Exclusive: The Best Of 'Yes Theory'

The young men of Yes Theory challenge themselves and others to seek discomfort by doing anything and everything that scares them or makes them uncomfortable. Thomas, Matt, Derin, and Anmar are the four young men doing these challenges and inspiring millions of others to live their best lives. They also provide some much-needed humor and entertainment for all of us.

If you haven't heard of Yes Theory, THIS is your introduction. Here are five of their most interesting and entertaining videos to know why you should be subscribing to their YouTube channel. You'll love how easy going and likable all of the guys are. The videos are extremely watchable and have a bit of heart.

The Most Epic Blind Date

Blind dates usually suck so the guys set out to have the perfect one. So, what makes a blind date perfect? Jetting off to Europe, of course! Matt was the dashing guy lucky enough to take out his dream girl. Anmar planned the whole thing behind his back for a specific reason. Apparently, Matt is a big planner and it would make him very uncomfortable to be thrown into an unknown into a situation. Also, Anmar happened upon Matt's perfect dream girl who hit all the checkmarks including being smart and Austrailian. They do seek discomfort, right? You won't be able to stop watching or laughing at Matt's initial discomfort and confusion.

Being Handcuffed to Your Best Friend

This one seems fun, right? You want to spend 24/7 with your BFF anyway so why not attach yourselves to each other for a full day? Derin and Thomas handcuff themselves to each other. Matt and Anmar both bring in other friends to attach themselves too. It's all fun until Anmar's buddy has to go to the bathroom soon after. Yeah. It gets weird. It proves to be harder than they originally thought to be handcuffed at the hand to another person. Not just the bathroom but just about everything. Eating, changing clothes, and working is all a challenge. This one has a lot of good laughs in it.

The Ever Popular Crashing a Wedding

After the popular movie Wedding Crashers came out in 2005, it was kind of cool thing about going to a wedding you hadn't been invited to. Well, just talking about it was. It takes a lot of guts to actually do it. As Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson showed us, there is a lot of planning that goes into a successful crash. Needless to say, these guys didn't have that. They happen upon a venue with three weddings going on that day. However, after Matt is directly told by the bride at wedding #1 that he can't come and we'll just say they weren't going to fit in at wedding #2. Their last chance was a third fairly large wedding. The result is both funny, cringe-worthy, and really awkward.

Immersing themselves in a Lawless American City

This once in a lifetime experiment is a full immersion experience. The guys visit a desert California town called Slab City with no laws. It's thought to be the last place in the U.S. without any. This one is definitely a must-see. This video has 15 million views for a reason. It's surreal to see a lawless place that was creepy yet welcoming at the same time. There is no other place like Slab City in the world and this way you don't have to venture there yourself to experience it.

Pretending to be a Student Again

The guys have only been out of college for two years but they missed it. It's where they all met so school has a special meaning to all of them. They decide to fake attend the University of Helsinki with a goal of interacting with as many students as possible. It's always fun to take a walk down memory lane and it's fun to watch them do it. And of course, they try to get invited to a party as any young guys would. This video is great too because it gives us a little background on all the guys too and how they met.


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