10 Super Easy Crafts You Can Sell On Etsy

If you were the kind of kid who excelled in arts and crafts and loved rainy days because that meant you got to stay indoors and create things, Etsy is like digital manna from online heaven. You can anything from custom Lego earrings to mini polaroid magnets on etsy.com. Anyone with a semi-crafty bone in their body can cash in while having a ball whipping up crafts that will make anyone smile. The good news is that you don't have to be Martha Stewart to sell your adorable crafts on Etsy.

Get ready to head out to your local crafting supply shop, roll up your sleeves and have some fun! Once you start selling on Etsy, you can enjoy setting up your digital shop, gaining a loyal following of satisfied customers and even trading your crafts with other sellers for their wares that catch your crafty eye. Even if none of the ten super easy crafts that we handpicked interest you, they may inspire you to invent your very own creation which is kind of what Etsy is all about. Happy crafting and happy selling!

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10 Washi Tape Mini Wood Pallet Coasters


Wooden pallets are all the rage right now. Folks all over the globe are using them to make porch swings, headboards, garden planters and so much more. What about shrinking them down for size or more accurately, making miniature wooden pallets? These mini wood pallets, decorated with washi tape, make the cutest coasters. Just for the record, we think they would look pretty cute plain or painted as well.

For this adorable craft, you will need: woodcraft sticks, 1/2″ square balsa wood rod (can be found in the wood and hobby section of a arts and crafts store), pliers with wire cutting blade, craft knife, sandpaper, a hot glue gun, washi tape, scissors, and Mod Podge or similar product. You can find the full instructions here.

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9 Faux Leather Pencil Cups

via Pinterest

In today's progressive times, animal cruelty is out and faux is in! You can sell the best of both worlds with these stylish and professional faux-leather pencil cups while providing a product that will stand up against the test of time and is completely kind. To start this project, you will need tin cans in various sizes, faux leather from a fabric store, a can opener, measuring tape, a ruler, a pen, a thin cork, glue, painter’s tape, thick decorative paper, scissors, and a spreader for glue.

One great thing about this project is the timing. You can make a bunch of these during the summer and have them ready to sell or give away as gifts when everyone is getting ready to go back to school at the end of the season! You can find the full instructions here.

8 Book Lover Necklaces


There is something about miniatures that can melt the hearts of most people. Anything miniature is just adorable and books are no exception. A trio of stacked books hanging from a delicate chain is the perfect way for a bookworm to celebrate their bookworm status. To create this craft, you will need miniature books (you can purchase ready-made mini books or make your own), an 18" necklace chain, embroidery floss, clear tacky glue, a jump ring, and a pair of long nose pliers for accuracy.

You can offer your adorable mini book necklaces for sale just in time for the end of school so mothers can their children a gift for their teacher or favorite librarian. They would also make great hostess gifts for a book club meeting. You can find the full instructions here.

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7 No-Sew Farmers' Market T-Shirt Bags


Farmers' markets are so much fun to visit because it's a truly authentic experience. There is something about a string of Mom and Pop shops offering their homemade goodies that give off a cozy vibe. But if you go in unprepared, you can easily wind up leaving with your arms overloaded with lentil and potato samosas, fresh-squeezed juice, gourmet popcorn, delicious berries and more. An easy solution? Make one of these incredibly sturdy no-sew farmers' market bags.

You can also use this bag as your go-to grocery bag. You will need a t-shirt (plain white if you want to make your own designs), an Exacto knife and appropriate cutting surface or a good pair of scissors and fabric paint and/or fabric markers. If you've got a surplus of white shirts around the house, this is the craft for you! You can find the full instructions here.

6 Homemade Jar Candles


Did you know that craft stores, like Michaels, sell scented wax cubes? If not, well now you know. So why not create your own scented candles and sell them on Etsy! You can make all kinds of candles with a variety of scents, the sky is the limit. To create a cake-scented, funfetti candle in a mason jar you'll need a 16 oz. mason jar, a pre-waxed wick and something to hold it in place, a hot glue gun, tape, 2-3 tablespoons of water, 1-2 tablespoons of corn syrup, a small paintbrush or cloth, 1/2 cup of rainbow jimmies (or colorful sprinkles), 1 tablespoon of soy wax flakes (or old candles, if you're using a smaller jar), cupcake scented wax cubes (which can be found at Michaels), and a measuring cup with a spout. You can find the full instructions here.

5 Ribbon Bookmarks


This simple bookmark craft has "bestseller" written all over it. The materials you'll need is a selection of cute ribbon (in various widths), small hair ties (in different colors), buttons, and needle and thread or a sewing machine. The bookmarks are great because they fit securely around the book and won't fall out. They are also thin enough not to damage the spine of the book like a bulkier bookmark might and they're just so cute! The great thing about selling these cuties is that you can dress them up for whatever holiday/season, so you are always ready to cater to a fresh theme. The materials are extremely inexpensive with the most expensive item being the ribbon. You can find the full instructions here.

4 Etched Wooden Spoons


This may seem like a project that is for the brave crafters of the world, but we're told that it's actually not as intimidating as it might seem. You'll need a set of unfinished wood utensils (bamboo, preferably) and a multi-tip wood-burning Dremel drill. Now, all you'll need is a steady hand, good lighting, and some patience as you make beautiful carved designs into the utensils. For Etsy, you can offer custom monograms for a wedding, anniversary or birthday gift. If you are a talented artist, why not try drawing popular nostalgic cartoon characters to give your utensils an extra edge and a boost of charm? You can find the full instructions here.

3 Painted Rock Cactus Arrangements

via Pinterest/Michela Bufalini

It's just like having a pet rock, but better because this rock is super pretty and will compliment almost any decor. A pot of rock cacti would look terrific indoors, on a desk, as a kitsch paperweight, even in the kitchen! The supplies to make these cool cactus creations is green paint (in a few shades), white paint or a white Sharpie, pebbles (if you wish), tiny rocks, a variety of pots, and, of course, rocks to be painted! You'll need to find elongated rocks as these will work best for making realistic cacti. Pro tip: you may want to practice first on paper until you get the technique down and don't forget to change up the designs for a realistic grouping of succulents. You can find the full instructions here.

2 Oversized Sleep Masks


Here's a project that you can master easily and make a bunch to sell for Mother's Day gift sets, bridal party gifts, and so much more! People love to buy things like this in bulk for gifting and once you get the nuts and bolts of making this sweet sleep mask, you'll be cranking them out in no time. There is, however, one catch. It would be very difficult to make by hand, so you'll need to use a sewing machine. You'll need elastic, pretty fabric, and faux silk material for the inside of the sleep mask. Yawn. We're feeling sleepy already just looking at this comfortable oversized sleep mask. You can find the full instructions here.

1 Bath Bombs


Bath bombs are extremely popular right now and you can cash in on this trend, too! Bath bombs can get pretty pricey at spas and boutiques. If you sell yours for a reasonable price, you'll likely get repeat customers! All you'll need is 8 oz baking soda, 4 oz Epsom salt, 4 oz cornstarch, 4 oz citric acid, a large bowl, a whisk (it's best to dedicate one bowl and whisk just for bath bombs), biodegradable glitter or dried flower petals (optional), 2.5 tablespoons coconut oil (or any other veggie oil), about 1 tablespoon water, about 2 teaspoons essential oil (for scent), 4-6 drops of food coloring, small jar and silicone molds. You can get as creative as you want here and work with themes and seasons. Pumpkin latte spice bath bomb for the fall? You betcha!

You can find the full instructions here.

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