10 Easy Disney Princess Cosplays To Show Off At Comic-Con

Cosplay is a great hobby to have, but sometimes it can get stressful. The best part about it is wearing the final costume and feeling like a whole new person. The worst part is actually making the costume.

It takes a lot of sweat, tears, and sewing supplies to create a great cosplay and sometimes you just don't have the time or energy for that, and that's okay! The other great thing about cosplay is that there's no real right or wrong way to do it. With a few shortcuts here and there, you'll still have a great costume to rock at your next event. For all of you aspiring Disney princesses, here are a few ideas to help you get that princess look you want without having to go into a crisis.

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10 Simple Snow White

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It's not exactly necessary to get the puffy sleeves and front lacing down to rock a great Snow White costume. Thanks to her iconic dress of primary colors, it's easy to recreate her look without having to break out the sewing machine. A long yellow skirt, a blue short-sleeved shirt, and some red accents are really all you need to turn into the first Disney princess. For an extra touch, carry around an apple--it's a good prop and a snack for when you get hungry later on in the day.

9 Classic Belle

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Sure, Belle's golden gown at the end of Beaty and the Beast is probably one of the prettiest dresses ever, but let's not forget that Belle was rocking great outfits from the very first scene. While the ballgown might take a bit of skill and time on the sewing machine, Belle's village look is a lot easier to recreate. All you need is a blue dress, a white apron, some black shoes, and a loose ponytail. Don't forget your book, either!

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8 Queen Elsa

After watching Frozen, pretty much everyone wanted to wear that gorgeous dress that Elsa was wearing, but you might have thought it was too hard to make for yourself. The good news is that it's actually a lot easier to get this icy, royal look.

For the top part, get yourself a lacey white shirt. For the blue part of the dress, get two yards of stretchy blue fabric and another two yards of blue lace. There is a little bit of sewing involved, but just a few stitches and you've got a gorgeous blue gown.

7 Hipster Ariel

Ariel is a great character to cosplay, but trying to get the mermaid logistics to work for the costume may be a bit tricky. If you're not up for making your own mermaid fin, but still want that iconic purple and green look, turning Ariel into a hipster version of herself may be an interesting way to go.

It's pretty simple. All you need are regular clothes in the right colors and a red wig to get the look down. Add in some accessories and horn-rimmed glasses, and the cosplay is set. This cosplay is both cute and funny.

6 Cinderella's Rags

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Sometimes when making a costume, the sewing part gets so frustrating that you just want to tear up your outfit and start from the beginning. With this cosplay, that's kind of the idea!

For the finished product, the dress will be unfinished which is pretty great if you don't like following through with projects. You can sew a dress yourself or just buy a pink dress and rip it up. This outfit may have been a sad moment in the movie but it's a pretty cute cosplay, especially if you don't have the time to make the full gown.

5 Tinkerbell

A lot of the other dresses that the Disney ladies wear are full of frills and others have complicated elements. Tinkerbell's dress has a very simple design, it's just a sleeveless dress with some points at the bottom,

Tinkerbell's outfit is definitely the easiest one to look the most accurate while putting in the least amount of effort. It's pretty easy to find a sleeveless green dress at any clothing store and after that, all you need to do is to cut a few points –or just safety pin the bottom if you want to reuse the dress– and get some wings. Like magic, you've become Tinkerbell!

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4 Easy To Make Mulan

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Mulan's outfit is beautiful, but it might seem like a daunting task to recreate this dress. Fear not because it's a lot easier than it looks to get all those layers. First, get a long white skirt for the bottom of the dress. Then get a green V-neck shirt for the top and use scarves –or longer pieces of fabric– for the other parts. Because of the bright and defined colors, it will be easy to tell who you're cosplaying, while staying comfortable and in-budget.

3 Modern Princesses

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The classic Disney princess looks are always the best, but sometimes their dresses are just too long or too complicated to make. What's nice is that Disney princesses have such iconic looks that it's easy to change up the outfits here and there, and still look like a Disney princess. As long as the hair and the colors are right, you can substitute any floor-length gown for a shorter, more modern looking skirt. This is also perfect if you want to dress up and go to Disney World/Land since they have pretty strict rules against accurate-looking cosplay.

2 Tutu Dress

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Just like the modern-looking Disney cosplays, another great way to get the Disney princess look without a lot of time, or skill, is to make a tutu dress. Trying to get all the puffiness of a classic princess ball gown is hard and requires a lot of sewing know-how, but tulle tutus are so easy –almost anyone can do it! Pretty much all you need is a ribbon or elastic for the waistband and a whole lot of tulle to tie around over and over. In no time, you'll have that puffy princess skirt ready to go.

1 Princess Rapunzel

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At first, it might seem almost impossible to make something that looks like Rapunzel's dress, but it's a lot easier than it looks! The puffy sleeves are really not required! Just have a white shirt and a purple dress (or skirt works fine!), then put your hair in a braid and you're pretty much all set.

If you're feeling extra crafty, try working in some lacing at the front. What's even better about being Rapunzel is that if you don't have long blonde hair to braid up, she cuts it off at the end of the movie so a wig isn't even required.

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