Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Got His Mother A New House For Christmas

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, the famous wrestler that went into acting gave his mother, Ata, a pleasantly surprising gift for Christmas this time around. He also managed to capture her lovely reaction to receiving the present on video and shared it to his Instagram profile.

He shared the video on Instagram, and the beginning of the caption read ‘This one felt good’. He then goes on to talk about the surprise which he gave her, which was actually a brand new home. The Rock then shared a little bit about his past, mentioning that he had already bought his family a new home, back in 1999, but then his parents got divorced about 5 years later, so things ended up a bit complicated. Ever since their split, Johnson has been doing his best to provide for both of his parents, with whatever it was that they needed, whether that was cars or home or really anything.

But what makes this Christmas gift so special is that when Johnson gave his mother the card, where he had written her Christmas surprise, he told her that she should treat it as a ‘Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket’. And this is due to the reason that she can get any home she wants, any place she wants.

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As his mother is reading the card, she is very excited, until she gets to the part that mentions the gift itself, and how she would be getting a new home for Christmas. She then starts crying tears of joy and looks at her son with pride and happiness in her eyes.

Back in March of last year, Johnson also shared that he ended up getting his father, Rocky, a new Cadillac. This happened after his father underwent a hip replacement surgery. Then, in July, Johnson also gave Tanoai Reed, his cousin and stunt double, a custom pickup truck, as a thank you for his 17 years of dedicated work.

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This season, Johnson even gave himself the nickname ‘Dwanta’, as a way to make a little joke out of all the generosities he’s been doing during this holiday season, which included spending some time with kids, as part of his film Hobbs and Shaw’s Christmas Wish Granting Day as well as his work with various other charities that work with kids.

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