Exclusive: The Theory Behind 'Yes Theory'

The Yes Theory guys from the popular YouTube channel have been challenging themselves, strangers and friends to seek discomfort in order to lead more fulfilling, exciting, and meaningful lives. That could range from anything from skinny dipping to performing an impromptu concert to jumping out of a plane, or anything that would scare the crap out of you. If it scares you and you do it, it fits into the yes theory

The four guys that make up Yes Theory are all young and daring. They're all between the ages of 22 and 24 and decided to do this with their lives instead of getting real jobs after college. Most importantly they all believe that life can be as wonderful and fulfilling as you choose to make it. They're creating a lifestyle movement of just saying, "Yes."

Thomas/Via Yes Theory

Thomas, Anmar, Matt, and Derin are the guys behind the inspiring videos on YouTube. Their channel has almost 2.5 million subscribers. They have made 243 videos over the last three years and upload a new one at least once a week. Their success rests on their likeability factor, uniqueness, and great chemistry.

They all bring different perspectives and different talents to their videos. These four guys happened to meet by chance. All four met in Montreal, Canada while at university. Anmar was studying there from Egypt and happened upon a party where he met Thomas. The two really hit it off and decided to avoid getting real jobs and take on a project that Thomas had been contemplating.

Anmar/Via Yes Theory

He wanted to do 30 activities in 30 days to challenge himself to be a better, more well-rounded person. His background is in film so naturally, he wanted to film it. Anmar was in and they both decided to give up internships, searching for jobs and make their parents worry by deciding to make videos of themselves doing crazy stunts.

The two had nowhere to live after graduation and ended up crashing with a friend. It was there that they met Matt and Derin. The four of them formed a fun quartet of youth where they all shared the same passion for loving life and experiencing it all. Matt and Derin decided to go all in with the film project too because, really, who wants a real job?

Matt Dajer/Via Yes Theory

They decided to call their brainchild Project 30. They would do 30 challenges in 30 days and post the videos. The team had a good chemistry that filled all of the criteria for balance, entertainment, and heart. They each bring their own talents to the table.

Thomas is a natural born storyteller while Anmar is the director due to his crazy enthusiasm and vision. Matt is the producer and also the practical one. Derin works the camera with ease but also appears to add some logic. Put it all together and you have four likable guys with great personalities doing things that keep us entertained with a perfect balance.

Derin/Via Yes Theory

Project 30 was a huge success and started catching the attention of some larger channels. Snapchat's video channel, Brother, approached them to expand their series. It was decided that they would keep their try-it-all attitude and still do challenges/stunts but they would add a positive twist.

Their videos would be about being a better person and they would strive to become positive role models for young men. There has been a well deserved female empowerment movement in the last year. More than ever women have been encouraged to not only stand up for themselves but for each other too. Young men deserve the same kind of support and examples of how it's cool to be kind.

Yes Theory has the wholesome goal of being a good influence on a generation of young men to be kind, caring, and compassionate, all qualities that are sorely lacking in today's world. It's important for young men to have positive role models and Yes Theory is willing to fill these shoes.

Four guys filming themselves while they do things that make them uncomfortable may remind the older among us of The Buried Life. This reality show was about four guys who chronicled themselves meeting their bucket list ideas.  Their show was on MTV and aired during the mid-2010s when MTV was on top of their reality game.

Saying yes also has an established place in popular culture. The whole plot of the movie Yes Man starring Jim Carrey was to say yes to everything and changing life for the better. It's also known that Jennifer Garner says yes to everything and anything that her kids want to do for one day once a year. She's a brave woman. Saying "yes" is a lifestyle change that we can all do. Yes Theory takes it a step further. This isn't a scripted movie or something done just once a year.

They've have gotten millions of people to participate in at-home challenges, and they will soon be seeking discomfort with an A-list movie star. Coming up later this month, Will Smith will complete a heart-pumping Yes Theory challenge. He will be heli-jumping on his 50th birthday. (Yes, Will Smith is 50). This means he will be bungee-jumping out of a helicopter so while jumping attached to a bungee cord, he will be flying around. It sounds insane... because it is.

Via Yes Theory

The theory of Yes Theory is to seek discomfort. It's to lead a regret-free life experiencing all that this world has to offer. It's getting out of your comfort zone. It's forever growing and evolving as a person and to never become stagnant or bored. Thomas, Anmar, Matt, and Derin should be an inspiration to us all. They're choosing to spread kindness, positivity, and self-improvement.

Be sure to check out their videos and channel to see what they're all about. You'll be entertained and in awe of it all. We hope that Yes Theory continues as long as they can and that they never stop living life to the best of extremes.


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