Everyone Ditch The Disposable Cameras Because These 20 People Won With Their Vacation Photos

How does the old saying go? "All work and no play makes life a major bore and hecka lame"? Hmm, that doesn't sound quite right. Oh, well. Even if that's not the exact phrasing, the sentiment is essentially the same. Some of the very best memories we have are made during our vacations. Whether we're visiting theme parks, stuffing our faces with junk food and getting dizzy on rides, or whether we're visiting different countries, meeting local people and immersing ourselves in new, fascinating cultures, vacations aren't just a time to have fun and relax, they're also a learning experience.

Yep, vacations are for memories, but how can we all be sure that we'll remember these memories when we get back home? After all, vacations don't just make a few really memories, they make lots of them! How are we ever supposed to keep track of them? Why, by taking pictures, of course! Now, usually, nobody is interested in seeing other peoples vacation photos, but these vacation photos are different. They're actually good. So good, in fact, that everyone should just ditch the disposable cameras right now because these 20 people won with their vacation photos. Sorry, but there's just no topping these.

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20 Leaning tower of ice cream

Pretending to hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Ugh! Thanks but no thanks. Count us out, please, because we're not even interested in seeing pictures like that. That trend was done the minute the first person who ever did it did it.

Now, this girl has got the right idea! Her Leaning Tower of Ice Cream picture is original, it's fun and quirky and it's also aesthetically pleasing. This picture is just the right thing for not only the scrapbook but also for sharing on social media. Much like the crooked tower itself, this picture is a unique work of art.

19 Dad had a great time on the fam's vacay

Family vacations can be a tough thing to pull off. It's one thing when one or two people are traveling together because it's easy to make sure everyone is satisfied. But when traveling with a whole herd of people? That's when things can get complicated.

It's hard to make everyone happy. Usually, when parents travel with their kids, they put aside their own desires to make sure their children are happy—a very noble thing, by the way. But this time around, we're glad to see a dad getting the most out of his little beach trip. Oh, ya. That photo's a keeper, right there.

18 Not flattering, but definitely memorable

There are three different kinds of vacation photos: 1) The landscape photos that, surprise surprise, capture the splendid beauty of the terrain of the places we're visiting; 2) The group shot, in which everyone on the trip gathers for the picture. 3) The gag pictures.

If we can't be silly on vacation, when else are we gonna cut loose?

Obviously, it's important to get plenty of serious photos, but we should never neglect to be silly on our travels, too. R and R would be impossible without a little good humor, as this guy who shouldn't have moved during the picture, knows full well.

17 What a beautiful story

In his review, it shows that Ahmed the Uber driver has 4.7 stars, but we're giving him a perfect five out of five because he was this girl's bestie when she needed one most. Besides, you can't tell us he's not having a good time. People don't kick their heels together like that when they're not enjoying themselves.

Come to Egypt for the big sand shapes and the bodies wrapped in toilet paper, but stay for the friendly Uber drivers who will show up even when your real friends can't be bothered. You never know when on your travels you'll come face to face with a real MVP.

16 Don't mind him, he's just trying to help find Nemo

Via: me.me

Whoops! Sorry, you guys, this turtle didn't realize you were right in the middle of taking a group picture. His mistake. See, he was just trying to help these two fish find this other fish named Nemo. Hey, speaking of, you haven't seen him, have you? No? Well, just keep your eyes peeled, okay? Thanks!

Crush...is that you?

If we came home from vacation and got our photos developed only to open up the envelope and see this (assuming people still had their photos developed at all, and didn't just use digital cameras and camera phones), we'd never take another vacation photo ever again. This picture is turtle-rific.

15 Impromptu monkeyshines

As much as we love these wild critters photobombing our photos, we have to say, we don't think it's a good idea to get too up close and personal with them. Cute and precious as they are, they can carry some pretty nasty diseases, and even if you wouldn't think it to look at them, they can be aggressive, too.

'Course, sometimes they're not rabid or mean, they're just a little too up in ya business when you least expect it. Maybe this monkey just wanted to get a better look at this tourist's earrings. Still, she didn't take it too well, and spaz-attacks ensued on both parts.

14 Looks like Fido's getting a nice tan

Via: imgur.com

Sun, sand and surf, that's what every good beach vacation needs, but we've discovered something else that helps make for a good trip to the ocean: dogs. Honestly, though, who's surprised by that fact, eh?

Dogs make everything better.

These parents just wanted to let their kid know that, even though they're not there with them to catch some rays and collect shells and all that, they're still managing to have a good time. A great time. Possibly an even better time, really, especially since they were able to bring their pupper along with them—who, by the way, is getting a great tan here.

13 What'chya doin'?

Is this a squirrel? Is this a prairie dog? To be honest, we're not too sure, but even if we knew which one of the two this little baby was, we don't think it would make a difference at all. The adorability is already off the charts here as it is.

Not only does this picture capture the landscape and the group, it's also funny. This image combines all three of the vacation photo types that we discussed a few minutes ago, making it the holy trinity of vacation photos. May as well put your cameras away, everyone. This picture can't possibly be beat.

12 This picture gives us such a sense of "porpoise"

Can we all just agree that the pictures that we take that have been photobombed by animals are the best things ever? They almost make you feel like you're in a Disney movie or something. They add a whole new layer of magic to your vacation pictures.

So nice of him to pop in and say hello.

We realize this hungry fellow probably had a busy schedule today. Who knows what kind of business a dolphin has to attend to? What we're trying to say is, this guy didn't have to drop by to help make a LOL-worthy picture, but he did, and that was really nice.

