Exclusive Interview: Charming Comedian Kjell Bjorgen Talks His New Album

We love to laugh over here at TheThings! We had plenty with comedian Kjell (pronounced "Chell") Bjorgen's debut comedy album Deliver Us From People. It was released on February 22nd and showcases Bjorgen charming and goofy sense of humor as well as his gift of storytelling. Deliver Us From People was recorded at the Sisyphus Brewing in Minneapolis.

It was a smaller venue which is exactly what Kjell wanted for his first album. His specialty is interacting with the crowd and playing off their reactions. Kjell is 45-years-old and has been a comic for 20 years. He got his start in Los Angeles and soon was accepted into the Chicago Comedy Festival.

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He eventually went on the road to perfect his show and toured on with Lewis Black on the Nothings Sacred Tour. He has also performed at the Aspen Comedy Festival and the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival. Deliver Us From People includes highlights of Kjell's long stint waiting tables and how he crashed his own birth. Read more to learn a little bit more about Kjell and what it takes to spend two decades in the comedy business.


TheThings (TH): Where and how did you develop your sense of humor? What do you find funny?

Kjell Bjorgen (KB): I always loved SNL as a kid. Bill Murray always made me laugh. He had a quiet confidence that remains with him still. I started comedy in la. After a year and a half of performing at open mics with other comics in the audience, I realized I had to start taking more risks and be as present as possible

TH: What other comedians do you admire most? Or count as inspiration?

KB: Brody Stevens was a comic who really inspired me. He was so original. Never mailed it in. I also love Bill Burr. He can walk the fine line of being angry while being funny. Windy City Heat and The Big 3 podcast will always make me laugh.

TH: How did you get into standup and why? Do you have any advice for anyone looking to get into standup?

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KB: My advice to comics is to get as much stage time you can. Wherever. And whenever.

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TH: How has your comedy career evolved from when you first began? Did you ever have a backup plan in case comedy didn’t work? What are your other interests?

KB: My back up plan was delivering pizzas, which I’m currently doing now.

TH: How do you describe your comedy?

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KB: My comedy is more story-telling than jokes

TH: What can we expect from you this next year? What are your comedic goals?

KB: My comedy goal is not to be delivering pizzas.

Thanks for chatting with us, Kjell! Best of luck with your album!

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