16 Extremely Flattering Photos Of Cosplayers

The rise in popularity of media that has traditionally been seen as nerdy has been dramatic in the last decade or so. Geek culture has well and truly entered the mainstream. With more and more people embracing comics, video games, and cartoons than ever before, fans are more inclined to publicly show their support for their favorite franchises.

One of the most interesting ways to do this is with cosplay. Models often dress up as famous characters from all types of entertainment properties. As cosplay has become more popular, the sheer quality of the costumes has improved dramatically. Models put a tremendous amount of work into getting their look just right.

As these types of characters are typically designed to be attractive, many cosplayers who portray them are also stunning in their own right. That means a flattering photograph can produce a gorgeous picture of these models.

16 Ciri From The Witcher

Ciri From The Witcher
via wikimedia.org (Makar Vinogradov)

This image shows Russian model Galina Zhukovskaya cosplaying as Ciri. She is one of the main characters from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the daughter of the protagonist Geralt. The photograph shows off the intricate makeup and accurate costume, paying particular focus to Galina’s large eyes. It's a pitch-perfect look.

15 Black Cat From The Amazing Spider-Man

Black Cat From The Amazing Spider-Man
via pinterest.com

Linda Le is a cosplayer who usually attends conventions under the name Vampy. In this photograph, she has taken on the role of Black Cat. The Black Cat character has appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man since 1979. Throughout that time, she has been everything from a love interest to the webslinger as well as an occasional enemy.

14 X-23 From X-Men

X-23 From X-Men
via cosplayspot.com (Adeline Frost)

Leeanna Vamp has become a huge name in the world of cosplay. The actress and model often attends conventions dressed as her favorite comic book heroes. In this particular instance, Vamp is cosplaying as X-23 from X-Men and Logan. The best thing about this photo is that it captures all of her curves in the costume.

13 Tae Takemi From Persona 5

Tae Takemi From Persona 5
via imgur.com

Singaporean model and cosplayer LennethXVII is known most for her anime and video game work. One of her most notable cosplays is when she modeled as Tae Takemi from Persona 5. In the game, she acts as a doctor who runs a back alley clinic, offering to heal the player whenever they are injured.

12 Ginny From Harry Potter

Ginny From Harry Potter
via wikimedia.org (Grandmagrettle)

As the main romantic interest of Harry in the wizarding franchise, Ginny Weasley is an important character in the series. As such, many cosplayers who are fans of Harry Potter dress up as Ginny, especially if they fit her physical characteristics. Taken in 2011, this picture shows a model in full Hogwarts uniform.

11 Silk From The Amazing Spider-Man

Silk From The Amazing Spider-Man
via comicbookcritic.net

Sara Moni is a professional cosplayer who has been modeling for almost 10 years. The vast majority of the time she portrays female heroes and characters from Marvel’s vast universe. Here, she is cosplaying as Silk from The Amazing Spider-Man. The picture shows off all the work that has gone into her costume.

10 Lara Croft From Tomb Raider

Lara Croft From Tomb Raider
via wikimedia.org (Glenn Francis)

Tatiana Dekhtyar has made a name for herself, particularly for portraying the character of Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider franchise. Despite the reboot's popularity, she aims for a more classic look. The Los Angeles actress and model is a regular at conventions. This particular photograph was taken at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles in 2016.

9 Nami From One Piece

via pinterest.com

Akatsuki Tsukasa is a Taiwanese cosplayer who is known mainly for her modeling as various anime characters. In this photograph, the cosplayer has perfectly captured the look of Nami from One Piece. This character is known as Cat Burglar in the show and acts as the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates.

8 Harley Quinn From Batman

Harley Quinn From Batman
via wikimedia.org (sleyatx)

Harley Quinn has become one of the most popular cosplay characters in recent years. The Batman villain is a romantic partner for the Joker and despite her relatively recent introduction to the franchise, she has captured the imagination of fans. The model in this photograph was captured at London Comic Con in 2016.

7 Supergirl From DC

Supergirl From DC
via twitter.com

Living up to her online persona, SuperMaryFace is cosplaying as Supergirl in this image. Mary got her start in the industry as a model and YouTube personality. That said, she has more frequently cosplayed in recent years, choosing characters such as Lara Croft and comic book heroes as her inspiration.

6 Rikku From Final Fantasy

via jessica nigri

Jessica Nigri is an American cosplayer, model, and YouTube personality, who has become well known for her portrayal of video game characters. Rikku is a boisterous and fun-loving video game character. She makes an appearance in both Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, as an integral individual in both titles.

5 Misty From Pokémon

Misty From Pokemon
via pinterest.com

SakuraBlossom94 is a cosplayer who has been attending conventions and posting images of her in costume since 2008. She has portrayed a number of different characters since then. However, in this image she is Misty from the anime Pokémon, wearing the typical yellow and blue costume the trainer is known for.

4 Tracer From Overwatch

Tracer From Overwatch
via gameplaying.info

Vera Chimera is an Australian model who has been involved in the cosplaying scene since 2006. She is both highly experienced and versatile, portraying characters from every type of media. Her main focus tends to be on video game protagonists, such as Tracer from Overwatch, as is the case here.

3 Wonder Woman From DC

Wonder Woman From DC
via pinterest.com

Jay Justice is a notable cosplayer who is a self-confessed nerd and Star Trek fan. She has cosplayed a number of different characters over the year, most notable superheroes and individuals from television shows. One of her most frequent portrayals is that of Wonder Woman, specifically donning her most iconic outfit.

2 April O'Neil From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

April O'Neil From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
via pinterest.com

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais is a Canadian model and actress who has been cosplaying throughout North America for several years. Her cosplaying around various conventions has earned an avid community of fans, many of whom will no doubt have been pleased to see her take on the role of April O'Neil as the costume shows off her gorgeous figure.

1 Black Widow From Marvel

via Katyuska Moonfox

Black Widow has become a hugely popular hero over the last few years. The Marvel character has appeared in numerous films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is a firm favorite. Here she is being portrayed by Australian cosplayer Katyuska Moonfox. The model is able to pull off the skin-tight leather-look incredibly well.

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