You've Been Eating Pineapples The Wrong Way For Your Whole Life

A TikTok video has been posted online of an innovative way to eat pineapple, and it's got people wondering if they’ve been eating pineapples the wrong way their whole lives. Without knives, forks, or any utensils whatsoever, the pineapple lover in the video is happily enjoying the unsliced fruit like finger food. Thousands of likes and retweets later, internet users are still baffled by the “sorcery” of the new pineapple-eating method.

Traditionally, cutting up a pineapple to snack-sized pieces requires quite a bit of knife work. First, you need to cut off the top and bottom in order to access the flesh. At this point, there is some debate as to how to proceed -some will cut off the skin on each side, and others will cut the fruit in half first to remove the core. By the end of it, you will have strips of pineapple that you can cut into bite-sized pieces.

One TikTok user, however, is proving that you don’t need knife skills to enjoy a pineapple.

The video went viral on Twitter last Thursday, and it showed a manicured hand simply pulling off strips of pineapple by grabbing a piece of the skin. The snacker is shown to be casually enjoying pieces of pineapple they have effortlessly ripped off from the core. Allegedly, one can enjoy the pyramid-shaped pieces without much knife work and less mess involved.

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Investigators at Daily Mail wanted to test the “hack,” so they sent their own Hayley Richardson to put it to the test. You still have to cut the top off, so the technique is not completely knife-less. While she was successful in ripping out some pieces, the method was quite difficult and messy; she had to unhygienically stick her fingernails in the fruit to help rip out a piece, and there was a lot of juice that squirted out.

Via: Pixabay, stux

In theory, the method should work. A Twitter user pointed out that pineapples are technically a collection of fused berries, so pulling pieces away should be possible. If you start from the top, you can pluck out each “eye” that will come with the flesh.

However, the hack seems to be more time-consuming and messier than expected, so taking the time to learn how to cut a pineapple seems like a much more worthy investment.

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