20 Easy Car Mods That These Failures Still Messed Up

Some soon-to-be drivers head out to the local dealership, wander around the lot, decide on a (severely inflated) price, sign on the dotted line and drive the car away off into the horizon. Usually, that's where it ends.

Unfortunately, there are a handful of people who can't help but take it one step further. We're talking, of course, about the drivers who try to customize their rides. Often there's nothing wrong with a little suspension drop or some extra exhaust pipes - they're not entirely necessary, but they add a little bit of wow-factor.

Sometimes, however, that wow-factor comes from all the wrong reasons - when people try to mod their rides and seriously mess it up. Perhaps they threw off the weight balance or perhaps they just turned it into an eyesore - either way, these guys should have quit while they were ahead.

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20 That's just exhausting

via youtube

Some people need a little extra exhaust. We're talking about racers and driver of powerful supercars but that's about where the list of necessary exhaust mods ends. What's even more facepalm-worthy about this ride is that the car is nothing more than a beaten-up, old, lemon. It just doesn't look right.

19 An unwanted glimpse into the future

via carthrottle

Something just doesn't look right about this car mod. Perhaps it's the fact this is somewhat resemblant of a hovercar, or perhaps it's the fact that the owner has just made their car a heck of a lot more dangerous. Either way, hotting up wheels should be a relatively straightforward task, and it shouldn't end up looking like this.

18 Is that Forrest Gump's bench?

via pinterest

There are so many things wrong with this attempt at a custom spoiler that we don't even know where to start. Where is the little old lady going to sit at the park to feed the ducks now that the bench is gone? The weight ratio would be thrown out of what, and clearly, it's not a sight for sore eyes by any means.

17 Compensating much?

via New England Car Shows & Cruises

There's nothing wrong with adding a little extra oomph to a car's exhaust. That is, of course, unless the entire weight of the exhaust would cause the car to tilt over backwards. Whoever modded up this ride clearly had big intentions and wouldn't have settled for anything less, although he probably should have.

16 How not to wrap

via carthrottle

This, folks, is a perfect example of why sometimes it's simply a better idea to let the professionals do what they're good at. This car wrap could have been rather impressive had it actually been applied correctly, but alas that isn't the case. Whoever wrapped this one should be embarrassed.

15 When safety is thrown out the window

via carthrottle

There are some people in this world who simply won't be denied when they set their mind to something. This dude wanted a roof-rack frame combination and refused to let budgetary constraints get in the way. However, there is so much that could go wrong here that buying a stock pair would be far wiser.

14 Blinded by the light

via reddit

Have you ever been driving down the freeway only to be momentarily blinded by the sun? Well, if you found yourself driving adjacent to this bad boy all you'd be seeing is glaring reflections, left, right and centre. They've definitely made a statement visually, however, they clearly didn't properly think this through.

13 What's the weather like up there?

via carthrottle

What happens when you accidentally pump up the suspension a little too much? Well, exactly what you see here. We're all for adding a bit of height to a ride, particularly for off-road vehicles or in areas full of potholes, however, this guy took it to the next level and we can't say that it makes even a sliver of sense.

12 Does it even drive?

via reddit

Can the driver see past that thick layer of red plastic on their windscreen? Can they actually drive the thing considering that its wheels are at a 45-degree angle? Are giant exhaust stacks actually necessary? We have so many questions, however, what we do know for sure is that this car's owner created one big failure.

11 You call that a spoiler? *THIS* is a spoiler!

via reddit

Does anyone remember RC, the little green racecar from the Toy Story films? Well, we're seeing a lot of similarities with this ride, although they've taken RC and turned it up to eleven. We're not exaggerating when we say that nobody needs a spoiler this big, so we're not entirely sure what this guy was thinking.

10 Up, up and away!

via pinterest

There are so many things that should never be considered as potential car modifications. One of those, undoubtedly, is throwing in a scissor lift between the base and the shell. If all this person wanted was to get a couple of extra inches of height, there are plenty of more affordable and safer means to do so.

9 Seeing double?

via pinterest

While this car mod definitely doesn't fall into the 'easy' category, it still doesn't make a whole lot of sense as to why it was created.  There's absolutely no way that it would fit on any regular sized road or highway, and the sheer width of it would detract from the usual off-road advantages of a Jeep.

8 Got rust?

via pinterest

There are so many ways to fix up the body of a car. Embracing a fully rusted hood, however, is not usually one of them. This car's driver isn't afraid to show if off either, with a got rust sticker slapped on the front end. The effort is there but the idea was well and truly missing some quality.

7 Not the right car, bro

via youtube

When we think of cars that are full of modding potential, ready to be hotted up by anyone willing to splash the cash, an ancient grey-brown stock-standard Toyota sedan isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind. Apparently, this car's owner didn't get the message though. That hood should have been left untouched.

6 Seeing is not always believing

via youtube

At first glance, this is a BMW, right? The license plate even rams that point home. However, look a tad closer and you'll quickly realize that this is nothing more than a poorly-constructed imposter. The easiest way to mod a car into a BMW is just to buy one in the first place. What was he thinking?

5 When 5-year-olds get creative

via Sub5zero

This, well, whatever you want to call it, is a perfect example of why toddlers aren't the head of design at car companies. Whoever decided to customize this car had clearly never been taught the concept of 'less is more'. It would have been an easy mod to add one or two things, but that's where it should have ceased.

4 At least it makes us chuckle

via pinterest

As far as relatively easy car mods go, this one definitely fits the bill. Slap a giant head on the roof, lock it in place with a couple of screws and some duct tape and voila, you're good to go. Here's the thing, though: it's entirely unnecessary and it's also a massive safety hazard. Try again, mister.

3 Keep it simple next time

via youtube

Adding a little extra pazzazz to the body with a couple of side skirts is a relatively easy customization, however, this dude clearly took it a few steps too far. Is that really a GT? Does the fact that it has a couple of racing stripes on the hood good make it go faster? We doubt it. Final verdict? Fail.

2 The piece doesn't fit

via carthrottle

Look, we're all for dropping down the suspension and slapping one some bigger rims. Usually, it adds a touch of flair to the car and it certainly turns a few heads, especially when you're blasting obnoxiously loud music (which is generally the case). This owner clearly had no idea what he was doing, however.

1 Stop while you're ahead

via pinterest

If you're the type of driver who traverses dark, country roads on a regular basis, then some extra LED lighting can certainly come in handy. Although we have a feeling that the owner of this Toyota pickup isn't that type of person. One or two extra lights is acceptable, but this display is total overkill.

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