Every MCU Avenger From Weakest To Most Powerful, Officially Ranked

Let's face it, every single member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is far more powerful than the average human. Even the less super-powered ones are incredibly strong, agile, or talented in bringing down super-villains. But not every member of the Avengers was created equal. The vast array of movies in the MCU features every kind of hero from spies to Norse gods.

As such, their levels of strength vary from hero to hero. Today, we're going to take a close look at each hero who has been in the Avengers, and we will rank which ones are the strongest and which are the weakest. And please, bear in mind that when we say "weakest," we just mean not as powerful as the person above them on the list. Read on if you want to know the order of Avengers from weakest to most powerful.

20 Falcon

Unlike his buddy Captain America, Falcon never took a super-soldier serum, so he is just a homegrown human. His prowess with his "wings" is his greatest strength. Well, that and his impeccable sense of right and wrong, determination, and loyalty to his friends. Let's not forget those attributes.

19 Rocket

Rocket earns himself bonus points for being a tough raccoon in a world mostly populated by beings that are taller than him. However, it's mostly his technical skills and expertise with firearms that make Rocket stand out in a fight. If, let's say, Thor were to seriously try and take out Rocket, the Norse god would have little trouble.

18 Winter Soldier

Bucky Barnes is boosted above Falcon on this list because, unlike Sam Wilson, he did get a dose of super-soldier serum. In a toe-to-toe fight, that gives the Winter Soldier the advantage. Plus, if you think about it, Bucky fought Iron Man with his fists while Tony was in his armor.

17 War Machine

Anybody who is given an Iron Man suit is automatically a force to be reckoned with. Tony Stark's long-time friend, Rhodey, wears his armor well. However, Rhodey does not have the innate genius that Tony possesses when it comes to working with his suit on the fly. We love Rhodey, but he didn't build his armor from the ground up.

16 Hawkeye

Everyone loves to make fun of Hawkeye. He's like the Aquaman of the Avengers, if you catch our drift. However, Clint Barton's years as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. has given him a gift that some Avengers currently lack: experience. Clint can read a situation like nobody's business, and then figure out a way to handle it.

15 Black Widow

Natasha ranks above her long-time friend and partner Hawkeye for two important reasons. Natasha's hand-to-hand combat skills are clearly a notch above Clint's, given that he prefers to fight long-range. Plus, in Avengers: Endgame, we all saw who won that horrible fight to be the sacrifice for the Soul Stone.

14 Ant-Man

We're a little shocked that Scott Lang ranks so high on this list ourselves. The small but mighty Ant-Man earned his spot by being a surprisingly doughty hero. In his solo films, we see how Lang's creativity has helped him out of tight situations, and his knowledge of Pym Particles certainly helps in a fight.

13 Nebula

Nebula appears to be more mechanical than biological, but the grit she showcases in any fight definitely feels organic. She is clearly willing to do whatever it takes to win, and we fear for anyone who gets in her way. Even she isn't safe from herself if she gets in her way. She is cold and calculating, and that makes her powerful.

12 Wasp

Of course Wasp ranks higher than Ant-Man on this list. Hope van Dyne has spent more time with her father's technology than Scott has, and she's got killer combat moves that utilize her shrinkage abilities. Plus, she has wings and energy blasts that she can fire from wrist gauntlets.

11 Spider-Man

Spider-Man is definitely more powerful than he knows. His spider-sense and natural agility give him an elastic defense that can quickly snap back into an offense. Plus, since he became besties with Iron Man, Peter Parker has access to all of Tony Stark's technology, further cementing his spot on this list.

10 Quicksilver

Quicksilver's time as a member of the Avengers was short-lived. He sacrificed his life in Avengers: Age of Ultron to save Hawkeye and a small child. However, super speed is an automatic power booster when it comes to superhuman abilities. If Quicksilver had lived longer, he would have been one of the most formidable members of the Avengers.

9 Iron Man

Iron Man, the father of the Avengers team as we know it (father of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, too), puts the "mighty" in the Mighty Avengers. His suit of armor is practically a super power. Anything Tony wants to include in his Iron Man outfit, his genius is vast enough that he can.

8 Black Panther

T'Challa was given the gift of superhuman abilities back in his homeland of Wakanda. He imbibed the juice from a Vibranium-grown flower, and it gave him the power to be Black Panther. His mix of agility and superior technology make Black Panther a powerful member of the Avengers. (Even if it was for a short time.)

7 Captain America

Don't let his can-do attitude and his hesitation to use curse words fool you. Steve Rogers is a beast when it comes to power levels. He can pick himself up from nearly any blow he suffers, he can go toe-to-toe with Thanos, and he can wield Mjolnir. If that doesn't scream power, we don't know what will.

6 Vision

Vision was created by the insane, robotic brainchild of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, Ultron. With Ultron's intellect and the power of the Mind Stone behind his creation, it's no wonder that Vision is one of the most powerful members of the Avengers. It's just a shame that he was beset on all sides during the events of Avengers: Infinity War.

5 Scarlet Witch

We don't rightly know the extent of Scarlet Witch's powers, and that frightens us a tad. She appears to be capable of immense acts of energy, all with the power of her mind. As seen in Endgame, she takes on Thanos by herself at one point, and does what Captain America couldn't: bring Thanos to his knees on her own.

4 Hulk

Hulk ranks near the top of our list because...well, he's the Hulk! The angry Avenger has unlimited pools of strength and fury to draw upon. He's one of the powerhouses of the group, and we hope to see his enraged potential explode once more on the big screen. (Though we suppose Hulk under Banner's control is intimidating, too.)

3 Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is more powerful than he appears. His knowledge of magic, intelligence, and innate talent truly earn him the moniker of Sorcerer Supreme. He might not have reached this point in the MCU, but in the comics, Doctor Strange is one of those heroes the Avengers turn to when all else fails.

2 Thor

He's a god for crying out loud! Of course Thor made it to the Top Three. While Thor's occasional propensity for being dim-witted can get in the way, he is immense power rolled up into one being. He is the God of Thunder, and when he's on the warpath, you'd do well to get out of his way.

1 Captain Marvel

One of the newest additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain Marvel is also the strongest member of the Avengers. She can take down one of Thanos' ships all by herself, a feat even Thor couldn't do. She can easily beat Thanos is a fist fight, and it takes the strength of an Infinity Stone to knock her down for the count. That's power, right there.

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