Escaped Rodeo Cow On The Loose In Anchorage

Escaped Rodeo Cow On The Loose In Anchorage

An escaped rodeo cow is on the loose near Anchorage, Alaska.

Rodeo promoter Frank Koloski is missing a cow. And worse, he doesn’t think he’ll ever get her back. “I know deep down this cow doesn’t want to be caught,” he told Anchorage Daily News, referring to his lost cow, Betsy.

Betsy is three-years-old, roughly 700 lbs, and has been living it up in the Alaskan wilderness for six whole months. She escaped from her pen just before a junior event for the Father’s Day Rodeo in Anchorage, and while she’s been spotted multiple times in and around Alaska’s largest city, no one has ever been able to bring her back home.

How can a cow survive for six months in Alaska? Well, for most of that time the ground wasn’t covered in snow and thus Betsy had an almost infinite amount of food. As we head into the very depths of winter, Betsy still can find plenty to eat underneath large trees where snow hasn’t covered the grass. Freshwater is also abundant, meaning that Betsy can live off the land pretty much indefinitely.

And that makes it extremely difficult to track her down. Without any specific location where Betsy is forced to return, Koloski and his rotating group of friends-turned-cattle wranglers are having a devil of a time finding her in the Alaskan forest.

“We’re out days. It’s nights. It’s weekends," he said. "If we get a nice night with a full moon, we go out as a group.”


What’s worse, there has been no shortage of sightings over the last half-year. She’s been spotted "everywhere from Campbell Airstrip Road to Abbott Road.”

"Cross-country skiers, runners and especially fat-tire bikers have encountered her,” writes Anchorage Daily News.

via Anchorage Fat Bike on Facebook

While Facebook and Instagram posts of a cow wandering the forest is amusing, it doesn’t help Koloski in tracking Betsy down. The cattle rancher has received updates from Anchorage Police and local animal control officers, but even with their assistance Koloski is still always a step behind.

If you live in Alaska and spot Betsy, Koloski asks that you call his number (907-748-7336) immediately with GPS coordinates.


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