10 Easy To Grow Aquarium Plants For Beginners

For many of us, growing foliage from the Earth is a near impossible task. Not everyone has been blessed with the good old green thumb. If you happen to be one of those unfortunate souls who merely glances at a plant and it seems to wither a little, the thought of cultivating aquatic plants seems completely out of the realm of possibilities. Fear not, our gardening challenged pals! If growing aquarium plants happens to be on your secret bucket list, we have ten species that just might make your dreams come true.

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10 Java Moss

If you are just diving into the wonderful world of aquatic plant life, then you might want to consider starting with a simple plant with good resistance. Java Moss is a common aquarium plant that is pretty hard to kill. It also grows more quickly than most other aquarium plants and is relatively low maintenance. If you attach the moss to a hard surface like a rock, it will crawl all over the surface and spread. If you choose not to attach it to something, it does have a tendency to float about.

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9 Amazon Sword

This fast-growing aquatic plant can be seen in most freshwater aquariums. Both beginners and veterans include this plant to the foliage in their tanks. This plant produces large sword-like leaves and should be placed towards the back of the aquarium. The Amazon Sword can become pretty larger, at times it can reach up to 20 centimeters in height. Make sure you provide medium light, as well as a steady water temperature of 72 -92°F (or 22-33°C) so you Amazon Sword can reach its full potential.

8 Dwarf Sagittaria

Newbies to the aquarium freshwater scene will love adding Dwarf Sagittaria in their tank because it is so easy to maintain. This is a no-fuss plant that won't die on you every time that you blink your eyes. It is perfect for the middles of the tank because it only grows 4-6 inches in most cases. It is recommended that this plant finds a home near stone or wood so that it can take root in the sturdy components of the tank.

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7 Anubias

This is one of the easiest plants to grow in a tank. Hooray for Anubias! This is a slow growing plant, so don't freak out if it isn't sprouting all over the place as rapidly as some of your other aquarium plants are. You'll want to keep this guy in a shady part of your tank with a good amount of flow so that algae doesn't accumulate on its leaves. As far as nutrients go, this plant is not picky. There is no need to add liquid fertilizers to the tank on this plant's behalf.

6 Hornwort

Hornwart is commonly used in aquariums of beginners and is often referred to as the "coontail" for its unique leaf appearance. This species doesn't require the substrate to root down into, making it a great choice for beginners who aren't yet sure how to plant rooted foliage. It will manage to attach itself to objects in your tank, such as rocks and other solid structures. Hornwort doesn't need a massive amount of light to grow, which is another sticking point for newbies.

5 Narrow Leaf

If you are a new aqua-farmer and looking for a plant species to place in the foreground of your tank, you may want to consider the Narrow Leaf Chain Sword. If you give this plant plenty of sunlight, it will grow lush and thick along the bottom of the tank. However, if the lighting is less than optimal, your growth will be much more sparse. This guy doesn't need any fertilization. Compared to many other aquarium plants, it's a pretty low maintenance one to start with.

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4 Sunset Hygro

This plant is similar to the Green Hygro, but offers aquarium lovers a bit of a change in color. The leaves on this plant has reddish-pink leaves with white veins running through it. While it will grow well in low lit atmospheres, good for those who haven't mastered aquarium light, it does need to be pruned fairly frequently. The iron levels in the water must also be maintained if the plant is going to give off that beautiful reddish glow.

3 Parrots Feather

Parrot's feather gives a twist of typical foliage texture, making it a stand out plant in your tank. This is a popular plant for shade, offering fish somewhere to hide. It tends to float about but it can be anchored into the substrate material if necessary. This plant needs a lot of sunlight, so angle it towards a window and provide a separate low lighting source. If you are a guppy or goldfish lover, his plant is right up their alley.

2 Guppy Grass

Guppy grass got its name from its primary job as a nursery plant for guppies. The thin green leaves often grow in thick clumps, providing a space for little fish to seek refuge. The plant will float about in the tank and grow at a steady rate. It does well in low light and makes a great addition to your aquarium. Especially, if you're new to the game of tanks and fish. Your little fishes will be ever grateful for this one.

1 Bacopa

This plant is a classic tank addition. Bacopa varies in color, giving a bit of a color break up to the typical green foliage that often grows in aquariums. This may be a plant that needs minimal light to thrive, but you have to plant its roots deep in the substrate for them to take root and anchor properly. Bacopa grows fairly slowly and can reach up to 12 inches in height, so give it some space towards the back of your tank.

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