Exclusive: Comedy Duo Jay And Eytan Explain How To Make A Successful Comedy Album

TheThings brought an exclusive interview to our readers recently from our time with Jay Wells L’Ecuyer and Eytan Millstone, professional sketch comedians and award-winning filmmakers based in New York City. The pair's second comedy album, So Busy So Tiredproduced by Comedy Records, was released on August 10th and has been getting great reviews.

Their debut album, So Busy So Tiredreached the #1 spot in their genre in iTunes in 2016 and the pair show no signs of slowing down with their second album and more so we decided to get the low-down on what it takes to make a successful comedy album from these two who are currently riding the wave of their own success.

First things first, we wanted to know how these two very funny individuals met and decided to work together. They told us that they met at the Humber College Comedy Writing and Performance program in Toronto, Canada back in 2004. There, they both joined a local comedy troupe called "The Boom."

"We recognized our likemindedness when it comes to comedy, and that we have a great chemistry on stage, so the partnership just naturally evolved," Jay & Eytan said.


Since these two obviously collaborate often, we asked them to describe the collaboration process in detail.

"Being in a comedy duo basically means trying to make the other person laugh as much as possible, and being very honest with each other if something isn’t working," they told us. "When a joke or idea strikes us we collaborate on it in a variety of ways."

They elaborated by telling us that they sometimes communicate via text or will talk in person to go over material. Either way, they will both realize what they have is golden right away or if the material needs work, they'll both give it some time until they feel its ready.

"And then we let the audience decide," Jay & Eytan said.

Considering the success (#1 on the iTunes Comedy Charts in 2016) that their first comedy album, All Growed Up has garnered, we asked if they had a preference over recording comedy albums versus creating an award-winning web series, which is another avenue that the pair have been successful at.

"They are both very different mediums when it comes to telling a joke/premise/story, so it would be hard to say which we prefer," they said. "Creating albums forces us to generate lots of different premises and ideas that can be enjoyed without being seen. Never underestimate the power of a sound effect."

They went on to tell us that their web series allows them to tell a cohesive story with a long plot for the audience to follow. It also allows for a build up at the end.

"It is far less random but can be extremely rewarding once the final cut has been locked," they added.


From our conversation, it seems as though recording a comedy album definitely has its pros and its cons. We appreciate that this comedy duo offers a wide range of hilarity to the public: comedy albums, the web series and live stand-up. There's a little something for everyone!

"Certain jokes or ideas are purely visual, so to walk the line of finding a premise that works well in a strictly audible setting is definitely a challenge," Jay & Eytan said. "But parameters like that also force discipline, and discipline mixed in with the right amount of silliness can make for some solid chuckles!"

Jay & Eytan have a web series with a large following, the Jay & Eytan Web Series. Hits like Night Light and Meat Pie have given these two many loyal fans.

Like what you've read? Check to see where Jay & Eytan will be performing live next! If you don't want to wait to laugh, catch their award-winning web series, watch some side-splitting shorts or check out a live (at one time) show from the comfort of your computer. And don't forget to get your copy of So Busy So Tired which is available now!


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