English Doctors Prescribe Dancing To Patients Battling With Loneliness

As a part of a long-term plan, the doctors all over England were told to start prescribing their elderly patients some 'social' activities, like dancing classes, so they have an easier time battling loneliness from the beginning of 2023. The NHS is going to be providing all of the funding that's necessary for this plan because according to the British government, around 200,000 elderly folks haven't had any conversations with relatives or friends in over a month. Furthermore, according to the British Prime Minister Theresa May, all of the postal workers are going to start checking on the isolated people while going on their rounds.

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These days, according to UK doctors, there are between 1 and 5 people per day that suffer from loneliness. These patients are also going to be enrolled in cooking classes, art groups, and walking clubs, by 2023. While speaking on the subject, Prime Minister May said that with this plan, she is also going to be honoring the murdered Labor MP Jo Cox, who had been campaigning to end loneliness before she passed away. Cox was a strong advocate for ending loneliness among the elderly, which was as big of an issue in the country as childhood obesity and mental wellbeing.

This rising problem in England is going to receive $2.4 million in funding, along with the $2.3 million in funding that Downing Street is going to contribute, in order to create some new gardens and community cafes, where people will be able to meet with each other. A big network of popular businesses has also pledged to take action in supporting all of their employees' health and social wellbeing. Those businesses include the Co-op, the British Red Cros, Sainsbury's, National Grid and Civil Service as well as Transport for London.

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Finally, the government is also planning on creating a partnership with the Royal British Mail Service, with a new scheme. This scheme is first going to start in Liverpool, Whitby, and New Malden, and it is going to be giving all of the postal workers a front-line in the fight against loneliness. It's a big and lonely world out there, and England is prepared to help people through it.

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