19 Easter Eggs In GoldenEye No One Ever Found

GoldenEye 007 was a first-person shooter released for the Nintendo 64 in 1997 and became known as one of the greatest video games of all time thanks to its importance in the advancement in first-person shooter games.

Everything about the game was legendary, including the split-screen multiplayer mode. In fact, the game required users to use an increased sdefeat level, including an even smarter style of gameplay involving stealth and strategy that had not been seen prior to then in FPS games.

But another aspect of the game that helped it become legendary was the countless Easter Eggs and cheats that were hidden inside the game. Many of them were simple, and could be achieved from inputting a specific set of control codes while others were nearly impossible to reach.

19 Defeating Baron Samedi A Fourth Time

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If you were lucky enough to have unlocked this mission, then you would have come across a mission called Egyptian where you would be forced to battle Baron Samedi, a Haitian Voodoo doctor from Live and Let Die.

After having had to defeat Baron three other times in the level, while James Bond is walking off for a victory lap, Baron shows up alive and even laughs at you. However, if you can put down proximity mines in the area he is going to walk through in the final cutscene, he will perish while setting them off.

18 Arms Are Perfect For Melee Weapons

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This secret is actually known as the Paintbrush glitch that was a very popular one from the game that many players attempted to get but rarely could achieve.

But, if you were lucky enough to do so, then you would have been one of the few players to get use of this useless function. To achieve it, you must enter into melee state, pick up a sniper rifle, and then quickly switch back to melee state. This can only be achieved on the Dam level unless cheats are activated.

17 The Boxcar Children

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For Bond to defeat General Ourumov, and save Natalya from being held at gunpoint in the train level, the player must act quickly and accurately in order to stop him. If you use turbo mode than you can get to them before the door closes.

But just for fun, if you decided to try and get past the barrier and continue to the rest of the train, you will find yourself stuck inside the train, without the ability to escape.

16 Using Two Joysticks As One

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Not many people realized that there was eight different controller configurations for GoldenEye 007 and half of them required the player to use two controllers. The dual controller function was missed by most gamers but if used, they had a chance to unlock some great extras from the game.

The advantage of using two controllers as one allowed players to use one for linear motion and the other for rotational moves, similar to an arcade style setup.

15 An Extra Arm For Shooting

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If you were able to get the Paintbrush glitch, then you will definitely try to achieve this one because this is actually a useful glitch. However, you have to activate a cheat in order to get this one done.

First, you have to get the "All Guns" cheat and turn it on. Then, while cycling through your weapons, and inputting the perfect set of button presses, you will end up with the Moonraker Laser and the Watch Laser, which requires the use of both of Bond's hands, thus giving him three hands to use.

14 Beating Level 9 In Under 90 Seconds

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There are going to be a few gamers that are just great at gaming and can defeat levels like these in the time frame given, but the majority of us tried so many times that we eventually just gave up either out of frustration or because we broke our controllers.

In the Bunker 2, you have to be stealthy and defeat guards using knives, hands, and silencers but you start off in a jail cell and might spend the first 25 seconds just getting into the first room. You would have to be perfect to get this cheat and it does not help that Natalya moves ever so slowly.

13 Cartridge Tilting Character Glitch

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The cartridge tilting glitch was not just for the GoldenEye game but it definitely worked out the coolest for this game.

The result of getting your game to tilt is simply that all the characters glitch out of control resulting in a very popular internet meme known as Get Down. It is one of those glitches that you can brag about getting, but it does not help you win.

12 Setting Off The Mines

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Some of the most important weapons on GoldenEye were the timed mines. These weapons were perfect because you could place them and leave without them going off. The trigger was in your watch and it was up to you to set them off.

One of the best things you could have ever done in the game was place them in certain areas of the maps where the final cutscenes were changed due to the setting off of the mines. The game did not change but the scene was ruined.

11 Making Trevelyan Invincible Just Because

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This is actually one of the most frustrating glitches that can happen on Cradle because once it occurs, there is no going back.

At the very end of the level, Trevelyan will jump down a hole in the floor during your escape but if you do not follow him, he could pop back up through the floor, where he is invincible and will not move. You will have to reset the game cause you will not be able to move him, ever.

