Fact: Cats Are The Greatest Gift The Internet Has Ever Received (25 Tweets)

Growing up I wasn't much of a cat person. It's not because I have no soul (because I do...maybe) but because I, and the rest of my family, are quite allergic to the feline species. It's an unfortunate existence, I know, but I managed to live most of my life without holding many cats and burying my face into their soft, soft fur. I had a lot of friends who had cats, though, and I felt bad having to push them away from me when I was at their houses. I wanted to play with and pet those cats, they were very cute and friendly from what I remember, but I just couldn't interact with them much because then my eyes would start to get red and puffy.

Since I didn't have that many opportunities to get close to cats, I never really understood how cats worked and all the strange things they would do. That is until I got a high-speed Internet connection and was able to watch cat videos on YouTube. They are really something else and no matter how many cats I looked at, I never got tired of them. It's unfortunate that I can't touch them, but I can at least enjoy them secondhand.

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25 Free Shipping Means More Boxes

Via: Imgur

Cats are a lot like children: they keep wanting new toys and fun things to play with, and then as soon as they open the presents, they spend more time playing with the box than the actual toy. It's annoying because getting actual toys and presents costs money and a lot of money would be saved if they just got the box. Then again, maybe cats won't like boxes so much if they don't have another toy to completely ignore. Cats seem to be the kind of creature that enjoys making inconveniences for their owners, after all.

I love seeing cats play with things that bring them a lot of joy because it's like they just start bursting with energy. There are of course very energetic cats out there but I feel like most cats like to act like they're very lethargic and don't care about anything most of the time. They try to play a game to pretend that they don't care about anything and that they enjoy nothing, but give a cat a box and they're going to have a good time for a long time. Eventually the cat is going to get bored of this specific box but with Amazon's free two-day shipping there are going to be many new boxes to come.

24 Who Did Her Wrong?

All I want in the world is for every cat (and all dogs, too) to be happy in the world, but it's sometimes hard to tell when some cats just have faces that always look sad, like this cat. Of course this kitty is adorable, since all cats are very cute, but I just can't help but feel sorry for her even though I don't think that anything is particularly wrong in the life of this cat.

The owner is right, though, this cat really does look like she's been betrayed and is very hurt by it. Her owner says that she always looks like this, but maybe she's just giving them that look because they did something that upset her, like maybe not giving her enough tuna. If anything, she's managed to mimic human expressions to express her emotions.

Because this cat looks so sad, all I want to do is hug it and try to make her less sad. Maybe that's this cat's ploy to constantly get attention — if she looks sad all the time then there's going to be a human that will want to comfort her and pet her and give her all the attention that she wants.

23 That Doesn't Look Right

Ever since the Renaissance had brought back hyper-realism in their art techniques, artists of great skill have never been able to accurately paint cats. It feels like any time there is a cat in a painting the artist just kind of puts it in there last second and immediately gives up.

Just look at this painting, where all the flowers are painted with such beautiful detail! Some so much so that they look like real flowers; but the cat at the bottom of the picture looks very strange and not like a cat at all. What is that face supposed to be of?

I have seen many cats in my lifetime and none of their faces look remotely like that.

I understand why it's so hard for these artists to get it right, though. Faces are hard and when you've got a subject that cannot sit still for very long, you might need to rely on memory to fill in the blanks. Even so, it's kind of interesting how painters by and large, for many centuries, were incapable of drawing a cat's face better than the Renaissance version of drawing a smiley face as a filler. Cats don't look like screaming babies so they shouldn't be painted that way.

22 I Want To See Them Live

Via: Imgur

In the age of the Internet, I'm surprised that there hasn't been a cat girl group yet — and I mean like a girl group of actual cats and not a girl group of girls dressed as cats, because I'm pretty sure that already exists somewhere.

With the technology that we have today, these cats could probably release a pretty hot single, considering that people online have been able to create bops off of dog's barks. The Internet loves catchy tunes and they love animals dancing even more so I feel like taking these three posing kitties and turn them into a pop sensation it would be a very good investment.

It must be so easy to get your big break as a cat because you don't even have to do anything, really. All these cats did was turn around at the same time and they instantly went viral, getting shared tens of thousands of times. If only I was a cat I could just sit around, eat, and become famous on the Internet without actually doing anything. What a life that is. Too bad for us humans, we have to work hard and for what? Food, living expenses, all those things cats take for granted.

