17 Wives And Girlfriends Of F1 Drivers Every Guy Needs To See

Formula 1 drivers live life in the fast lane. They love to get behind the wheels of cars that provide plenty of performance on the track and on public roads. What career could be better than reaching blistering speeds while fans cheer for you and you get paid a lot of money to do it?

It seems that Formula 1 drivers have it all. Besides driving fast cars and making a lot of money, Formula 1 drivers also love fast women. Some drivers change women faster than they lap the Silverstone...

We wanted to catch up with them to see which women they are currently dating, so we peeked into the dating lives. Our search led us to discover the beautiful wives and girlfriends of Formula 1 drivers.

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17 Andrea Campillo Vivanco

via Cellcode

The lucky man to call himself Andrea's boyfriend is Sergio Perez. The 29-year old Mexican driver was a member of the Ferrari Driving Academy until 2012.

Perez doesn't have too many highlights in Formula 1, but he took his first podium at the 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix with Sauber. He feels like a winner since he's got, Andrea.

16 Brittny Ward

via F1 Grand Prix

Ward used to be a Playmate and is the fiancee of English drive Jenson Button. The Dailymail reported that Ward had recently reached the six-month mark of her pregnancy.

Ward captured photos of herself in a bikini with her developed stomach. It seems that some guys have everything going for them.

15 Chloe Roberts

via Motorsports

What more can a guy ask for when he makes a lot of money in Formula 1? Perhaps, a beautiful wife. Max Chilton is a British racing driver and Chloe's husband.

He used to compete in Formula 1 but is currently racing for the Carlin Motorsport in the IndyCar Series. At age 28, Chilton seems to have everything going for him.

14 Dilara Sanlik

via Freenet

Being one of the best drivers in Formula 1 isn't the only thing that Max Verstappen has going for him. He's also boyfriend to Dilara Sanlik. Verstappen was the youngest Formula 1 driver to compete in 2015 when he raced at the Australian Grand Prix.

He was 17 years old at the time and proved that he wasn't just a flavor of the week.

13 Egle Ruskyte

via Pinterest

Some people might find Egle's boyfriend's surname difficult to pronounce. Ruskyte is Nico Hülkenberg's girlfriend. The German driver currently races for the Renault team.

He contested two rounds of the FIA World Endurance Championship season for Porsche in 2015 and won the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans on the first attempt.

12 Emilia Pikkarainen

via Pinterest

The surnames just keep getting more difficult. If you guessed that Pikkarainen was dating a Finnish gentleman, then you're correct. She used to be Valtteri Bottas' girlfriend until the Finnish driver made her his wife in 2016.

They dated since 2010. Bottas isn't the only sportsperson in the marriage, as Pikkarainen is an Olympic swimmer.

11 Giada Gianni

via Twitter

The sun reported that Charles Leclerc made a step up after leaving Sauber to replace Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari. That's not the only good thing that Leclerc has going for him. He is Gianni's boyfriend.

I don't think Leclerc has anything to complain about in his life since everything seems to be going his way.

10 Giulia Maria Testoni

via Pushing the Limits

That's what happens when you date a beautiful woman. Some of them have difficult names that one must remember, but that is probably one of Felipe Nasr's biggest problems considering everything keeps going right for him.

The Brazilian driver is the current IMSA Sportscar Champion and used to drive for Sauber after leaving Williams.

9 Hanna Prater

via Motor 1

Some of the best romantic relationships start as friendships. Prater had known Sebastian Vettel for a long time before they decided to be a couple. Vettel has a prosperous career and is a four-time Formula 1 World Champion.

He's hot on the heels of Lewis Hamilton, as he still feels that he's got a point to prove in the sport.

8 Helen Coulthard

via Sunday Post

Every playboy must settle down, eventually. David Coulthard, who made a name for himself in the 90s in the world of racing, was the runner up in the 2001 Formula One World Drivers' Championship.

Coulthard has dated numerous beautiful woman, but he chose Helen to be his wife. At almost 50 years old, Coulthard looks good for his age.

7 Jemma Boskovich

via Motorsport

Keeping up with a Formula 1 driver's dating life is like trying to keep up with them on the track. One day they are with a Brazilian model, then the next day they are dating an Eastern European hottie.

Daniel Ricciardo used to date Jessica Gomes, but it seems that he's with Boskovich at the moment. That could change by the time the article goes into publishing.

6 Kelly Piquet

via ESPN

Her boyfriend's name is more difficult to spell and pronounce than hers. Piquet is in a relationship with Russian driver Daniil Kvyat. Try pronouncing his name without slowing down. Kvyat was the runner up at the 2012 Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 but currently drives in the Formula 1 for Scuderia Toro Rosso.

At 25 years old, Kvyat has a long career ahead of him.

5 Linda Morselli

via Motorsport

Hating Fernando Alonso isn't difficult. He hasn't done anything wrong to deserve hatred except becoming extremely famous and wealthy, as well as dating some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Just when things couldn't get any better for Alonso, he met Morselli, a lingerie model, and they started dating.

4 Louise Gjorup

via F1

Being born into a racing family meant that Kevin Magnussen was destined to be a racing driver. He is the son of four-times Le Mans GT class winner and Formula 1 driver, Jan Magnussen.

Besides having a dad who was a brilliant driver, Magnussen is fortunate to have dated Gjorup since 2016. Sigh. Some guys have it all.

3 Minttu Virtanen

via Twitter

Back to the WAGs who have difficult names. I'm surprised that Virtanen is Danish, considering most Danish people are, usually, blonde. Or is that me being ignorant? Virtanen is Kimi Raikkonen's wife.

Virtanen is only 32 years old, not to mention a model. Raikkonen won the Formula 1 World Championship in 2007.

2 Vivian Sibold

via VIP

When Nico Rosberg decided to get married, the only woman whom he wanted to give a ring to was Vivian Sibold.

She is 34 years old and married Rosberg in 2014. Rosberg is a retired German-Finish Formula 1 racing driver. He was the Formula One World Champion in 2016. Rosberg drove for Williams and Mercedes AMG, under the German flag.

1 Jasmine Sanders

via IG

It seems like Hamilton is once again in the headlines for a new woman in his life. According to the rumor mill, Hamilton was spotted with the model out in Paris, France. He's only adding to his impressive dating resume.

For what it is worth, Hamilton did not confirm the relationship stating that they are just really good friends. The photos tell another story, however.

Sources - The Sun & Daily Mail

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