This Engineer Quit His Job To Travel And His Journals Are A Must See

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a peek into someone else's personal journal, diary, or notebook even? Call that feeling snoopy, voyeuristic, or just plain curious, but maybe it's just human nature to desire to know what really makes other people tick. If you would like to flip through the personal pages of someone else's thoughts, former aeronautic engineer José Naranja is giving you that chance.

Sources say Naranja quit his aeronautic engineering job in order to pursue his dream of traveling the world. And as many travelers are doing these days, Naranja took a Moleskine pocket journal with him, filling up the pages with elaborate drawings, anecdotes, notes, hand-drawn maps, and much more.


This was in 2005 and since then, Naranja has filled up a total of 12 fascinating journals, each one unique and one-of-a-kind, brimming with a variety of media such as watercolors, calligraphy art, stamps, handwriting, sketches, and classic fountain pen writing.

Naranja has gotten so into the art of journaling that he has even started to create his very own notebooks, binding each one by hand. Naranja says that he has never studied art or even taken a beginning sketching class before, yet his work is simply stunning. How is that possible?


Some people are just born with gifts and talents. If you are interested in purchasing one of Naranja's personal journals which he refers to as "manuscripts", you may visit his blog where he also sells limited edition prints of some of his elaborate artwork. Currently, he is selling 20 prints including a lovely hand-drawn periodic table of elements, a piece that he calls "Personajes en Anna Karenina", and another entitled "Página densa." Each print is printed on high-quality vergé paper, personally signed, and numbered with a maximum of 60 prints being issued per title. The only manuscript currently available is called "The Orange Manuscript" and could be yours for 285 euros.

"How could I define my undetermined writing?" Naranja says on his website. "This artwork itself is a love letter to notebooks, a flight of fancy and also a part of me. A holder to keep ideas and experiences with full passion and dedication. Discover by yourself the feelings with this travel along its pages."

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