21 Who Needs An Exterminator When You've Got Cats

Having a pet cat comes with a lot of perks that go far beyond snuggles, and that includes having a resident bug catcher to get all those nasty pests that find their way into the house. I hate insects and if I wasn't allergic to cats I would love to have one so that it can keep some of those creepy crawlies away from me. There's nothing worse than feeling safe in your own home only to be betrayed and end up face-to-face with a spider or fly or something equally gross.

Now that there are those invasive stink bugs taking residence in my house more than ever before, I really need a cat exterminator to help me out.

Cats love hunting things and while that's great for snatching up flies, it's a little less great when they come to you bearing "gifts,"which are usually just dead mice, or sometimes other gruesome-looking small animals. The gesture is appreciated since in their cat minds they're just trying to provide for you, an awkward human who has no ability to hunt for food. It's a nice thought, but it's not a very pleasant surprise when you have to throw the dead mice out.

20 A Whole New World

Via: Imgur

I have always wondered what it would be like to be an indoor cat. I feel like it would be a little boring after a while, since you're just seeing the same scenery every day. But then I realize that I don't leave my house all too often during the week so I basically already know how it feels and it's not that bad. For cats I bet being inside is pretty sweet since you pretty much will get food and attention any time you ask for it, but for an indoor cat being inside is all it really knows so there's no other life to compare to.

That is, until they end up on the other side of the door for the first time..

The look in this cat's face shows a lot of different emotions, but mostly awe and confusion. It's like everything he ever wondered about how the world really looks like outside of a window came rushing towards him instantly and it's a lot of information to process. After seeing how vast the world can be, he probably was mad at his owners for choosing to keep him inside this whole time. They have their reasons, but it's only normal for a cat to want to explore a little bit.

19 Cats Doing Strange Things

After all this time of humans and cats living in harmony with each other, it's still very difficult for us to figure out what is going on in the brain of a cat most of the time. They do things that are annoying, like sitting on computer keyboards when they're in use and tipping over cups of water... While they look very cute doing it, it can be a little frustrating.

It seems as though they know that the quirky things they do annoy us humans and they continue to do them anyways because they're cats and they give no cares.

This cat is on a whole other level of extra, though. He managed to take off a couch cushion and put it to the side just for him to sit in the un-cushioned part of the couch. It seems a bit weird to want to sit on just a spring, but this cat unleashed some hidden strength (and maybe a few extra arms) to make the couch perfect for his sitting desires. How this happened we may never know, but we have to at least admit that this is a very impressive thing for a cat to do. Good on you, kitty.

18 How Does The Cat Body Work?

It's common knowledge that cats have strange bodies and are basically liquid. Every once in a while a new cat comes in and contorts its body in ways that nobody has seen before. I've seen them fill out their containers in the same way that water would and it makes me wonder if cats have spines or bones at all. This cat is doing the same kind of thing, but it's filling out this container in a bit of an indirect way. Cat bodies can do some remarkable things but as I'm looking at how this one is contorted, I don't think it looks very comfortable.

I want to know how this cat got into this mess in the first place, but since cats are a mystery in pretty much everything they do, there's really no good guess. I bet the cat doesn't even know how it ended up in that situation after looking at that face. It also has an arm stretched out wide which I can only assume is some sort of gesture that says, "Get me out of this forsaken box, human!" While they're very good at putting their bodies into weird places, it's a lot harder to get them out of it.

17 How Does This Even Happen?

Via: Imgur

Like I've said before, cats can find themselves in the darndest situations and it's a real mystery on how they got there. This cat is even more impressive than usual for how it managed to stick itself in between the glass door and the screen door. How does something like this even happen? It's not like there was anything for the cat to use to climb or something like that, and I'm pretty sure that not even cats know how to scale glass doors at a 90 degree angle... But maybe I'm wrong and actually all cats do that kind of thing. I wouldn't really know since I don't own one myself.

Pictures like this is proof for me that cats have special powers that they keep hidden from us or they may not be aware of themselves.

I can see a cat enjoying the tight space between the screen door and the glass door, but closer to the ground than this cat is. There's no explanation that comes to my mind that works with my limited knowledge of physics so the only conclusion I have is levitation powers. Cats really are something else and they never cease to surprise us, these animals of no spine and lots of fur.

16 What A Precious Little Baby

Via: Imgur

There's nothing that makes my heart feel warm inside quite like a very tiny kitten, except for maybe a very tiny kitten wearing a sweater. It's pretty sad to see such a tiny little creature outside during a storm, but luckily this little kitty was right outside of a pet store so they had the resources to make her get warm again and feel comfortable. I love the tiny sweater they put her in, too, even though I'm pretty sure it's just a cutoff of an arm of a larger sweater for humans. Whatever works and whatever makes animals warm, right?

