10 Essentials Your Furbaby Needs From IKEA's Pet Collection

Thanks to IKEA (AKA everyone’s favorite furniture store), shopping for pets has never been easier with their Lurvig line. IKEA now sells essential items for cats and dogs such as beds, carrying cases, collars and waste bag dispensers that can easily be clip onto a leash before it is time for your pooch to go for a walk.

Dog-Milk also reports that the company kept common animal behaviors in mind (such as some dogs being sloppy drinkers) and often asked for advice from a trained veterinarian when they were designing the products, such as the ones seen in the list below.

Best of all, the Lurvig line is meant to be both durable and long lasting so that pet owners don’t have to keep shelling out money on necessary items such as a new scratching post or a pet bed every few months.

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10 Cat Houses On Legs

For feline owners that want to treat their pets like royalty, Lurvig's cat house on legs is a great way to give cats their own space while making sure that they can sleep in comfort next to the bed.

Since cats like to jump and climb, this house also allows them to get a bit of exercise as they hop from the cozy little nook down to the floor and back again. Plus, it means less cat hair on the bed for owners to clean up.

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9 Snuggly Blanket Time

Having a versatile blanket like the Lurvig one that IKEA sells and that is specifically used just for the cat or the dog can make a pet owner’s life a heck of a lot easier.

For example, it can be used to keep the backseat of a car clean after a long day of frolicking in the dirt at the local dog park or it can be used as a way to comfort a scared cat in their carrying case when they need to go to the vet.

8 Wee Pet Bed


The Lurving pet bed can be used in one of two ways. First, owners can use it as a cozy little nook that’s perfect for cats or small dogs to curl up into a ball and nap the day away. Second, owners can turn it upside-down so that their furry friend has some room to observe the comings and goings of their humans.

The little bed also comes with a pad, so that owners don’t have to wrangle any measuring tapes and try to figure out if a pad at the local pet store will fit.

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7 Stylish Waste Dispenser


Instead of shoving plastic bags into your coat pocket or purse, Lurvig sells a waste dispenser that makes dog walking a breeze. Instead of rummaging around in a purse or in a pocket, you can simply pull out the necessary item from the dispenser, which easily attaches to the dog’s leash.

This item is essential for dog owners that live in a major metropolitan area like NYC where there’s always some kind of hustle and bustle going on, so you have to remove pet waste ASAP.

6 Time To Sharpen The Claws


Cats need to use and sharpen their claws, but if owners do not provide any sort of enrichment for them then there is a good chance that they will take matters into their own paws by using furniture or curtains as a scratching post.

Owners with feline friends can head off any potential disasters by purchasing the Lurving scratch mat, which can easily be attached to a table leg so cats can both stretch and sharpen their claws at the same time.

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5  A Cat House Fit For Bast


If IKEA was around in ancient Egyptian times, then the temple priests would’ve definitely drawn tomb paintings of the cat-headed goddess Bast relaxing in the Lurvig cat house.

This cozy little sleeping space cat is easily attached to the Kallax shelf unit so your feline pal can climb a bit before taking a nap or be put on the floor next to your bed. Either way, with the luxurious pad that comes with the nook, this is a cat bed fit for an ancient Pharaoh's beloved pet.

4 Travel In Style

Trying to wrangle a cat or medium-sized dog to take them to the vet can be tedious at best and a hazard at worst. A frightened cat may hiss, spit and attack their owner in a desperate attempt to avoid going into a carrier and being taken to the doctor while a terrified dog might shake, pace, or vomit in the car.

While the Lurvig travel bag can’t be used as a carry-on luggage since it exceeds the required dimensions for pet carriers, it’s handy to have because it makes going to the vet easier. It has two windows so your furry friends can see what’s going on and it’s easy to clean, should your pet get so scared that they vomit or go to the bathroom.

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3 Even Cats Love To Romp Around


Most people automatically think of fabric tunnels as a great toy for dogs since it’s a good way to practice some basic agility training and keep them entertained during inclement weather, but cats can also benefit from it.

The Lurvig play tunnel was designed to have a little furry toy at one end in order to spark cats’ natural tendency to investigate and their hunting instincts. Plus, once you’re done using the tunnel to play with your cat, it can easily be folded up and put into storage in the house or apartment.

2 A Stainless Steel Bowl Makes Life Easier


Regular pet bowls can often slip and slide around the house, especially if they are cheaply made. IKEA’s Lurvig steel bowl is easy to clean and it stays in place due to the anti-slip material that is attached underneath.

This item, in particular, is perfect for dogs that are either extremely messy eaters or sloppy drinkers, which can make a total mess of one’s living quarters. With this bowl, owners won’t have to worry about cleaning up after their slovenly pet.

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1 Sit Like Royalty On A Cushion


Let’s face it, pet owners love to spoil their furry friends and what better way to show your dog or cat that you love them than by getting them their very own pillow?

The Lurvig cushion is a better choice than just getting a regular old pillow from your local department store and tossing it onto the floor, bed or crate because it has a waterproof cover that keeps fur from sticking to it. It’s also easy to wash just in case your pet has an accident at night.

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