10 Earth Day Demonstrations That Crossed The Line

Earth Day, for many of us, is a day dedicated to remembering that it is our duty to protect the planet from using up its limited supply of natural resources. We make cute crafts or glimpse at the nature in our own backyards for a second longer than usual, appreciating what the Earth has given us. There are others though who take this love for our planet and turn it into a full-scale demonstration to stop the funding of fossil fuels.

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These demonstrations tend to cross a line as they shut down the natural flow of day-to-day life, leading to numerous arrests and usually diminished results. Earth day began back in 1970, and since then the outpouring of planetary support has grown to monstrous proportions. Keep reading to learn about ten Earth Day demonstrations that crossed the line!

10 Blocking Five London Bridges

This demonstration back in 2016 led to the shutdown of five of London's bridges, and numerous arrests based on disobeyed highway laws. It was great that they supported the planet and all, but didn't they realize how this could work against them? Now the people they wanted to make aware of their environment are angry because they won't make it into work on time. They could have chosen one or two bridges, but blocking all five is a bit excessive, even though it probably rendered more than a few cars from running that day.

9 A Giant Globe in Seneca Lake

This demonstration back in 2016 was to protest the storage of natural gas in Seneca Lake's abandoned salt mines. They decided to show their dislike of this motion by stationing themselves in front of the gate of a gas storage facility, blocking their trucks from making their daily runs. Twelve people made signs and created a giant replica of the Earth to prove their point, but all it got them was arrested. They crossed a line when they prevented fellow Americans from making the money they need to support their families, choosing to stand there and block traffic instead of taking it up with the local municipality.

8 The Marble Arch Demonstration

This is the headquarters of the Extinction Rebellion happening in London during 2019's Earth Day. The Marble Arch has become overrun with people, and their goal is to be arrested because they think it will maximize their call for aid. We can tell it's bad when the Mayor of London sends a letter to the people asking them to go home as the protests extend into their second week, further disrupting the flow of daily life.

The Extinction Rebellion leaders responded by saying they would not stop, but they did offer free food to anyone who cared enough to stop by as an apology for their actions. It is pretty clear from the letter that this is not the compromise the mayor or the city of London wanted.

7 Man Handcuffs Himself To Christopher Columbus

This man took the idea of chaining himself to a tree a little too personally when he handcuffed himself to this statue of Christopher Columbus. He was protesting California's logging of Headwater's redwood forests, but it is clear this was not the way to do it. All he achieved was a night in jail and a court date, both of which have nothing to do with logging or the forests. Lines were crossed this day when he used a famous statue for an unrelated cause, resulting in hatred from the community for his youthful insolence.

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6 Die-In at Logan Airport in 1970

This was the original 'die-in' where protestors laid on the ground, disrupting foot traffic within the airport. They carried in six black caskets with different flights and environmental crimes and a student laid within each one. Other students laid on the ground around them.

Not only is this morose, but it didn't change the fact that the airport was still going to commission new less-efficient planes which could damage the atmosphere. This only lasted about fifteen minutes before the police got involved, now putting civilians and officers in harm's way as both feared what would happen if things went south.

5 Sunrise Movement Teen Demonstration

This protest by the youth of the nation did not lead to any arrests or block the flow of traffic. Their idea may even be considered reasonable, as they provided a solution for us to switch to renewable energy sources, but the signs they have written and the fact that they are children is what crosses the line.

This started back in 2018, but the outpouring of support has grown tremendously, which worries those around them about the time when it might not become so peaceful. Their signs say enough about their thoughts on the issue and their immaturity leads them to make rash decisions.

4 'Die-In' at the London Museum of Natural History

More than 100 people turned up to show their support of the climate by staging this 'die-in' at the London Museum of Natural History. It was staged by the Extinction Rebellion group and lasted only half an hour, but visitors who came to experience the history encased within its walls found the act to be less than amusing. There were even creepy figures with white faces and red robes, which would scare any child who was looking forward to the museum experience. This disruption and scary garb were what made this protest unacceptable, as children's experiences were ruined by their antics.

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3 Blocked a Train in Portland, Oregon With a Garden

These people in Portland, Oregon are protesting the move of an oil train by sitting on the tracks. They also planted a garden across the tracks to prove their point, really sticking it to the man with every pretty flower they put in the ground. These people were all arrested for their antics and achieved nothing in the process. These demonstrations are getting out of hand when activists think a garden is going to solve the problems they have with the use of fossil fuels. What's more, the potentially endangered the lives of more than a few railway workers in the process.

2 Douglas Street Shuts Down on Vancouver Island

This demonstration was bizarre to say the least, as numerous floats passed by and people dressed up in all sorts of nonsense garb. Their goal was to make it clear to the banks in the area they did not want them to invest in fossil fuels while simultaneously encouraging people to switch to local credit unions who support renewable energy.

They visited five of the major banks in the area throughout the day, beating drums and holding signs, stopping traffic in the process. The rally ended with people tearing up their major bank credit cards and they even hired a mock CEO to complete the event, crossing too many lines for us to count.

1 Activists Superglued Their Hands to Universal Studio's Globe

The video above shows a wonderful rendition by Mario Lopez of what happened at Universal Studios when activists showed up for Earth Day, as activists crossed lines was never knew existed. These men went above and beyond as they superglued their hands to the railing and roof of the globe, as well as dying the fountain pink. They climbed atop of the globe and spent the day waving flags to encourage the wealthier people of society to contribute more to the cause. They ended up facing felony charges and giving people everywhere a memory they will never forget.

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