Expectation Vs Reality: 20 Times Life Didn't Go As Planned

All of us know how it feels to expect to get a certain result but fail to get it due to the harsh reality. And we often wonder why we feel so bad when we don't get the expected result. Science can explain it in a rather simple way. When we expect to get something we want, a neurotransmitter called dopamine releases in our bodies. It makes us feel good. But when our expectations don't come true, the dopamine level drops, and it makes us feel very bad. Sounds simple, but is there a way to control all this dopamine stuff and prevent ourselves from feeling so bad? Actually, there is! Just add some humor to failed expectations and the reality won't seem as harsh! 

Yes, life is disappointing sometimes (and the photos below prove it), but isn't it also hilarious?

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20 I Am Not Groot

Via: reddit

We all liked Groot in the first Guardians of the Galaxy and we all cried when he sacrificed himself to protect his friends in the end of the movie. When we saw him regrowing, we rejoiced along with the characters. And when little Groot appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, we were all like, "Awww!" It's exactly when this talking tree became so popular that we now use his image in multiple ways, even in the bakery. If you think that it sounds crazy, Google "Groot cake" and you'll see all kinds of cakes in the shape of this Guardian of the Galaxy.

But baking a Groot-shaped cake isn't as easy as it seems. Most likely, if you try to bake it, your cake will look more like the one you see above on the right... It's not Groot at all.

19 Not Exactly What She Ordered

Via: momslounge

I'm going to be honest with you. I've never understood why people buy clothes online and then feel bad if they get something that's not even close to what they ordered. I mean, clothes bought online can be really good, but there is always a risk that the item you order won't fit you the way you imagined.

This girl learned this the hard way. She ordered a coat that looked really sweet on the model. TBH, I liked this coat very much, too. It's so girly and fancy. But either she ordered a wrong size, or the photo online featured a completely different coat; the item this girl received was just awful and it didn't fit at all. I only hope that she could get her money back from this disaster.

18 Package Designers Are Lying To Us...

Via: reddit

When people buy pre-packaged meals, they always look at the photo on the package. And even though these packages often don't show the exact way the meal looks, we still believe them and fall for them again and again.

This package of Sainsbury's pork chili stir-fry looks like it's half meat and half vegetables, but then it turns out that one-third of the package is a sauce pack. I mean, why would they use so much space for a sauce packet? It's only to deceive the customers into thinking that the package is full of food. They could've at least put more sauce in it. I mean, is this tiny pack even enough? Not for me!

Another thing is that this manufacturer seems to be indifferent to the plastic problem. It's way too much plastic for this amount of food, isn't it?

17 ... Again And Again

Via: reddit

But package designers keep on deceiving us and we keep on believing them, right? Take a look at this Very Berry Clusters Cereal that had to contain blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. When one reads something like that on a package, they expect to have a bowl of delicious cereal with a lot of berries. It must taste so good! But what we can see in a bowl of this cereal are just three tiny raspberries.

It's so not fair!

It's too bad that we can't open a package of cereal in the store and check if it has what the manufacturer has promised. No one would buy this "Very Berry" cereal if everyone knew that, in fact, it was "three berries per bowl" cereal. Since breakfast is the beginning of the day, who wants to wake up with such a huge disappointment?

16 Want Some Homemade Mozzarella Sticks?

Via: reddit

Home cooking isn't for everyone. For some people, it's easy and fun, but not everyone is so lucky. Those who aren't skillful in cooking at home get one disappointment after another. For example, who could've thought that making mozzarella sticks was hard?

The person who made this mozzarella nightmare you see above certainly thought that it must have been easier. But the result they obtained was completely different to what they expected. Gordon Ramsay wouldn't even touch these bad boys. He'd throw them away and yell at the unskillful cook. And next time this person wants to cook something, they'd think million times before doing it.

But, in fact, if you close your eyes and forget how these sticks look, you might want to try them. I mean, even if they look so terrible, they might taste just fine.

15 And What About Homemade Sushi?

Via: imgur

My goodness, this homemade sushi looks even worse than the homemade mozzarella sticks we saw in the previous entry. Certainly, it was the first time this person made sushi and they didn't have a good teacher. No one even told this person that they used a wrong knife for cutting their rolls. Yes, they'd still look messy if they the cook used a sharper knife, because rice and the filling weren't spread evenly! But it would have at least looked a little better. A sharp wet knife is a key to nice-looking sushi roll!

If you want to get some kind of lesson out of this entry, it must be this one: When you do something for the first time, make sure you have someone by your side who can tell you what to do to get a better result.

