Wow, Eh! Starbucks Unveils New Fall Latte Exclusive To Canadians

Wow, Eh! Starbucks Unveils New Fall Latte Exclusive To Canadians

Hey, hoser! Canadian Starbucks is getting a set of exclusive fall drink and food items, including a cardamom-flavored Latte.

Canadians don’t often have a lot to celebrate in the realm of consumer goods. Their telecommunications prices are some of the worst in the developed world, they typically pay 50% more for things like video games and books, and worst of all, they have to deal with an unruly neighbor that can’t stand the fact they’re about to legalize weed.

That last one has less to do with consumer goods and more to do with geopolitical differences, but nevertheless, Canada often gets the shaft.

But not from Starbucks. Canadians love their coffee, and as such, Starbucks loves to pamper their Canadians. And by pamper, we mean use as delicious guinea pigs to test out what might work in certain American markets. That said, Canada will take what it can get. And what its getting is a bunch of new food and drink items inspired by the coming fall season.


First on tap is a brand new Latte: the Cardamom Latte. As the name suggests, it has cardamom in it, which is something that’s normally found in Indian cooking, but also as a flavoring agent in Middle Eastern coffees and teas. Starbucks’ take includes cardamom spiced sugar, steam milk, and espresso.

Although the ingredients include sugar, it’s less a sweet drink and more of a spicy one. There are of course the notes of cardamom, but also of nutmeg and other fall spices. It’s like drinking a caffeinated spiced muffin.

Wow, Eh! Starbucks Unveils New Fall Latte Exclusive To Canadians
via Starbucks

Speaking of muffins, there are also going to be new food items for Canadians to enjoy, starting with the Maple Pecan Muffin. Once again, the name says it all, with this muffin infused with pecans and maple syrup. Doesn’t get more Canadian than that.

The Classic Coffee Cake also returns, but this time as a square version of its former self. It also now comes with crunchy streusel topping and a blend of cinnamon sugar for that added kick.

And finally, for the beer lovers that also happen to love Starbucks, there’s the new Cold Foam Dark Cocoa Nitro. Inspired by dark stout beers, this new drink includes chocolate notes along with Starbucks’ classic cold foam brew. This one is only available in Starbucks draft locations.

All these items are available September 6th and only in Canada. Suck it, Yanks!



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