Endgame: 30 Ridiculous Mistakes Fans Missed In Avengers 4

When you first walked into the theater to see Avengers: Endgame, you probably weren't thinking about all the things that wouldn't make sense about it. You were probably hyped up for the experience, filled with nothing but anticipation. The Marvel Cinematic Universe as you currently knew it was about to come to an epic conclusion. You weren't looking for plot holes when you first viewed the movie. You were looking for heroics, action scenes, and well-timed comedic statements. Negative thoughts about the story were probably the last things you were thinking about.

However, Endgame has its fair share of mistakes in its three-hour-long runtime. There are events that make no sense due to the strange nature of time travel. Unlikely coincidences occur for the sake of plot convenience. Continuity errors rear their ugly heads as well when you consider some of the previous movies in the MCU. Despite being one of the most financially successful Marvel movies of all time, Avengers: Endgame's mistakes can be just plain old ridiculous.

Now, before we continue with listing all these errors, do not think for one second that we didn't enjoy this movie. We enjoyed this movie very much. In fact, saying we "enjoyed" it is an understatement. We held in everything (except tears) for three hours straight for this movie. But just because we love a thing, doesn't mean we can't complain about it. Read on if you want to learn about all the ridiculous mistakes included in Avengers: Endgame. And be warned! There are spoilers ahead.

30 Lucky Peter's Friends Got Snapped Alongside Him

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For the people who got dusted by Thanos' Snap, no time passed at all. For everyone else, five long years passed before the Avengers enacted their plan to bring everyone back. That means that everyone who did not get dusted, aged.

So it is definitely going to be weird that around half of Peter's classmates are no longer 16-years old like him but are 21-years old instead. Quite frankly, the convenience of having all of Peter's closest friends remain the same age because they got snapped too is ridiculous.

29 Hydra Agents Don't Know Their Own Members

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Captain America is able to steal the Mind Stone from the past by pretending to be part of Hydra. As Cap and fans of the MCU already know, Hydra has infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. at this point in time.

So when Cap runs into them, he whispers, "Hail Hydra," in their ear and then walks off with the Mind Stone. And those Hydra agents just let him! Is Endgame telling us that Hydra does not know whether or not Captain America is in their little club? This moment makes Hydra look like fools.

28 Captain Marvel Knew Where Tony And Nebula Were Lost In Space

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Space is vast. The unknown reaches of the universe have no corners or walls. It just stretches on immeasurably. So how in the world was Captain Marvel able to locate Tony Stark and Nebula after they left the planet Titan?

Tony and Nebula were able to fix up a ship to take them out into space, but they lost power at some point. Even if Captain Marvel knew they had been on Titan, it seems highly unlikely that she could have so easily found them in the vastness of space.

27 Names On The Memorial Stone Were Not In Alphabetical Order

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When Scott Lang finally gets released from the Quantum Realm, he finds out about the Thanos Snap. In a rush, he makes his way to a memorial site for those lost by the Snap. He searches frantically for his daughter's name, Cassie Lang, on these stone monuments.

However, we're not sure if you noticed or not, but those names were not in alphabetical order. Sure, the "L's" were clustered together, but other than that grouping, the names did not appear to follow any order.

26 The Avengers Could Have Taken More Pym Particles

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The Avengers' plan to go back in time to collect the Infinity Stones and use them to bring people back could supposedly be enacted once. The juice powering their trip back in time was comprised of Pym Particles, an invention of Hank Pym. And with Hank Pym dusted, there did not appear a way to get any more.

Except, what if the Avengers had used their first round of Pym Particles to go back in time and get more Pym Particles before even attempting to retrieve the Stones? They do this later on in the movie when they're up a creek, so the idea itself is sound.

25 Time Travel Was Conceived In A Single Evening

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No one seems to care that Tony Stark worked out the solution to time travel in the span of a few hours. Does anybody realize how absolutely ridiculous this notion is? For one thing, you would think the secret to time travel would take a little longer to discover.