14 *SO* Naive

Who doesn't like Oreos? Only those who have never tried them! So when anyone sees such a huge pack of Oreos, they certainly buy it thinking that they can finally manage to quench their Oreo thirst with a single pack. But when this person opens the pack and sees that it's almost half-empty (or should we be optimistic and say that it's half-full?), there's a huge disappointment.

Of course, you can tell that the package says it only has 16 cookies, but who looks at silly numbers when they see such a tall pack of chocolate cookies with cream filling? I bet the person who bought it didn't even see that there were only 16 Oreos there. Next time, they'll have to be more attentive (or less naive).

13 Run For Your Life

Via: allviralthings

Was it supposed to be a Scooby-Doo ice cream? Because it looks more like an ice cream monster! I don't know what you would do if you happened to buy this dreadful ice cream, but I'd throw it away immediately and run for my life. And I'd make sure that I'd never buy it ever again.

Don't these people realize that children are buying their products? I mean, if a child opens this ice cream and sees that their favorite cartoon character turned into a monster, it can cause a huge psychological trauma to them. If they can't control the way their products look, and want to stay away from lists like this one, they should better make just the simplest, most plain ice cream. You know, to be on the safe side.

12 Needle Felting Gone Wrong

Via: imgur

We've already learned that cooking isn't for everyone, but now we also know that needle felting is for the chosen ones, as well. Few people can do it successfully and create toys that will inspire millions. But others miserably fail at it. Just look at the example you see above. The toy that was supposed to be a penguin somehow turned into a long-legged monster.

The result is so different from what it was supposed to be. You may think that it wasn't even an accident. Someone deliberately created a Deathclaw from Fallout game or an orangutan with the features of a cute penguin. But whether it was deliberate or not, we can argue that this toy isn't for kids. It's for the adults who know how to handle fear and overcome stress.

11 So Many English Walnuts

Via: imgur

Let's get back to the packages that keep on lying to us. These Little Debbie fudge brownies were supposed to have walnuts in them, and the package features brownies with *a lot* of walnut pieces. However, reality strikes hard —there are only a few pieces in each, and it's completely disappointing for those who love walnuts.

After seeing packages like this one, we lose faith in humanity. We can't help but suspect that even the products that don't have misleading packages lie to us, as well. Can we get a new law that would prevent manufacturers from lying to their customers? Like, in this case, Little Debbie would have to either put a lot of walnuts in her brownies or show how her brownies look like in reality.

10 Not-So-Cute Child Photo

Via: viraluck

Who doesn't like cute kids on Christmas cards? The people who have kids themselves often try to recreate the best ideas they see on the web. But since children are unpredictable creatures, these photo-shoots often don't go the way it was planned. Kids get scared, they don't want to pose in particular ways, and they don't even understand what adults want from them. Seriously, what would you think if someone told you to take a certain posture and point a weird black thing at you?

I have no idea how they got the kid on the left to sit peacefully while they were taking a photo, but people who made a photo on the right certainly didn't know the way to do it. Let's just hope that they didn't make the kid hate Christmas by scaring them with Christmas lights.

9 Never Order Clothes Online

Via: reddit

Here we can see another instance of an unsuccessful Internet purchase. don't know if this woman bought a dress for her prom or for another important occasion, but I hope that she had time to choose another outfit for the event. I mean, there's no way one could wear such a horrible dress and let people see it.

What was the manufacturer of this dress thinking when they made it and decided that they could sell it to others? The fabric is extremely poor-quality and the design seems to have come from a nightmare. It's nowhere near to the picture of a model wearing a gorgeous dress.

Instances like this one make me think that online purchase of clothes is the worst idea ever. Especially when you buy something from a manufacturer you don't know.

8 It Deserves A Refund

Most of us know the feeling, when you plan to do something for a long time and when you finally do it, the result is nowhere near your expectations. We've experienced something like it at least once in a lifetime, and we just want to forget it.

The Reddit post we see above makes me hurt for this girl, who finally decided to get a new look and had her hair ruined by an inexperienced stylist. I only hope that she didn't pay for this terrible job and had her hair redone — and soon, too.

I'm not a stylist myself, so I don't understand if it was possible to fix her hair and somehow create the look the girl wanted... Perhaps, she had to dye them evenly and give up the idea of this beautiful gradient for now.

7 If Only It Was So Easy

Via: reddit

The Internet makes some things look so simple, but they don't always turn out to be easy in reality. Most likely, if you add two Hula Hoops into your coffee, you will get something weird and gross instead of an owl in your cup.

