Dungeons & Dragons: 20 Hilarious Homebrew Characters You Can Actually Use

Homebrew has long been a cherished programming tool that allows gamers play around with their own custom designs, settings, and games. The freedom to build and adapt software with Homebrew has led to a whole host of different communities popping up for different niche interests. For example, there is a gigantic D&D community that has gathered around homebrew to create an intensely diverse (and often hilarious) cast of characters for play.

So, go that d20 out, roll for initiative, and check out some of these ridiculous characters that can legitimately be played through a D&D campaign. We hope some of these end up recruited into the party!

20 Power Rangers


Who doesn't want the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers on their side when it comes to charging through dungeons? They're quick and agile, and when things get pretty rough... they have dino bots that they can use individually...or that they can piece together into a giant robot. Sounds like a broken game to us.

19 Pikachu

Well, this one is just for the Pokémon nerds out there. And we know there are more than a few. The idea of having Pikachu in a D&D campaign is a little worrisome to us. What if Pikachu starts to question why he has to sleep in a ball that is the size of his hand? Having this electrically-charged guy mad might be bad for the party.

18 Pickle Rick

"I'm Pickle Rick!" Yes! This is fantastic. Even if there are people here who don't like Rick & Morty, surely they can appreciate the fact that this is both ridiculous and hilarious. There is something about Rick (especially in pickle form) that really just fits well with the absurdity of a D&D campaign.

17 Nicholas The Fallen

Nicholas The Fallen, otherwise known as villainous Santa, has got to be one of the most hilarious characters on this list if for no other reason than the fact that the good guys are likely to get lumps of coal while the naughty guys get praised... that and it would be awesome to charge a sleigh into a room of enemies and have reindeer beat them up!

16 Hobo

There is more to this character's name but we think we can do without that for now just to show the fact that this is an actual character that can be used in D&D. We're not sure why someone would want to be this character, other than to watch the world burn, but hey, every character in the D&D is pretty special... in more ways than one.

15 Lawyer In A Can

Alright, so this might not be a character that anyone can play, but the whole idea for this was so wonderfully hilarious that we had to include it. There is a character involved, it's just likely that the character will be voiced by the DM. Being able to up a character's charisma and diplomacy through a lawyer from a can is just awesome!

14 Dwayne The Rock Golem Johnson

This just makes too much sense. He has been The Rock for decades now so of course he should be Dwayne "The Rock Golem" Johnson to D&D players. This actually makes us want to see about playing through a WWE-themed D&D campaign and see what other awesome puns could be made. The Undertaker could be a necromancer maybe?

13 Dire Pigeon

The Dire Pigeon makes it on this list for no other reason than that the character is nothing more than a pigeon that can do damage. That is pretty much it. We think that the vacant, blank stare from this pigeon's eyes are just perfect for D&D hilarity and we think every party should have one of these.

12 Coffee Elemental

For those who need a strong brew in the morning, here is the Coffee Elemental. Just imagine how jacked the party could always be with this guy kicking around. But the party would have to call him Joe. Then they could always ask for a cup of him in the morning. Though we're sure all that caffeine would negatively affect the party eventually.

11 Bowsette

So... imagine if Princess Peach decided to wear black and opt-in for a turtle shell and horns...that is pretty much what Bowsette is and she is wholly ridiculous. The fact that this is a character in the first place suggests that Bowser won in some way, and that is a D&D campaign we'd play!

10 Beerholder

Gone are the days of the classic Beholder. Why? Because now we have the mighty Beerholder! Seems like a much better character to us. Even if this character is just found slinging drinks in some sort of tavern, we imagine it could be quite useful in a party... both a D&D party as well as an actual party.

9 Awakened Cat

This might be one of the tamer (no pun intended) characters on the list, but we had to put it in here simply because cats are adorable and this one has its own pillow strapped to its back for travel. It even has its little paws and tail wrapped up for travel on the road!

8 Tooth Fairy

Perhaps one of the most frightening of all the characters on the list, the Tooth Fairy is something we are glad none of us have ever seen in our youth and hope to never see as we age. That being said, imagine this in a horror campaign of some sort! This would be an intense and bold character choice!

7 Coffee Dragon

If the Coffee Elemental didn't pack enough of a punch for people in the morning, then we are reasonably sure that the Coffee Dragons should be able to do the job for any D&D party. Though, to be fair, the dragon is pretty small... it does fit inside a coffee mug after all.

6 Tibbers Teddy

This is just absolutely the most frightening of all the characters and creatures on this list. Imagine having a giant, glowing bear like this giving chase! No thanks! We would be fine if the bear was on our side, but it doesn't really look like something that takes kindly to... well... anyone.

5 The Hulk

This might be a pretty standard character choice. The Hulk, or any Marvel character just kind of fits in that nerdy place between comic book nerds and D&D nerds. Now, just imagine the two coming together. Imagine Banner getting mad during a big boss battle. Best idea ever!

4 Sharkenbear

This is just ridiculous. There is nothing but ridiculousness in this one. Hands down. That's right, this is a giant bear... with sharks for hands. It's not like the bear just put his hands up the back end of two sharks... no... the sharks are literally his hands. Imagine trying to control this thing!

3 Shaggy

"ZOINKS!" How awesome is it that Shaggy not only gets to find his way into a D&D campaign... but he also finds himself to be an awesome, godly character. Just look at him. This whole new persona leads us to think that he finally smoked enough to find the enlightenment he was looking for all this time.

2 Seal Of Approval

The Seal Of Approval... the literal Seal Of Approval. We love it! Again, this is not exactly a character that can be played in a D&D run but it is a character of sorts. It's an item that can boost a player's insight into a matter... but it can only do so once per day so do be careful.

1 Santa's Toywork Soldier

We're not sure what is more terrifying. The fact that one can play as a nutcracker... or the fact that this particular nutcracker has somehow seemed to smash right through a wall! That is one powerful creature. Nicholas The Fallen must have brought this guy with him to form an awesome and creepy D&D party!

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