11 Pucker up

Ah, see? This is why we never play Spin The Bottle with underwater creatures. They're so stuck up! Like, yeah, okay, you think we're too happy with the situation, Mr. Fish? You think we want to kiss you on your fish lips?

And, we mean, sure, if we didn't want to kiss fish, we shouldn't have been playing Spin the Bottle with only them as the person we'd have to kiss, but that's not the point. The point is, this fish did not have to have its dorsal fin in such a twist. Just suck it up and be mature about this. Honestly!

10 Surprise!

Everybody knows sloths are slow. Everybody knows sloths are sleepy. But did you know sloths are also surprising? Yeah, we bet you didn't because up until now, you probably haven't seen this picture of one sloth who knows how to make unexpected appearances.

He's just happy to be here, to be honest.

This sloth made it all the way down that tree, and you know how long it takes those guys to move, so it's clear that he was super motivated to photobomb this image. And he even managed to smile for the camera! This sloth is a better vacation buddy than some of the people we've traveled with.

9 Portrait of a Good Boy

People bringing their dogs with them on their travels is one of our most favorite things. It just goes to show you that our dogs aren't just pets, they really are a part of the family. In fact, for most of us, our dogs are our babies.

And, what would any good parent do at Disneyland when they spotted an artist doing sketches? They would ask the guy to do a drawing of their beloved fur child (which sounds like the title of a spooky movie but never mind). Ah! Splendid! A true masterpiece! Call the Louvre, because this piece of art needs to be in a museum.

8 Don't go barfing waterfalls

Staying hydrated when you're on vacation is so important, especially when you're traveling to drier, hotter climates, and especially if you're not acclimated to them beforehand. But, while it's important to remember to drink water, you should also remember not to drink it to fast, otherwise...well...

Hope she packed some ginger ale.

We'll never understand why people pretending to throw up is so funny to us, especially considering the fact that actually throwing up is so decidedly unfunny, but there you go. The A+ timing and choreography combined with a solid sense of humor make this little vacation snapshot a frame-worthy picture if ever we saw one.

7 Quit horsing around, you three

Horsing around is typically advised against. It's not something you want to be caught doing at work or at school, for instance, because it's unprofessional and distracting. But luckily when you're on vacation, you're not obligated to behave in a professional, focused fashion, so *sticks tongue out*

If you can't don your equine masks when you're on a family trip, then just when the heck are you supposed to don it, huh?! Strapping on that horse mask is the first step to having a good time, so if these three little equine children want to horse around by the mountains, you just let them.

6 "Hey, guys, what'd I miss?"

Ooooh, your family went to Sea World for their vacation? OMG! No way! How exciting that must have been for you! We can only imagine how fun it must have been to look at all those ocean critters from behind glass!

Get out of here with your Sea World nonsense!

You wanna talk Sea World? Honey, you don't have a leg to stand on! These girls didn't go to that glorified fish tank. They didn't pay through the nose to touch the stingrays. All they had to do was drive down to the beach to get up close and personal with the marine life.

5 Who is she...?

We don't know what kind of vacation a person has to go on in order to ride a giant flightless bird around like they're in some kind of weird remake of a western movie, but we don't think we're signing up for one of these trips anytime soon.

Besides, even if we did travel to a place where we could saddle up an ostrich, we would never be able to top this picture. It looks like that bird is wearing a wig, now just how in the world are you supposed to take an image any better than that, huh? It can't be done.

4 This photobomb is un"bear"able

Wow, what a grizzly vacation photo. We almost can't bear to look at it, it's just so intense! And, um...well, it looks like that's all the bear puns we had. Anyway, bear-based wordplay aside, you have to love the looks on these two's faces. They couldn't care less that a vicious creature is just a feet away from them.

That is so metal.

Well, it just goes to show you, you never know what's going on when your back is turned. Even now, sitting at home alone in the dark stillness of your apartment, there's no telling what could be lurking there! It's funny when you think about it.

3 The flip and flick

Perfectly timed photos are so hard to get just right, what with the fact that the timing has to be so perfect and everything. But when you get them right, you really get them right, and all of that hard work pays off. The judges have given this vacation photo a perfect ten!

There's no telling how many takes these two had to do before they managed to capture this series of amazingly timed images. But they can hang up their disposable cameras with pride now, knowing that they both helped to produce one of the most incredible vacation pictures of all time.

2 The only plane we want to ride on

This isn't just a picture of a spaniel on an airplane, this is a blessed image. Our day instantly became better the minute we laid eyes on it, it's just that magical.

Happy Puppy is the best plane passenger ever.

And, alright, so technically this isn't a vacation picture, it's a plane picture, but even if these people haven't arrived at their destination yet, or are heading home after their vacations, they're still traveling, and we figure that counts. The rest is just splitting hairs. Don't split hairs. Just be glad that you got to witness the sheer delight that is this dog on a plane.

1 He's right, baby penguins do make everything better

Via: me.me

We're not about to insult Wolverine's selfie-taking abilities (first because we don't think they're as bad as he does, and second because we don't wanna insult a guy who could tear us to shreds), but he's got a point. Baby penguins really do make everything better.

In fact, we motion to have more baby penguins involved in everything. Heck, we should make baby penguins the new trend that finally puts an end to the "small dog in a purse" thing. We're not saying we don't love little canines, but would you just look at this little ball of squee? It's so cute, we can't deal!

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