18 Embarrassing Superstar Photos The WWE Doesn't Want You To See

Wrestlers are some of the toughest people in the world, with some of them towering over normal-sized people like giants. While in most cases these Gods among men and women are intimidating, there are times that they are caught off guard. This list will evaluate some of those times, and the pictures that make some of your favorite wrestlers look stupid, and funny.

Some of the photographs featured in this article were captured in the ring, and some outside of the ring during photoshoots. The ones out of the ring could probably have been avoided if the person knew how the final product would turn out. The pictures were taken out of the ring, well that is a different story; it's kind of hard to justify some of the images featured here today in any real situation.

Here are 18 Embarrassing Superstar Pictures The WWE Doesn't Want You To See!

18 The Rock - The Tooth Fairy Movie

via Youtube

This movie starred Dwayne as a tooth fairy. In this movie, he has blue wings on and looks like he is regretting the role in the movie. Johnson has to be a little embarrassed when he sees this photo hanging around on the internet. Hell, I would. Thankfully, he transitioned into kick-ass action movies, where someone of his build belongs.

17 Trish Stratus Objectified

via WhatCulture

On an episode of Raw in the early 2000s, Vince McMahon made Stratus strip down to basically no clothing, and lay on the ground like a dog; she also had to bark like one. For every person who has ever claimed that Trish Stratus was a "real" women's wrestler, this picture speaks volumes about how the ladies of wrestling were often objectified.

16 Bo Dallas Glamour Shots


I Bo-lieve that Bo Dallas wishes this picture didn't exist. Back in the day when Bo Dallas was back in NXT, he was forced to take promotional shots just like all the other NXT wrestlers. This picture, however, features Dallas wearing only jeans and boots, while posed on top of a motorcycle. With his long flowing hair, it looks like Dallas is posing for a romance novel's cover.

15 Seth Rollins


This particular picture, taken at WWE Elimination Chamber 2015, features Seth Rollins looking quite awkward in front of the camera. Why the weird pose? Rollins thought Dean Ambrose would win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but he didn't. It appeared that Ambrose had beaten Rollins, but another referee soon changed the decision and disqualified Rollins for abusing the official.

14 The Rock and Jimmy Fallon Working Out

via NBC

This photo must be the most embarrassing photo ever captured of The Rock. It is staged, but still hilariously bad. The Rock and Jimmy Fallon are laying down with wigs on. It's a funny picture, but the beast must take crazy amounts of roasting for this photo. Look at how Fallen is giving him a weird look.

13 John Cena Slobbering

via WhatCulture

While announcing The Rock's name during a promo, Cena started drooling on camera, meaning literal saliva was literally coming out of his mouth. WWE immediately changed the camera to somewhere else, but regardless this picture was all over the internet the next day.

12 Triple H = Vampire

via WWE.com

What's with the pose? This picture was taken outside the ring, of course, and it was photographed for Blade. Is this Triple H's attempt at a costume or a creepy weird Uncle disguise? Needless to say, Triple H has certainly aged through the years.

11 Roman Reigns Holding His Gut

via Cagesideseats

This photograph was after losing a tough match. In WWE's WrestleMania World Heavyweight Championship, Roman lost and looks like he is in complete disarray. Many WWE fans seemed not to like Roman because he was all too often feeling bad for himself, or at a minimum looking like he was about to break out in tears.

10 Barnyard Mickie James

via Wrestlegasm

During a feud with Michelle McCool, Mickie James was being chastised for being overweight and was actually told to lose weight on multiple occasions. The famous "Piggy James" picture surfaced, which had to be humiliating for the very fit James. WWE was basically bullying her out of the business, which is another example of a great female wrestler being objectified.

9 Dean Ambrose

via Tumblr

When non-wrestling fans make fun of wrestlers, they go to a costume store and may wear the exact thing that Dean Ambrose is in this picture. He wore this in 2006 during a squash match against MNM. Ambrose showed up with bright pink hair and a gaudy chain around his neck. The worst part is his face, which in the picture he looks like he is smelling something that doesn't agree with his senses.

8 Hulk Hogans First Gawker?

via Cagepotato

This picture from one of Hulk Hogan's matches with Ultimate Warrior became nationally known and used for memes because... well come on, look at it. We all know what this picture looks like, and what it appears is transpiring. Here is the thing, from any other angle, this is an iconic picture of one of the biggest stars in wrestling history, being overpowered by an emerging star.

7 Lilian Garcia Takes A Spill

via Tumblr

Garcia has had her share of gaffs over the years in WWE, but they usually include announcing fails. This, however, was a trip that everyone got to see before a SmackDown taping in 2012. The veteran announcer handled the fall with grace, but a fall is a fall, and this one is immortalized through a photo.

6 WWE's Next Powerhouse?

via Imgur

Braun Strowman looks like the kind of guy you'd want to avoid at the beach here, as he scarfs down a bag of Pirate's Booty Aged White Cheddar while wearing a non-threatening pink tank top and blue short-shorts. Strowman is toeing the Bastion Booger line here and he may want to make sure cameras aren't around when he's snacking.

5 The Deadman


You rarely see The Undertaker in a capacity other than in character, but this picture of him at the airport doesn't exactly strike fear in someone. His hair is dyed and he's well-tanned when he does wrestle, but in this picture, he just looks like a tall, lanky old man you may spot at an airport in your everyday life. WWE might want their phenom looking a little more intimidating than this.

4 Dean Ambrose Chilling On The Couch

via CagedSeats

Work hard, play hard is certainly a motto around the world. But this is a picture when Ambrose suffered a rough triceps injury. It seems that he became a couch potato during this time—or at least that is what the picture depicts. This picture is often called an eyesore to WWE fans who would rather see their hero, at a minimum, not looking like an old man.

3 Triple H & The Stain

via WrestlingNews.net

On an episode of Raw, Brock Lesnar lifted up Triple H, exposing a stain on his rear end. It appears as if Triple H either peed his pants or was sweating a whole lot in a weird area. Triple H for sure is embarrassed by this one and has been badgered enough for this image.

2 The Bella Twins

via Eonline

In 2007, WWE was very excited to sign Nikki and Brie Bella. The twins were, of course, attractive and very effective and strong wrestlers. They are both former DIVA champions and usually got along great. This picture shows them fighting. Nikki called Brie out in the ring for some sort of private issue. They slapped each other and fans were very confused about what the heck was going on.

1 Batista Goes Swimming

via Pinterest

Haha. Yep, the old Batista trying to pull off a speedo at the beach. The guy is jacked but really Batista? Even regular people don't wear European mankinis to the beach big guy. He took a lot of heat for this picture, but many laughs for it as well. Batista looks great for his age and he definitely puts most of us to shame, but come on. Wearing a speedo it just something that requires us to have a good laugh.

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