10 Dude, It Stinks In Here

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Since we all loved the multiplayer function of GoldenEye, one of the most exciting levels to play, and most popular, was the Facility level. This is the level that had bathroom stalls you could open and close the doors in.

Inside that bathroom, if your opponent entered a stall, you could close it behind them, trapping them inside. It was only difficult because it required perfect timing to do. You almost had to sit and wait for someone to enter the stall in order to even close the door and block them in.

9 James Bond: The Human Tank

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Once again, knowing how to use the weapon cycling function of your controller can help get you a few hidden Easter eggs from the game that you might not even know existed until now. The only thing about this one is that you have to unlock the "Infinite Ammo" cheat in order for it to work properly.

Once you activate it, you can play either Runway or Streets, and when Bond gets to the tank, enter it and cycle through your weapons, stopping just before the tank shells, and then press A followed by B+Z at the same time.

8 A ZX Spectrum Emulator

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GoldenEye was originally outfitted with a hidden ZX Emulator that could only be obtained if you owned a ZX Spectrum and were able to hook your game into it.

Over time, since the secret came out, fans have developed patches to allow users an easier way to get this hidden secret and play the outdated ZX Spectrum mini games included in the cartridge. But without ever knowing about it, it remained a secret until the game's creators talked about it years later.

7 The Hidden Citadel Level

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If you ever wanted to play the Citadel level in GoldenEye, you can only do so in multiplayer mode and by using a cheating device. Without that device, you would not be able to access this level, ever.

It seems to be an incomplete level that was never finished and was only left around as possibly a test level for the programmers. For whatever the reason, we will never know, but it is in there, if you can find it.

6 Defeating Caverns In Under 9:30

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To give you a little perspective, there are about 400 players in the world that were able to beat the Caverns level in less than 9:30 on the 00 Agent difficulty. That might sound like a lot but keep in mind GoldenEye was the N64's third highest selling title with over eight million copies sold.

If you wanted a percentage, less than 1% of gamers have achieved it according to online reports. If you have beaten this level under 9:30 and did not tell anyone, shame on you.

5 A Man On Fire

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Once again, you need to have the "Invincibility" cheat unlocked if you want to achieve this glitch. Upon activating it on the Silo level, you can survive the fatal explosion that occurs if the player cannot finish the level in a fast enough time.

But, instead of perishing, once the explosion goes off, Bond is able to engulf himself in flames and have it follow him throughout the entire level, defeating everyone along the way.

4 Hiding In The Air Vents

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The multiplayer in GoldenEye was the part of the game that turned it into a legend in video gaming culture. It was the first time consoles users could enjoy an FPS and use the split screen so that they could all play together, in the same room.

If you got to play the Facility level in multiplayer, one of the best secrets was being able to jump up into the vents in the bathroom. It was not easy and most people might have only gotten it by accident as it required perfect timing and a series of movements that helped Bond get into the vent above the stall.

3 No One Beats Level 11 Under 1:20

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The shortest time to beat a level and achieve a cheat is Level 11, Archives, which has a time limit of 1:20 and is all but impossible to get without being near perfect. Actually, scratch that. You have to be perfect on every shot to get this one including the slow down moments when you have to blow things up and talk to people.

But since there are gaming freaks that can destroy any challenge put in front of them, some people have done it. We've just never seen proof of it, not yet.

2 Beating The Entire Game on 00A

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How many gamers actually defeated the entire GoldenEye game on 00 Agent difficulty?

The better question should be, how long did it actually take you to do so? Most people, like ourselves, eventually gave up and moved on to the next big thing, the Xbox, since it was taking us way too long to finish the game.

But if you managed to achieve it, you would have been rewarded with the hidden Egyptian level, giving you a chance to unlock the "All Guns" cheat.

1 The Island

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During the very first level of GoldenEye, the Dam, just before the ending, you could use a sniper rifle scope and locate a hidden island off in the distance, barely visible. But it became a legend for gamers to try and unlock.

For years, no one was ever able to get to it without diving into the game programming and changing some things around themselves. After someone was finally able to hack the game and get there, all they saw was a couple of gun turrets and a guard tower that was apparently going to be a hidden spot for body armor but the creators did not feel like adding the code for a boat to get there.

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