It doesn't take much for me to want to buy every animal at a pet store or shelter because all animals are very adorable, but if I saw this kitten wearing a sweater at a store, I would immediately throw all of my money at it. This tiny cat is so cute and I literally can't stop staring at her because all I want to do is hold her and make her warm again. I hope that she found a loving family very soon after they found her on the street, and I don't doubt she did with a cute face like that.

15 Prettier Than You

Via: Imgur

Life is pretty rough already when pretty much everyone who does makeup is way better at it than you, and it's even rougher when you find out that there are cats who look like they do better than you too. I haven't worn eyeliner in years since I could never master an even look on both eyes and would just end up with a raccoon look every day of my life. It was too messy and too much work for my skin to just melt the makeup off halfway through the day. It's not fair that this cat has got the perfect cat eye without even trying; it's just naturally there!

Cats are already better than people in almost every way, but the one thing we have over them is the ability to create style.

But now that this cat is doing it better than most of us are, what is even the point? If a cat is born with perfect lines around its eyes then why am I spending all this time trying to recreate the same effect, but to no fruition? Makeup is a lie and cats are prettier than all of us so there's really no point in doing anything except be sad about this unfair reality.

14 He's Part Of The Prophecy

Black cats are unfortunately associated with bad luck and magic and stuff like that, but I like black cats the same as I like any cat. Some people might freak out if they saw a black cat hang out right next to a graffiti painting of a black cat as a sign of bad luck, but I think it's more of a fairly funny coincidence. The only thing scary about this scene is the painting on the wall.

The mural painting on the inside of this concrete building (whatever it's supposed to be) all look like it was painted by a 4-year-old. I'm pretty sure my parents have old drawings of mine with flowers that look just like that. Considering the fact that most renowned painters for centuries were never able to properly capture what a cat looks like through paint and brush, I'm not surprised that whoever made this cat also did a pretty bad job at it. The wall cat looks very scary — the body isn't proportioned right, there are way too many claws on those paws, and the cat's face is made very poorly and it looks like it's screaming. The real-life cat in this picture looks nothing like the painting, though, which should be a relief to everyone.

13 The Whole Family Tree

You know those Russian dolls that have like the big doll and then inside of the big doll is a smaller doll and they all look kind of the same? That's what this picture reminds me of. It's like if these cats were actually those Russian dolls and they've all been laid out side by side. From the biggest cat to the smallest cat, they all look the same so there's definitely no confusion that they are all part of the same family and nobody here was adopted from somewhere else.

I wonder how it came to be that all of these cats have such a clear family tree.

I'm guessing that the three smaller cats all came from the larger cat at some point or another, which would make the caption wrong since they're all its sons, but they're more like brothers with each other, but that would ruin the joke so I'm not going to try and get all of the details behind the family in this picture. All of them look like great companions to have, and it's kind of fun to experience a whole family of all different ages all at once. That's a lot of cat to have at once, and it seems great.

12 Hon Hon Hon

Learning a new language is difficult and even though I've been learning French for years and lived in France for a time, I still feel like a fraud when it comes to speaking the language. Even though I know way more French than one Duolingo session, I relate to this tweet so hard. Basically my whole time in Paris was just me bumbling about trying to pretend like I knew what was going on and understanding what random people were saying to me on the street, but most of the time I had pretty much no clue. All I could really do was smile and nod and wear enough black to really fit in with the crowd.

Let's also take a moment to talk about how absolutely stunning this cat is. I can tell that even without the scarf and beret this cat is very cute and photogenic, but with these accessories on this cat is really styling. She looks like she's about to take a bike ride off to a boulangerie to get a baguette and then chain smoke at a cafe while drinking wine. This cat is more stylish and photogenic than most humans, but that's just life.

11 Just Trying My Best

The more I've been staring at cats today, the more I have a desire to ask my fairy godmother to turn me into a cat because I feel like a cat's existence is way more fun than a person. There's really nothing you can do as a cat that is wrong; you can sleep all day, knock things over, and do nothing but eat and gain weight and everyone will still love you and cherish you.

When you're a human who does those things you're just "lazy" and "have lost control of yourself" and "need to get yourself together." Everyone's always criticizing people telling them they aren't anything worthwhile, but cats can just exist and be loved.

