Repair And Reuse: EU Ensures ‘Right To Repair’ For All Appliances

The European Union (EU) has implemented new regulations and standards for appliances so that they last longer and customers can have them repaired. Consumers are tired of having to buy a new machine every time something goes wrong. Warranties also don’t usually cover the machine once it starts to break down, so most are forced to buy a new appliance, which costs more and is environmentally-damaging.

Appliances have become a staple in every household. Whether it be a tiny toaster or a gigantic washing machine, everyone uses appliances in their everyday lives. Despite this, not everyone has someone in the house who knows their way around the machines. If something breaks, stops working, or slowed in performance, the owner usually has to turn to professional help. Especially since most warranties don’t last that long, it can be a pain to spend lots of money on repairs or a new machine.

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Recognizing this problem, the EU has drafted legislation to help infuriated customers. Starting 2021, manufacturers of appliances are required to ensure that their products last longer and that they are able to provide their spare parts for up to 10 years. The parts need to be accessible and widely available. These regulations apply to lighting, washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators.

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Despite the praise, many customers believe that the regulations are not enough. Even though the manufacturers can supply the parts, they may still need to hire professional help to repair the machine. Critics are calling for an update to the regulation regarding the warranty and costs of repair. An extension of the warranties that come with the machines and a guaranteed repair service from the firms would satisfy their concerns.

The move to ensure that machines last longer and are repairable is also an important step towards more environmentally friendly products. Instead of simply discarding large, un-recyclable, and unusable machines, we can continue using the same unit as the parts are repaired. Appliances will also be built to be more energy-efficient, so our total carbon emissions can be reduced. All of this investment is good for the environment and our wallets; we don’t have to buy big, expensive units frequently, and we spend less on power every month.

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