Ellen Teaches Julia Roberts The Ways Of Instagram

Ellen Teaches Julia Roberts The Ways Of Instagram

Ellen teaches new-to-Instagram Julia Roberts how to get followers on social media.

Julia Roberts isn’t exactly a Luddite, but neither is she completely up to date with current technologies. She hopped on Twitter back in 2011 and has yet to utter a single Tweet.

This could be because she just doesn’t know how to tweet. Sensing the possibility of social media ignorance, social media savant Ellen DeGeneres has taken it upon herself to teach Julia Roberts the ways of Instagram and how to get followers on social media. After all, Ellen has over 60 million followers on Insta, while Julia has a mere 3.6 million (albeit in only a few weeks of posting).

Roberts was understandably a bit nervous before Ellen’s lessons began. "Do I have to pose nude?" Roberts asked.

"Well... ultimately, yes,” Ellen replied.

Which brings us to step one of Ellen’s lesson: appear on a tropical beach like its your vacation. Ellen didn’t film on location anywhere, so instead, she just had a giant screen display what is presumably a white sandy beach somewhere in the middle of the Pacific.

Step two is something that the Kardashians are very good at, and that is to show some skin. Ellen didn’t ask Julia to strip down, but she did have her army of wardrobe and makeup artists come out and strap a fake set of Kardashian-sized, bikini-covered hooters to Roberts’ chest.

Once again, Roberts shows some trepidation for DeGeneres’ methods. "Do you want followers or not?" Ellen asks.

To which Roberts gives an unsteady reply: "I guess I'm supposed to want followers, but right now I'm not so sure."


Step three is something that most Instagram users are intimately familiar with, and that’s the ubiquitous food post. To show Julia what she means, Ellen brought out Martha Stewart who had baked a pie for the occasion.

I wanted to help Julia Roberts get more Instagram followers. I hope this works.

I wanted to help Julia Roberts get more Instagram followers. I hope this works.

Posted by Ellen DeGeneres on Friday, November 30, 2018

"Put the pie in front of your droopiness," Stewart suggests, motioning to Julia’s chest.

Next, Ellen introduces Julia to Throwback Thursday with a large cardboard cutout of a very young Roberts which she held up to her head. The whole effect was surreal, which of course, was the whole point.

And finally, step five was simply to have Dermot Mulroney walk out and give Julia a hug. Because why not?

You can practically hear the Instagram followers swelling as we speak.


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