Even though society tells us we've got to be a certain way, it's really important to have good friends that are encouraging and not judgmental when trying to better yourself. If I'm going to beat my fear of attractive and fit people looking at me at a gym, they're going to have to be as nice and welcoming as this very fit gentleman is with this large cat. I don't know how much exercise this cat is going to do at the gym, but he looks very welcome there.

10 No Interruptions Needed

By nature, cats are pretty smooth creatures, but this one is definitely one of the smoothest out there. That Roomba was coming in to clean that part of the floor and before it could detect that there were some cats there, this cat just pushed it away without even turning its head back. It looks like something pretty intense was happening between the two cats because they just seem to be staring at each other. They're staring so intently that the black cat doesn't want to break eye contact while it's telling the Roomba to go away.

What could be happening between these two? Are they distant lovers who haven't seen each other in a long time and just need to soak in each other's eyes? Are they having an argument? Are they simply just having a staring competition?

Whatever is going on here it must be very important that a cleaning robot isn't worth their time. Normally I feel like cats would go after the Roomba, but not in this situation — things are getting serious here. I kind of want to see what happens next between these two now that I've gotten emotionally invested from thinking about them for too long.

9 What A Hardworking Girl

Cats that look that cute don't need to do any work to get by; I mean no cat really has to do much of anything to get by because we all love them the way that they are. But this cat at least can try and look the part of the working girl, and she does it well. That hair tie is perfect for getting hair out of your face while also looking cute in the process, and while this cat doesn't have any hair that needs to be pushed back, she still looks very cute. If there's any work in the house to be done today, she'll probably just get in the way a few times and then get bored and fall asleep but at least she tried by looking like she was ready to do some spring cleaning.

I thought that cats with huge eyes like that were just found in fictional characters like Puss in Boots from the Shrek series, but this cat has proven to me that animals with gigantic eyes like that actually exist in our world.

Those eyes are so big and they don't look real. I mean, this cat is so photogenic and aesthetically pleasing that it doesn't look real at all, but it is. How do cats this cute actually live in the same world that I'm living in at the same time? It's amazing.

8 Missed Opportunities

Via: Imgur

There are so many things about this tweet that bring me joy, but let's first talk about the cat in the image. So basically a photographer dressed up a cat in some '90s rapper clothing and then gave a local news station the rights to use this image at any time. I just love the whole concept and I want to know what inspired the photographer to go on this creative adventure of dressing a cat up in some fresh clothes and taking pictures of it to sell as a stock image.

Another thing I want to know is why this news station has this picture in their disposal of stock images to use anywhere at any time. I have no idea what context a news story has to be for this picture to be relevant for a local news station to use, but whoever made this tweet was right: it was been way too long that the account has not used this stock image. Why anyone would make this and sell this to a local news station I have no idea, but I'm glad that this picture exists and I'm glad that someone at KKTV 11 News had the fine sense to finally use it. There doesn't need to be a reason — that cat is super cool and everyone should see it.

7 Cat Anatomy Is Something Else

Via: Imgur

The more I look at pictures of cats the more I try to understand how they work, but then a picture like this comes along and I am once again very confused. I've seen many cat paws but none of them are doing the thing that this cat is doing... and I don't know how they're doing it.

Joe on Twitter calls this strange paw gesture as a "floofen," which looks like a human's way of saying "oh please" with their wrist.

Joe claims that this "floofen" comes out during high levels of sass but when I see this cat, I feel like it's sassy 100% of the time. That cat doesn't look like it's ever stopped judging everyone around it since the day that it was born. All it did was adopt human gestures to keep the sass going at the highest amounts possible at all times. That cat looks very soft to the touch and is very fluffy, but I wouldn't dare come and pet it without its written permission. I feel like in front of this sass queen of a cat I have to boy and call it "your majesty" or it's going to scratch me pretty bad.

6 Just Trying To Fit In

Via: Imgur

Some cats are full of angst and try to lovingly ignore their humans as much as possible to try and make the human question if it loves them at all, but other cats are just trying to fit in with the people. Most cats sit strangely in some way or another because their bodies make no sense and they can pretty much make their bodies do anything, and this is one of the stranger poses I've seen a cat try. This cat is really trying to fit in with its owners but I feel like all this is really doing is making it stand out even more.

It must not be very comfortable for cats to sit like this since it's not instinctual but now that this cat has learned how to sit up, it can't stop. This cat must have been observing humans around it closely for a while to pick up on how they sit so that they can fit in. I mean, this cat isn't just sitting like a person, but like a person with manners. It had to teach itself to sit like that because nobody just crosses their legs instinctually. I'm a human being and I don't even bother to cross my legs because I feel like it's a waste.