Maybe the photo on the left was Photoshopped or maybe there's some secret to making an owl's face in your coffee. Either way, the author of this idea didn't share anything about it. Perhaps they wanted people to blindly follow their advice and fail. If this is the case, it was cruel. Those who wanted to see an owl in their coffee must have ruined a lot of coffee cups and a lot of Hula Hoops that could have been used for better purposes. Like, it would be better to simply consume them separately, if I'm being honest.

6 No Caramel Here

The person who bought this chocolate bar, expecting to get a bar full of sweet and delicious caramel, must have been very disappointed. The package isn't only misleading, because it would be if there was less caramel than shown on it. It's a blatant lie, because the chocolate bar this person is holding doesn't have any caramel at all. The manufacturer might have decided not to put any chocolate in it just as well. It would be the most unique caramel chocolate in the world — the one that doesn't have any caramel or chocolate.

I wonder what kind of chocolate it is, because I wouldn't want to buy it. Like, ever. And that's saying a lot. Getting a caramel chocolate without any caramel is too much of a disappointment to me. I'm sure that all caramel lovers will agree with me.

5 Don't Show It To Gru

Via: pinterest

Minions are small yellow creatures whom we can see in the Despicable Me franchise. They are known for their childlike behavior and unique language. Many children and adults adore them, and many cooks have already come up with a number of cakes shaped like these little cuties. But these cakes aren't easy to make. It requires exquisite baking skills. If you don't have any, you may end up having something dreadful instead of a Minion. Just like this person who tried to make an awesome cake for their child but failed hard.

Perhaps this cake on the right is as tasty as the beautiful one on the right? I don't know if I'd wanna try it, but I wouldn't judge someone for doing it. It looks so horrible that it's even hard to understand that it was supposed to be a Minion. I think I wouldn't even guess it myself.

4  Traveling Reality

Via: boredpanda

When people travel, they expect to see all the sights as they're depicted on photographs. We always think that seeing something with our own eyes is better than looking at it on pictures. But when it comes to popular tourist destinations, we should be ready to see the site with our own eyes along with dozens of other people. Or, maybe, fail to see it at all, due to those dozens of people.

But it doesn't mean that traveling is useless. Some people get more lucky because they know what to do, where to go, and the times to go. Perhaps it's better to go look at the Great Wall at six in the morning when there's no one there, or choose low season for the trip. Because otherwise, the trip won't give you any pleasure and will be full of disappointment.

3 Have You Ever Done Yoga?

Via: notey

If you tried to do yoga at least once, you know the struggle. When we look at those who are well-experienced in this ancient practice, we think, "Wow, this posture is so graceful! And it seems that it doesn't need a lot of strain. I could totally do it!" But when we try to actually do the posture, we can immediately see that it's not as easy as it works.

Sometimes it may seem that those who do yoga and can take all those asanas are some kind of superheroes with no bones. Or maybe they're just naturally incredibly strong. But in fact, it takes years of practice to do yoga easily. The first time you do it will certainly be below your expectations. Everything will be hurting and you certainly won't look as gracefully as you'd like to look. Believe me, I've been there!

2 Spring Is Coming... Or Is It Not?

Via: twitter

After a long and cold winter, we're always looking forward to the spring. We imagine how everything will turn green again and how it's going to be warm. But often this long-awaited spring doesn't begin as soon as we'd like it to. Instead, it starts with a new portion of snow and cold. Even this year, a number of countries faced this spring reality.

But, you know what, it doesn't mean that spring will never come. Sooner or later, all this snow will melt and it will get warmer and warmer. Trees and grass will become green again. Birds will be singing and everyone will rejoice. And, perhaps, it all will be followed by another portion of snow and cold, because the climate is changing and weird things happen to the weather all over the world. I bet you we'll most likely have to reevaluate the calendar and assign some other months for seasons, just to avoid having these false expectations.

1 The Truth Of Life

Via: theredheadriter

When we plan to do something, we rarely think about the way we're going to accomplish this plan. We're sure that nothing will stand in our way. But when we face the reality, it turns out that nothing is as easy as it seems. We face ups and downs, a lot of risks and dangers come our way, and the way to our goal becomes longer and harder. Sometimes, it makes us stop trying. And only the goal we strive to achieve keeps us going forward. If this goal is really important to us, we will attain it, no matter what it takes. We'll go through everything and face all the dangers that come our way. We know that everything will become better when this goal is attained.

But... can you tell me, how come we always expect to reach the goal so easily? Shouldn't we understand that it's never so easy?

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