eBay Seller Goes The Extra Mile For A Family Who Lost Everything In Wildfires

The California wildfires saw hundreds of thousands of people flee their homes in a bid to escape with their lives. In fact, the year 2018 saw the deadliest wildfire season on record, and many were left with nothing. Some celebrities, like couple Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, lost their residences in the tragedy, but they have the means to rebuild. Others aren't so lucky.

California resident Aimee Child Gray lost everything to the fires, including her 2-year-old daughter's mini muffin baking set that she had hoped to give her for Christmas. In a bid to try and find an identical item to replace the special gift, Child hopped onto eBay. She struck gold, finding and purchasing the oven.

Overjoyed that she was able to replace one of the many possessions lost, Child messaged the seller to let them know how grateful she was, explaining the situation. According to the Good News Network, the mom of one was amazed by what she got in return.


via GoodNewsNetwork.com

After receiving her package in the mail, Child opened up the box to discover that humans can be incredibly kind.

"It was filled with tons of other stuff, piping bags, sprinkles, numerous cute muffin tin liners, a book with different cupcake recipes and ways to decorate them," she said.

Not only that, but the anonymous eBay seller topped it all off with a $100 bill and a letter expressing her sympathy for their situation.

The Child family have been living in temporary accommodation since last years' events, and are just getting ready to move into their new forever home. In addition to her gratefulness for the package, Child has also been moved by the generosity of strangers since going through the ordeal.

Firefighters did their best to contain the three major blazes that ripped through California last November, but tens of thousands of homes and businesses were destroyed, according to the BBC. Paradise, a formerly peaceful town in Butte County, was left devastated by the Camp Fire, the largest blaze of all. Scott McLean, a California Deputy Fire Chief told media outlets that the town was left completely totaled.

A total of 98 civilians and six firefighters lost their lives, with another 80 people injured, making it the deadliest episode of its kind in California. The fires opened up the conversation on what could be done to protect vulnerable areas of forestation in the future.


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