5 How Are They All Real?

This is a glitch in the Matrix if I've ever seen one. These are seven of some of the cutest gray cats ever that all look exactly the same. Sure, siblings look very alike sometimes, but it's usually not typical to be surrounded by seven cats that look like the same cat. From the fur to the facial expression, these cats basically look identical.

It's a little freaky to see so many creatures look so alike, but I'm not complaining too much because these cats are very cute. They don't look real, but they are very cute nonetheless.

I feel like the similarities between them freak the cats out as well because they all have this wide-eyed and confused look. It might just be their face, but it could be because they know more than we do and the future out there is scary. They're the messengers from another dimension to let us know that we're all doomed, but it'll kind of be okay because at least we have pictures of cats on the internet to make us feel better when things don't go well. Like right now, I keep looking at these gray kitties and I feel a little bit better inside while I stare into their blank eyes.

4 The Attention Grabber

It's a cold, hard world out there especially when you're just trying to get a taxi and nobody is responding to you. All you want to do is get from one location to another location and when you don't have a car on hand, you need a taxi to do that for you. Unfortunately, it feels like whenever you need a taxi, you basically become invisible and everyone will ignore you as they stare you down during your struggle on the side of the street. To get a cab driver's attention, you basically have to wear a giant sign that says, "I have money. I will pay you," except that is generally a bad idea because it'll make you an easy target for muggers or something like that.

This cat, while probably not exactly familiar with the struggles of taxi culture in the big city, kind of understands this situation. It too is trying to catch somebody's attention from the sidewalk and looks like it's losing its balance a little bit in the process. Nothing is worse than being unable to hail a cab except for being unable to hail a cab and stretching your arm out so far that you end up losing your balance and looking like a fool.

3 Needs More Pockets

This is it — this is one of the purest and most wholesome images on the entire Internet. This person has a shirt on with many pockets and in those pockets are tiny kittens. The only thing wrong with this picture is that there are too few pockets and too few kittens. To maximize the amount of pure joy in this situation there should probably be about five pockets on this person, so that they can put two in the hand and have seven in total.

I don't know what a shirt with five pockets would look like—it would probably be very silly looking—but if it can fit a kitten there's nothing silly about this.

Even though I'm allergic to cats, I would love for this to be me. These cats are so small. Just think about how small a pocket cat has to be. It's amazing that there are live animals that are that small that you can just fit them in the palm of your hand. Cats of all ages are very cute and exciting, but there's something especially about very tiny kittens that just makes my heart feel so happy and makes me want to cry because everything is just too good.

2 They Need To Calm Down

Via: Imgur

I don't know what is happening here but it seems to be a domestic dispute between some domestic cats.

Something must have gone sour between the two because these cats are being pretty brutal to each other. I can't imagine what it could be but cats are fairly petty animals so it could have been something pretty small. I can't help but feel bad for them and laugh at the same time. Of course it's no fun to see pets fighting, but at the same time, the fact that they're dragging each other into the garbage can over and over is pretty hilarious.

At least the trash can is empty at this moment or it might end up being a lot messier (and a lot stinkier) of a situation. Cats are pretty notorious for making messes, but this would be one that would be a little harder for me to forgive if this were me. I would want to try and break this tiff up, but I also don't want to suffer the inevitable scratches that I would have to endure by getting in the way of this trash can fight. It's almost like this fight was made for cat reality TV, if there ever is such a thing.

1 Much Better

Via: Imgur

The sky in this picture is a very beautiful color and if that was my sky at the moment I would probably also go outside to take a picture. It's a nice picture all on its own but going up to the top left corner of the picture you can zoom in to see a pleasant little surprise. Up at the top of a building pokes a little cat who is just trying to get in on the shot. I assume that it's trying to get a photo of itself taken because who just stares into a camera like that when they're not asking for attention?

No matter what, if there's a cat nearby, they're going to end up in all your pictures because they love living in the spotlight.

Even though that sky is great, the cat really does steal the show in this image just for being the cat that it is. Cats make everything better, and I wish I had one of my own to make my life better, but everyone in my family is also allergic so it's not happening for me. But that's what the Internet is for: to live vicariously through other people's cats and it won't make me sneeze and get puffy eyes because allergens aren't transmitted electronically through images. Technology is great, isn't it?

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