20 Face Swaps That Are Extremely Cringey

Folks just love to face swap. The kooky concept is silly, but it provides endless entertainment that friends can’t seem to stop doing. The resulting pics are always hilarious, sometimes weird, and often cringey. The swaps make people look scary, making us wonder how life would be if that’s how we really looked in real life. Thank goodness that’s not the case.

Of course, we’d never look so spooky, but seeing the pics gives us pause. The outcome is outrageous, especially when the two parties in the pics look nothing alike to start with. It’s addictive and odd, and the face swap sensation doesn’t seem to be dying down one bit.

These 20 face swaps are especially awkward, making it hard to look away. When pics are this weird, it’s so much fun to scroll and share. Enjoy, but don’t get too freaked out. And don’t forget to face swap with your friends too.

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20 Cat-astrophe

Via: meowingtons.com

Surely that kitty is cute, but from this crazy pic, it’s certainly hard to tell. When the cat’s face is swapped with the human’s, the result is purr-fectly freaky. Poor kitty.

She has no idea that she’ll now be a laughingstock on the internet. Can’t her human leave her alone and do something more productive?

19 Unplugged

Via: mashable.com

When you don’t have anyone else around to do a face swap with, there’s always the extension cord. This is an odd way to do a face swap, but the result is rad.

This person seems to have a lot of time on her hands, so why not waste the day away by posing with a plug? Surely her parents must be proud.

18 Like Father, Like Son

Via: mirror.co.uk

There’s a lot of facial hair going on here, making this father-son pic a bit bristly. This kiddo has no clue he’s part of a pop face swap, but daddy is doing it with his whole heart in it.

This pic is sure to make it to the family photo album, but when they look back years from now, the concept will seem crazy.

17 Who Wants Breakfast?

Via: tapatalk.com

This little girl only wanted some cereal, but her weirdo dad wanted to do something stranger. He decided a face swap would be fun, so now his daughter looks dreadful.

She’s probably a lot cuter without the manly features. Dad must have gotten a kick out of the pic, but if she sees it, she’ll probably cry.

16 She’s A Barbie Girl

Via: scribol.com

This mermaid Barbie doll is pretty, but when her face is swapped with a human’s, both parties look peculiar. It’s fun to see what you’d look like as a doll, but the result isn’t as cute as expected.

This may have been fun for the moment, but there are surely better ways to play with your doll.

15 Ruff Shot

Via: rover.com

That dog looks kinda scary from the start, so when the girl swapped faces with the beast, the result is even more eye-opening.

Surely this dog must not be as mean as he looks, but those sharp teeth are terrifying. Perhaps he was just mad that he had to be part of this silly face swap.

14 Monkeying Around

Via: storytrender.com

Monkey see monkey do. That’s just what’s going on in this face swap. This fella and the monkey have traded faces, now they both look bananas.

The result is kind of remarkable, but the pose must have been hard to capture in the first place. Props to this guy for getting a good pic.

13 Oh Baby!

Via: mashable.com

Thankfully this pic is a face swap. Otherwise, that would be one bad looking baby. It’s super weird to see an adult face on a baby’s body, and the same goes for when a baby’s face is on the adult’s body.

This mom would be freaked out if her baby really looked this way. It’s a blessing that babies are born a lot cuter. No offense to the mom.

12 What A Doll

Via: explosion.com

Barbie is beautiful, and so is the little girl. But her face looks out of place on the doll’s body, and she looks freaky with Barbie’s features on her head.

Little girls love to play with their dolls, and in the age of face swapping, playing is even more fun.

11 The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

Via: socialboxoffice.com

This baby is clueless about what he’s part of. Dad decided to swap faces with his little boy, resulting in an image that is forever burned into our brains. Imagine having a baby with a full mustache. The looks on the faces of strangers would say it all.

Children that small don’t have the skills to shave.

10 Having A Ball

Via: Stackward.com

It’s nothing new to see a bald baby, but when the face is adult-like with facial hair and all, the child looks loony. Dad looks equally odd, with those baby-like features on his adult-sized head.

This is a prime example as to why face swapping is so strange. Mom must be freaking out over this weird image.

9 Bouncing Baby Boy

Via: bwallpapersbase.blogspot.com

This little baby looks like a prison inmate. His black and white striped onesie looks like a criminal’s clothing and paired with his dad’s grown-up facial features, this child looks like he needs to be locked up.

Dad got the better end of the bargain with a cute face planted on his oversized body.

8 A Night At The Museum

Via: cosmopolitan.com

Face swapping is just as fun when one of the faces belongs to a statue. This dude took his trip to the museum to a whole new level by swapping faces with a work of art.

The result is quite odd, but artistic at the same time. Who needs friends when you can swap with stone?

7 Clean Your Plate

Via: smash.com

Mom always said to clean your plate, but she never mentioned anything about face swapping with one. The ketchup gives the pic an extra punch, but the result is still super strange. Dishes weren’t meant for such things.

Perhaps leave the face-swapping for friends instead. Kinda makes us lose our appetites.

6 Doggone Funny

Via: mixping.com

This pint-sized pooch looks super cute and cuddly, but his face is missing and has been replaced by his owner’s. Her face is now part-dog, making her look far less attractive than she ought to be.

This pic is silly, strange, and sort of sad. The dog’s face looks better with fur.

5 Peculiar Pets

Via: boingboing.net

Cats and dogs don’t always get along, but when they swap faces, what is there to fight about? Both animals now look odd, but they’re still just as cute and cuddly.

We’ve seen small dogs before, but seeing a cat so large is stunning. Time for a bigger litter box!

4 Dollface

Via: 9gag.com

Dads and dolls are not the same things. This man decided to swap his face with that of a doll’s, making the end result something we’d rather not see.

He looks odd and unusual, and no kid would want to play with that doll. Some face swaps wind up looking weirder than anticipated.

3 Meow Mix

Via: telegraph.co.uk

This cat was probably mad enough that he was being picked up by this little girl, but add in the face swap, and this cat is hissing and ready to scratch.

The kid has no idea what’s going on, but if she sees the pic her parent took, she’d probably be just as furious as the feline. Leave these two alone and face swap yourself.

2 Baby’s Best Friend

Via: 99likes.com

They say that dog is man’s best friend, but perhaps he can be a best buddy to a baby too. Seems that way by the way these two are seated side by side.

The only off-putting element is the scary face swap. Neither of these two looks even remotely cute. Face swap fail!

1 Miss Piggy

Via: telegraph.co.uk

Not too many people have a mini pig, so if you’ve got one, you may as well try out a good old face swap. No one wants to be told they look like a pig, but in this case, we have little choice in the matter.

That snout is substantial, and if we call her “Miss Piggy,” she has no right to feel offended. Oink!

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