10 Classic Tips To Help Studying For An Exam

Ah, studying. Everyone's favorite little activity. This is the time to relentlessly spam Instagram with pictures of you at pumpkin packages, not spend time reminding yourself that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. Regardless, it does have to be done. We need to get those good grades so we can focus on the pumpkins on the weekend. Today, we'll be going over ten tips to help make studying go as smoothly as possible. Without any further ado, let's get into it.

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10 Music Choice

Music is a helpful part of studying, it will help you drown out the surrounding noise and focus in on what you're studying. However, the choice of music is very important. Make sure that you choose something without lyrics, so your mind doesn't start to wander while listening. Some synth-wave or classical might do the trick, or video game music if you're into that kind of thing. Seriously, just look up Pokémon music compilation on YouTube if you're looking for a real good time.

9 Take Breaks

If you don't take breaks while studying, you're going to drive yourself mad. Calm down, maybe watch some YouTube, destress for a second. Try to do 20/30 minutes of studying with 10-minute breaks in between.

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Definitely put more time into the studying, but if you don't stop every once in a while you're not going to get anywhere quickly. Studying is important, but sanity is also kind of relevant too, so try to maintain both.

8 Don't Get Distracted

Look, it makes perfectly good sense. Why study when you could literally be doing anything else ever that isn't studying? A reasonable question. Counterpoint, what can Twitter give you that studying can't? Besides joy.

Either way, put your phone somewhere else and focus on what needs to be done, the studying. Think about it this way, the faster that you get this studying done, the faster you can get back to not studying. That sounds like a pretty good deal, huh?

7 Finish Your Other Assignments

Another easy way to distract yourself from studying is to prioritize less important assignments that don't need to be done right away, don't do that. Focus on what needs to get done first. The best way to do this is to get all of your other assignments done ahead of time. Due dates should be followed. This can also be helped by getting a planner to sort things out. It is truly a lifesaver. Procrastination is never fun, so getting things done before you have to stress about it is a big weight off of everyone's shoulders.

6 Don't Wait Too Long

On that procrastination note, don't wait too long to start studying. The earlier that you get started on it, the more than you'll be able to retain it. Don't wait until the night before, in case you run out of time to get things done. Don't wait until the morning of either because stop kidding yourself at that point. The earlier that you get things done, the better things will work out in the long run. Besides, there's no time for pumpkins if you procrastinate.

5 Don't Focus In On One Question

If one question is a bit too hard, don't stress over it too much. Just go on to the next one for now. If you spend all of your time on questions that leave you stumped, you're not going to get anywhere. Skip around if need be, but make sure to go back to those questions you weren't quite sure of. Certainly, skip them at first, but if you don't go back to them, you aren't getting anywhere.

4 Don't Just Memorize Things

When it comes to study guides, you don't just want to memorize what's on the paper. You need to focus in on the formulas and theories behind the questions. This is especially true in math. When it comes to test time, the study guide likely isn't going to be the same thing. Rather, it will have questions that are very similar to the study guide that use the same concepts.

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Make sure that your studying isn't surface level, but instead, focus on how conclusions and answers are reached. You want to be able to apply these lessons during the tests.

3 Use Every Resource You Have

The internet is a powerful tool, don't be afraid to use it! When it comes to studying, make sure that you're using all of the resources you need in order to do well. This can be all of the class materials, along with outside sources that might also be able to aid in your unquenchable quest for a passing grade. Just don't limit yourself when it comes to study material. You'll never know when you might stumble upon a Quizlet that has each and every answer you could ever need.

2 Friends Can Be Helpful (Sometimes)

Friends can be helpful when it comes to studying too... sometimes. If you're going to invite someone from class to come help you study, pick your partner right. Don't pick someone that is going to distract you or waste your time. Pick a study buddy who is dedicated and also wants to get a good grade on the test. Friends can either boost your study session, or ruin it. When choosing someone to join you, make your decision very carefully.

1 Location Is Important

When it comes to studying, the location that you're in can change everything. While home can be a good place to get things done, there can also be tons of distractions that might make it a bit difficult to focus. Maybe go somewhere else to get the studying done, such as Starbucks. Enjoy a nice Pumpkin Cold Foam Cold Brew (please do that part), maybe even a scone, and get cracking on some studying. No one is going to bother you, so sit back and study. No matter where you choose to get your studying taken care of, choose somewhere with minimal distractions that are going to bother you.

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