For another thing, Tony Stark's knowledge is rooted in machinery and electronics. Hank Pym was the man who delved so deeply into the study of the Quantum Realm. You would think if any of these two geniuses were going to figure out time travel, it would have been Hank.

24 Loki's Escape Caused An Alternate Timeline

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The Avengers understandably have a single-minded goal to reverse the effects of Thanos' Snap. However, you would think that they would spare a thought to the timelines they created when they went back into the past.

Do the Avengers have any idea how many alternate timelines they caused by going back in time? When Tony dropped the Space Stone while trying to steal it from his past self, Loki picked it up and disappeared to who knows where. That's one alternate timeline created by the hapless Avengers.

23 Speaking In Normal Time Can't Happen In The Quantum Realm

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This mistake technically happened in Ant-Man and the Wasp, but it only became a mistake because of the events of Avengers: Endgame. When Scott entered the Quantum Realm under the observation of Hank Pym, Janet van Dyne, and Hope van Dyne, he had a communicator with him.

Using this device, Scott was able to talk to Hope in real time. However, if, as we find out in Endgame, time passes more slowly in the Quantum Realm, this should not have been able to happen at all.

22 Past-Nebula Spied On Present-Nebula And Not Vice Versa

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Past-Thanos finds out about the Avengers' plans to reverse present-Thanos' Snap thanks to Nebula. When present-Nebula went back in time, she somehow formed a mental connection with past-Nebula. Using past-Nebula's access to present-Nebula's memories, past-Thanos was able to counteract the Avengers' intentions.

That premise alone is ridiculous enough. (Time travel, right?) But having past-Nebula be the only one who could access the mind of her present self instead of the other way around seems awfully convenient.

21 Only Half Of Hawkeye's Family Should Have Disappeared

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Thanos' Snap was meant to wipe out half of all life in the universe. That means that if four random people were in a room, two of them would turn into dust when Thanos Snapped his fingers.

Numbers-wise, something like this should have happened with Hawkeye's family. Clint Barton had a wife, two sons, and a daughter. If the Snap was as random as it should have been, at least two of Clint's family members should have survived. Instead, they all disappeared, and Hawkeye got himself his angry new haircut.

20 Korath Did Not Show Up On Morag

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Now, we know what you're thinking. Who the heck is Korath, and why should he have been on Morag? Morag is the planet where the Power Stone was located. It's where Peter Quill danced and lip-sung to "Come and Get Your Love" at the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Korath is the Kree soldier who interrupts Quill and demands him to hand over the Stone. When Nebula and War Machine go back in time and steal the Power Stone from Quill in Endgame, they should have run into Korath immediately after. Instead, he was a no-show.

19 Janet Van Dyne Should Be A Lot Younger

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According to Scott Lang after his extended stay in the Quantum Realm, time passes more slowly there. What felt like five hours to him was actually five years in the real world. If that's the case, then Janet van Dyne should look a lot younger than she does.

Janet, wife of Hank Pym, was trapped in the Quantum Realm for at least fifteen years in real time. However, that should only have been 140 hours in the Quantum Realm if Scott's math is correct. That means for Janet about five days passed.

18 Thanos Never Snapped In One Alternate Timeline

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Tony Stark sacrifices himself at the end of Avengers: Endgame by putting the Infinity Stones on his Iron Man glove and snapping his fingers. His snap gets rid of Thanos and his entire army. This is a sorrowful time for the Avengers and viewers because we then have to watch the toll of using the Infinity Stones take effect on Tony.

However, someone should be celebrating because that means in one alternate timeline, Thanos disappeared and never had the chance to Snap his fingers in the first place. This is actually a pretty happy mistake if you think about it.

17 No One Accompanies Captain America To Return The Stones

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Captain America is a capable hero. He's one of the best heroes in the MCU as a matter of fact. Still, that doesn't mean Cap should be sent into the past without any back-up. After using the Infinity Stones they took from the past to bring back those erased by the Snap, the Avengers needed to return the Stones to the exact moments they were stolen.

