Exclusive Interview: Comedian Ryan Singer Discusses His New Album, Favorite Jokes And ‘New Age Woo’

Recently, TheThings had the opportunity to interview a very unique comedian. Ryan Singer is a game-changer in the world of comedy and once you soak up our exclusive interview, you'll find out why. Ryan's new comedy album, Free Lovewhich is free and is something that you'll love, covers unusual topics that several generations can relate to but millennials will most likely gravitate to Singer's special style of skillfully approaching important aspects to everyday life with hilarious results.

Please enjoy this exclusive interview!

TheThings (TH): Ryan, your new album Free Love covers such topics as aging with grace, body positivity and being true to one’s self. Why are these important subjects to approach from a comedic standpoint?

Ryan Singer (RS): I believe that keeping our sense of humor is the most important aspect of effectively communicating our beliefs and we live in a world that emphasizes youth and beauty so much that it drives many of us mad and sad. We are convinced we have to spend money to maintain the impossible if we are to be happy and that to me is one of the biggest fallacies in our society and I’m just trying to remind people, including myself that it truly is an undefinable miracle that we are here experiencing this life so it should be appreciated in all its aging glory.

TH: Do you have a specific audience who you write jokes for? Or do your fans come from all walks of life?

RS: I would love to think my audience comes from all walks of life and I have always tried in some way to make my comedy accessible to everyone. But the reality is that when I am truest to who I am and to what I believe to be funny, sometimes the language is a little too “grown up” for everyone. But through traveling the country and telling jokes to all different types of audiences I have learned that we are not that much different from each other after all even if the current world is trying to make us believe we are.



TH: Where did the inspiration for Free Love come from?

RS: The completely honest answer is that I just want more people to hear my comedy, so I wanted to do something that made it possible for that to happen. The idea of the name Free Love resonated with me deeply because of how I feel about the world and what I think we may be lacking in our dialogues with those we disagree with and so on. As artists, entertainers, comedians, we are always trying to promote ourselves and get people to click here or download this for a small price. Those of us in this business have evolved with social media but we use it for work which is so different than most people’s experience with it. I am overwhelmingly saddened by having to communicate with people only to get them to listen to me, buy something from me, or give me money for something I’ve created. I wanted to show my appreciation to people who love comedy and let them have something for free and sanction it as such.

TH: Do you have a favorite joke from Free Love? If so, what makes it your favorite?

RS: It is hard to pick a favorite joke because it is always changing. One week I will love the joke about believing in Bigfoot the most and then I do another show and I cannot wait to tell the joke about how we should love our water. It is always changing, but the Talk to Your Water joke will always resonate with me as it speaks directly to the theme of loving ourselves more. I know I need to hear it just as much if not more than anyone else that hears it.


TH: Your comedy album, Free Love is actually free! What made you decide to give your album away?

RS: I think I already answered this a bit because I’m never at a loss for over-explaining an answer. I just really want everyone who may be into the type of comedy I do to have the opportunity to hear it. I never want price or money to get in the way of connecting with someone. Money is a barrier to human connection and the phrase “Pay-Wall” is the perfect example of how we build obstructions between each other. I wanted to tear down at least one of those walls to connect with people.

TH: We hear that you are into healing crystals and you incorporate them into your routine. How did your interest in crystals come about?

RS: I’ve always loved rocks. Ever since I was a kid I enjoyed collecting or finding beautiful or interesting stones. I was also raised Catholic, so I was programmed since I was a child to believe in the magical qualities of objects. I fully embrace what some people may call “New Age Woo” because it has made my life exponentially better. Seems to me that most people that go out of their way trying to discredit these magical and mystical practices are usually pretty miserable people. We have disconnected from our intuition in this modern world and it is a huge disservice to our existence. Sapien from Homo Sapien comes from the Latin word “Sapientia” meaning “wisdom.” Sapience essentially means transcendent wisdom acquired through intuitive knowing, so when we discount our intuition we are discounting who we are as creatures. So, do the crystals change me at a molecular level? Well, I can tell you with zero doubt that they at the very least help me keep important things in mind like to be grateful for this life because I’m probably one of the luckiest people you’ve ever met because I make a living telling jokes.

TH: If you had to sum up what Free Love is all about in one sentence, what would it be?

RS: Free Love is an hour of comedy for anyone who thinks it's more fun to believe.

TH: You also have a podcast called Me & Paranormal You in which you interview people who possess paranormal abilities or who have had supernatural encounters. Can you tell us a bit more about what we can expect from your podcast and what kind of audience it is geared toward?

RS: The podcast is definitely a passion project that has changed my life in so many ways. My own experiences and the experiences of others have helped me find more solid footing in a world that wants to discredit anyone with experiences or beliefs that fall outside of the “normal.” The truth is that most of us have these experiences and for the fear of so many things try to keep them hidden away. I understand that believing we completely understand the world around us brings a sense of safety, but at what cost? My podcast is an exploration of the paranormal, supernatural, mystical and esoteric lives and experiences of people that are just like you and me. It has also pushed my personal limits and boundaries of experience as I have recorded my experimentation with DMT, Past Life Hypnosis and so much more.



TH: Can you tell us a bit about the positive and negative differences from hosting a podcast and performing stand up routines? Do you prefer one over the other?

RS: Stand up comedy will always be my number one love. There is no replacement for the immediate feedback you get from an audience when I am trying to share my thoughts and ideas as jokes. It is truly magic. Hosting a podcast does not have that immediate response in the moment. But, it has its own set of magical qualities. Typically, by its very nature people who listen to podcasts love to listen. That may seem like an obvious statement, but sometimes you don’t get that in comedy clubs or comedy rooms. Nowadays, too many comedy venues want the audience to drink a lot and listen a little. It should be vice versa. But they have to pay their mortgage so I understand their point of view. Very few club or venue owners thought to themselves as children, “When I grow up I want to be poor giving artists a platform to express themselves!” At least I’ve never heard of anyone having that dream. Both stand up and podcasting has improved my life in so many ways, but I struggle to find anything negative about either one of them. They simply have different strengths or are stronger in certain attributes than the other. I will say that as a stand-up comedian, we usually aren’t expected to be “experts” about things, but in the world of podcasts somehow that does start to come in to play for some reason. I suppose either one is whatever you want it to be as there are truly no rules and that is beautiful to me.

TH: Do you have any exciting projects, upcoming shows or appearances that you can tell us about?

RS: I am currently in development on a TV show that combines my two loves we talked about here, so hopefully I can talk more about that very soon. I also plan to film a short film I have written very soon that I am excited about sharing with the world. I am always trying to create more ways to connect with people and express myself creatively outside of my stand up and podcast, so certainly that will not stop anytime soon. Truthfully, I do not what the immediate future holds, but I do know that whatever it is - it will be whatever it is supposed to be because that is what it is. Too much woo?

TH: Ryan, thank you so much for your time! We really appreciate your candid answers and all of the free love!

Readers, don't forget to access a free download of Ryan's new comedy album, Free Love! Did we mention it's completely free and utterly lovable?

You can also check out Ryan's website and follow him on Twitter @RySing for more info on this rising star's career.

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