and has his friends back.

10 Mark-Paul Gosselaar

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Zack Morris wasn't the fighting type. He was more the wise-cracking pretty boy type. His focus was on the women and not being a tough guy or athlete. Mark-Paul Gosselaar is just slightly different than his teenage TV counterpart. Gosselaar took some MMA lessons with his former co-star Mario Lopez. Gosselaar learned a few good moves and could handle himself in a fight. Unless it's against A.C. Slater.

9 James Stewart

via Vanity Fair

James Stewart is one of the greatest actors of all time. He starred in more classic films than just about any other actor. He often portrayed the everyday man. They weren't necessarily wimps, but they're not superheroes either. Regardless, he was one tough guy in real-life. He had a very successful career when he decided to fight in World War II. He could easily get out of it but chose to fight. Indeed, he was a fighter pilot and later fought in the Vietnam war as well.

8 Ashton Kutcher

Via Evolve MMA

Michael Kelso thought he was the tough guy of the group, but Hyde let him know he wasn't. Kelso isn't a wimp. He joined the police force, and if he wasn't kicked off, he might still be a cop. Of course, he's afraid of Hyde and Jackie. Ashton Kutcher doesn't need to worry as much. Indeed, he trains in Mixed Martial Arts and can handle himself in a fight.

7 Jim Carrey

via ET

Jim Carrey went playing goofy roles to more serious ones. Regardless, he usually doesn't play the mean tough guy. Carrey still more on the funny and romantic side of things. He even portrayed a martial arts instructor in a sketch. However, don't mess with him in real-life. He's no joke. Indeed, he trains in martial arts and even has a brown belt in jiu Jitsu.

6 Jack Black

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Jack Black is perfect at playing the silly doofus and wimp role. Indeed, he's the master of it. Of course, in real life, it would be wise to avoid messing with him. He trains in martial arts and not for the role in Kung Fu Panda. He trains in Judo and could cause some severe damage. Avoid getting into a fight with him. He might make you laugh, but then he'll punch you in the throat.

5 Steve Buscemi

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Steve Buscemi takes on a wide range of roles. There have been times when he's been the wimp and other times the tough guy. There are also times when he's a criminal but still finds ways to be a wimp. He's one tough dude in real-life. As noted, not only has he been in a few bar fights. He also personally helped out during 9/11. Buscemi worked 12-hour shifts alongside FDNY in searching for survivors in the rubble of the World Trade Center. It takes one tough person to find courage during moments like that.

4 Johnny Knoxville

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Johnny Knoxville doesn't have much of an acting career. His most famous role would be in Walking Tall alongside Dwayne Johnson. Knoxville played the wimpy sidekick next to Johnson. Of course, Knoxville is one tough guy. He became world-famous for his outrageous and dangerous stunts. Indeed, Knoxville has taken quite the beating over the years. He even ran into Mike Tyson's fist.

3 Chevy Chase

via Time

Chevy Chase went from playing the wise-cracking cool guy to the old bitter wimp. Chase has always viewed himself as a major star. He often rubs his fellow actors the wrong way. One time, Chase got into a minor brawl with Bill Murray backstage before an episode of Saturday Night Live. Chase fought Murray off and proved that not only does he think he's a star, he's also quite tough.

2 Shia LaBeouf

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Shia LaBeouf became a major action star and took on some significant roles. However, he started as a child actor. LaBeouf had his breakthrough with parts in Even Stevens and Holes. He wasn't a tough guy in those roles. Of course, that doesn't mean he's not a tough guy. In real-life, he has been in his fair share of bar fights. He's never one to back down. All that bullying in Holes must have got to him.

1 Ed O’Neill

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Ed O'Neill might seem like a wimpy pushover. That's because he plays the role so well. Of course, off-screen he's the opposite of his most famous character, Al Bundy. O'Neill is one of the most dangerous actors alive. He trains in martial arts and has been doing so for over 20 years. Indeed, it took him 16 years to attain his black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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