It was a tough enough job taking the Stones, and the whole team went on that occasion. Did the Avengers seriously think it was a good idea to send Cap back there alone?!

16 Tony Did Not Use Nanotechnology To Take Stones From Thanos

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By the time Endgame released, we had seen the wonders of Iron Man's suit technology enough times to know that anything is possible. We have seen Tony's suit form over his body from a briefcase. We have seen his suit swarm over his body thanks to new nanotechnology.

If Tony has such great control over different parts of his suit, why couldn't he control the glove section when Thanos was trying to take it? It wouldn't be the first time we see Tony move pieces of his armor using only a button press or a voice command.

15 Ant-Man's First Time Travel Experiments

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When Tony Stark initially refuses to assist the Avengers with their time travel plans, the group turns to Bruce Banner for help. Despite having a big brain and a vast store of knowledge about Gamma Radiation, Bruce is no Quantum Realm expert.

What follows is the most ridiculous time travel experiment ever. Ant-Man serves as the guinea pig for Bruce's experiment, and this experiment makes no sense. Ant-Man goes back in time and comes back as a baby, a teenager, and an old man. This flies in the face of everything the film later tells us about time travel.

14 Gamora Disappears After The Final Fight

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Gamora from the past is brought to the present when Thanos and his army travel forward in time to fight the Avengers. However, just because she traveled with them does not mean she is their ally.

After a friendly chat with present-Nebula, past-Gamora fights alongside the Avengers. This is totally in keeping with Gamora's character, but what is a tremendous mistake is the fact that we're not shown what happens to her after the fight. She essentially disappears afterward, and that is not in keeping with her character.

13 Going To The Quantum Realm Takes More Than Button Presses

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If you were paying attention to Ant-Man and the Wasp's mid-credits scene, you might have observed the process of putting Ant-Man into the Quantum Realm. It involved Hank Pym, Janet van Dyne, and Hope standing at three computer screens while Hope pulled down on a lever.

However, Endgame would have us believe that a rat walking over a screen-pad could initiate the process of extracting Ant-Man from the Quantum Realm. There is no way that this should have happened if the process to get him in there was more complicated.

12 Tony Quickly Turned His Iron Man Glove Into An Infinity Gauntlet

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Once the Avengers had the Infinity Stones in their possession, Tony Stark used his Iron Man tech to create a makeshift Infinity Gauntlet for the Hulk to wear. The Hulk was the only member of the Avengers who was strong enough to survive using the Infinity Stones.

But when Thanos enters the scene and nabs the gauntlet, Tony is somehow able to take the Stones from said gauntlet and fit them into his own Iron Man glove in the span of a few seconds. Iron Man is quick, but he shouldn't be that quick.

11 Bruce Banner's Merger Was Actually A Take-Over

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In Avengers: Endgame, it is revealed that Bruce Banner "merged" with the Hulk after the events of Infinity War. What this means on the surface is that Bruce can be strong and green like the Hulk while still retaining control of his own personality.

But, if you can recall, the Hulk has his own personality, separate from Bruce Banner's. This "merging" with the Hulk, if it can even be called that is nothing short of the obliteration of the Hulk as a thinking, sentient creature.

10 Cap's Return Of The Soul Stone Promises An Interesting Reunion

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The Red Skull made an inexplicable return in Avengers: Infinity War. After his demise during World War II, the Red Skull somehow ended up on Vormir as the guardian of the Soul Stone. We don't know exactly how he got there, but he's there.

Since Captain America was sent to return the Infinity Stones to their places in time before the Avengers took them, at some point he had to travel to Vormir. Once there, he would have met Red Skull, his former nemesis, once again. One of the biggest mistakes of Endgame is that it didn't show us how that meeting turned out.

9 Harley Keener Attended Tony's Funeral Alone

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Most did not recognize Harley Keener when they saw him at Tony's funeral. No one can blame you if you didn't. That little kid from Iron Man 3 sprouted into a young man.

