'Dog Moms' Creator And Star Lisa Linke Reveals Tips To Make A Web-Series Work

Recently, we had the chance to speak with a super funny, sweet and talented actress, Lisa Linke who also happens to be the creative mind behind the new web series picked up by Amazon Prime, Dog Moms. This bite-sized show is quickly becoming the leader of the pack on Amazon and it's no wonder; the show is a hilarious parody on the successful reality show, Dance Moms. Linke plays the lead character, "Waggy Lee" who is the counterpart to controversial dance teacher Abby Lee Miller. The full exclusive interview with Linke is available on our sister site, TheTalko.

Linke who has appeared on several TV shows such as Grey's Anatomy, This Is Us, LOVE, Black-ish, Shameless and much more, is no stranger to creating content and we were lucky enough to get the low-down on the ins and outs of creating a winning web-series from someone who has been there and done that.

Future web-series creators, be sure to get your notepads out!



We asked Linke if she could pinpoint some of the more difficult aspects that she encountered while making her web-series that most people wouldn't know about. She told us that the only thing people see is the final product so there are many things that viewers wouldn't know about.

"I think inherently they know that it has to have been made but unless you work in the industry, you really don’t understand all that goes into it," Linke told us. "When you create a web-series, you’re responsible for everything. This wasn’t the first web-series that I’ve created so I knew to hire people that I respected and could trust and rely on. It’s a lot of work and exhausting."

She went on to tell us that after everything has been shot, the process of post-production begins which is its own animal.

"There are just a lot of tricks of the trade that you learn as you go and that’s really the only way to learn it," Linke added.

On the other side of the coin, we also wanted to know what she considered to be the best and most rewarding parts of making a web-series from a creator's viewpoint.


"You learn so much," she told us. "With every project, you learn something new. With Dog Moms, I learned a ton about post-production because we didn’t go into it with a set script. We just kind of had ideas on what we needed to cover."

From our conversation, we gathered that Linke took every advantage of being a part of the post-production process. She told us that she learned that it is possible to piece a complete story together while keeping the initial vision of the project intact.

"Also, when you work with someone new and it turns out to be a fruitful relationship, that’s just a dream," Linke said.

We also asked if the web-series creator and star had any direct advice for some of our readers who are interested in making a comedic web-series of their own and she was kind enough to impart some pearls of web-series wisdom to us.

"For improv, take a class," Linke said." There’s a lot of classes available at local community theaters. Now there are adult improv camps. They’re not everywhere but they’re around and it’s truly wonderful. If it’s something that excites you, there are books to read about improv but it’s kind of like reading a book about learning to ride a bike. You just have to do it."



Excited yet? How about free software that you may have never known is available to you?

"To make a web-series, that’s actually easier," Linke said. "You have everything you need on your smartphone to make a basic web-series. You have editing software and YouTube offers free editing software once you have a channel. It’s not the best but it’s free. The easiest way to do it is just to try it."

Don't forget to check out Dog Momsfree on Amazon Prime right now, to see what all of the fuss is about! And if you're in the mood for live improv next Sunday, be sure to head over to Lisa's Instagram for #SuggestionSunday.

Are you the next future web-series creator and/or star? Have you ever thought about creating your own web-series? Let us know in the comments!

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