However, it is strange to see him standing there at the small service when, as far as the audience is concerned, Tony only ever interacted with him once. If Tony kept in contact with Harley, fans sure did not have any inkling of that. While Endgame certainly had a lot of plot points to set up in a small amount of time, Harley's inclusion did not make the cut.

8 Wakanda Assembled Faster Than The Avengers

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Once Hulk Snapped his fingers using the Infinity Stones, he brought everyone Thanos had erased back to life. That includes whatever members of the Wakandan army that disappeared after the fight in Infinity War. And when past-Thanos attacked the Avengers, Wakanda's army came to help out.

However, did you see the size of the Wakandan force? It was enormous. How could King T'Challa and Okoye have rallied their troops so quickly? They came ridiculously fast given the potential disorder caused by everyone who was dusted reappearing.

7 Cap Created An Alternate Timeline For A Dance With Peggy

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Look, we get it. Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter were denied their chance at a life together all those years ago, and that's very sad. However, Captain America should have thought about the repercussions of choosing to live with her in the past.

By doing so, Cap must have created an alternate timeline once again if the rules about time travel for the MCU are still true. Did Cap not pay attention when Bruce Banner was explaining what would happen if things in the past were changed and not reversed?

6 Thanos Holds The Power Stone In His Bare Hands

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Thanos is the strongest villain the Avengers have ever faced. He proves that when he beats the Hulk in a fist fight in Avengers: Infinity War. But can he truly be strong enough to hold the Power Stone in his bare hands?

In Guardians of the Galaxy, it is very clearly shown that to hold the Power Stone can be dangerous. The five Guardians holding it together can barely control it. And yet, when Thanos is fighting Captain Marvel, he places the Power Stone in the palm of his hand and uses it to punch her in the face.

5 Steve Rogers Must Have Sat On The Bench For Major Fights

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Since Steve Rogers decided to go back in time and live a life of quiet anonymity with Peggy Carter, that means he must have refrained from taking part in the many conflicts that rocked the world during this time. Does that sound like the Steve Rogers we know?

Steve Rogers was the spunky kid from Brooklyn whose catchphrase was, "I can do this all day." Either that statement was a lie, or Steve Rogers finally reached his limit after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

4 Who Called Captain Marvel To The Final Fight?

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Even with the combined might of Doctor Strange's sorcerers, the Wakandan army, and the Avengers, Thanos looks to win the final fight. He calls down his warship from space to fire a barrage of missiles at the ground, and it is only thanks to the arrival of Captain Marvel that the ship is destroyed.

We're all thankful she showed up when she did, but how did she know to come to Earth? Wherever she was in the universe, she probably noticed that the lost half of all life returned. But how was she to know the Avengers were in danger?

3 Nebula Opened An Interdimensional Portal On Her Own

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The Nebula from the past is still trying to prove herself to Thanos, so when she sneaks into the present using present-Nebula's time-travel wristband, she's the one who helps to bring past-Thanos and his army to the present.

She does this by somehow opening an interdimensional portal that is large enough to transport Thanos' entire army and his spaceship to the present. Granted, Nebula knows her way around computers and machinery, but making an interdimensional portal sounds like a tall order for her.

2 Captain America Got Old

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After spending a life with Peggy in the past, the next time we see Steve Rogers at the end of Avengers: Endgame, he's an old man. This was meant to be a way to retire the character of Captain America, but technically, Cap should not have aged at all.

The Super Soldier Serum that created Captain America out of skinny Steve Rogers affected him on a cellular level. The Serum should have prevented the aging of Steve Rogers for a long while to come. Honestly though, this is a mistake we can live with. Let's not deny Cap the chance to grow old.

1 The Avengers Took The Time To Make Matching Uniforms

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It's a teensy mistake to gripe about. We know. But it is still pretty ridiculous that the Avengers made themselves matching time-travel uniforms with an "A" on it before heading out on their big mission.

It makes for good marketing, but if you're looking at how desperate the Avengers were to enact their plan (and how little time they wished to waste), the fact that they did make matching uniforms is a little hilarious. Though we suppose given Tony's nanotechnology, it might have taken no time at all.

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