21 Little-Known Facts About Dr. Phil’s Marriage

Dr. Phil McGraw has been married to his wife Robin for over 40 years, which means he’s obviously doing something right. But is it just some kind of social mask to keep us from seeing the behind-the-scenes? After all, he's a very public figure and his career wouldn't benefit from anything too personal leaking out. But when it comes to marriage, most people don’t have it as easy as Dr. Phil does. Just ask most folks who have struggled to keep their families together and failed. Could it be that Dr. Phil knows how to make a marriage work because he’s a therapist? If anyone can crack the code on how to make someone happy, it’s a shrink, don’t you think?

But marriage requires full commitment from both people, which Dr. Phil McGraw and Robin certainly have. One thing they don’t seem to have a lot of is privacy because Dr. Phil is a huge celebrity. But that’s actually kind of fortunate for his fans because they get to hear about those secrets and little-known facts about his marriage, including a time when he wasn’t exactly "Mr. Perfect." But you know what they say. Everyone learns from their mistakes, even someone as awesome as Dr. Phil.

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21 The Man That Offers Advice On TV Had To Deal With His Own Marital Issues With His First Wife, Debbie


Dr. Phil and Robin may come off as the perfect couple on the cover of magazines and on-air interviews. Their marriage took time and a lot of effort just like any other couple. But what most people don’t realize is that Dr. Phil had a wife before Robin. In 1970, he married Debbie Higgins and they seemed like a perfect match... at least for a while.

Once the honeymoon was over, Debbie got to know her husband a little better and it was only a matter of time before she started questioning whether marrying him had been a good idea, after all. By 1973, their marriage ended with divorce.

20 According To His Ex-Wife, Dr. Phil Had Crazy High Expectations Of What a Wife Was Supposed To Do


Their three-year marriage didn’t last. Then again, they had met when they were so young. Dr. Phil was 20 and Debbie was just a homecoming queen who got swept away by her handsome prince. But in the end, it just wasn’t meant to be. So, the couple who had once walked down the aisle and professed their love for one another went their separate ways. And it would be years before Dr. Phil would go on to become famous. That’s when Debbie made allegations that he had high expectations of her role as a wife when they were married.

According to her, her ex-husband wanted her to keep her figure in check by lifting weights and doing tons of domestic work around the house.

19 Debbie’s Friends Knew Right Away Dr. Phil Wasn’t Committed To Her, So He Decided To Make It Work With Someone Else...


Debbie’s marriage to Dr. Phil didn’t stand a chance once friends and neighbors gave her the heads up that he wasn’t as invested in the relationship as she was. After talking to him about it, it became clear they were right. So, after the divorce, she moved back to Kansas City, and he went on to find his destiny, which included a brand-new happy life with Robin.

It was a bit touch-and-go there for a second, but he decided he wanted to make it work and get the happy ending most people only dream about. But the way he learned if Robin liked him was kind of unusual.

18 He Fell Madly In Love With Robin, But Some Sources Claim They Had a Rough Start


Although Dr. Phil needed a nudge to pop the question, he fell head over heels with Robin right away. But she was already friends with Dr. Phil's sister when they met. In fact, Robin told her friend that she was pretty smitten with him. The only thing is, she had no idea that Dr. Phil was eavesdropping on the entire conversation through an air vent that connected the two rooms they were in.

Now some people might find that a little creepy, but it’s kind of cute when you think about much he liked her from the get-go. Most guys don't really seem to care if a girl likes them on not, but it turns out that Dr. Phil was an old softy.

17 In The Beginning, Dr. Phil Didn't Want To Marry Robin, So She Gave Him An Ultimatum (And It Worked!)


Dr. Phil might not have married Robin if she hadn’t given him an ultimatum. Like the tough woman that she was, she wasn’t about to take no for an answer and Dr. Phil knew she meant business. She knew that she wanted a future with Dr. Phil and she also knew that he needed her.

He just hadn’t figured it out right away. But her plan worked and the two of them got hitched. In 1979, Robin was pregnant with their first son, Jay, which was followed by another son named Jordan in 1986. The mega-successful couple was able to raise a lovely family. They even have beautiful grandchildren as well. But the story doesn't end there.

16 There Are Lots Of Rumors About Dr. Phil And Robin's Marriage, But In 2016, They Sued The National Enquirer For Spreading Lies

IG / @robin_mcgraw

The National Inquirer has allegedly published over 80 fake stories about Dr. Phil and Robin's marriage over the years. Now, it’s not like anyone takes what the National Inquirer says seriously. But there’s only so much a couple can take, especially one as famous as Dr. Phil and Robin before they actually burst.

So, this dynamic duo decided to sue American Media Inc., the owners of The National Enquirer for $250 million for spreading lies. And in case you were wondering, they’ve both denied all the published stories like how Robin kicked Dr. Phil to the curb and that they’re divorcing.

15 Whenever They're Apart, Robin Has a Bad Time Sleeping

IG / @robin_mcgraw

You know it’s true love when the person you’ve been married to for over 40 years can’t sleep unless you’re lying next to them. Well, that’s exactly how Robin goes through whenever Dr. Phil isn’t around. She needs him right by her side so she can cuddle with her hubby. But the two of them have found a clever way to connect even when they’re not together. If she’s in L.A. and it’s 3 a.m., and Dr. Phil’s in New York and it’s 6 a.m., Robin will FaceTime her husband to see how he’s doing.

But that’s still no substitute for actually having him at her side. Is that cute or what?

14 Robin Confessed That Her TV Husband Tried To Psychoanalyze Her... But It Obviously Backfired On Him


When you’re married to a therapist, you better believe that they're going to try and put you on the couch to try and psychoanalyze you, and Robin was no exception. She admitted that Dr. Phil had asked her to be a fake patient so he could conduct a psychological test. But about four questions into the experiment, she turned and asked him if he was grading her answers.

It turns out that he was and that’s when she realized that would be the last time she would allow her husband to use her as a science experiment. Well, we definitely can't blame her!

13 But The Worst Mistake Dr. Phil Ever Made Was Get a Vasectomy Behind Robin's Back... So To Speak

Instagram / @robin_mcgraw

Four years into their marriage, Robin had gotten pregnant. But Dr. Phil wasn’t ready to start a family just yet. There wasn't much he could do about it the first time around, so he accepted the fact that his family was growing and the couple agreed they'd only have one child. And just to be safe, Dr. Phil got a vasectomy while working in another city.

But six years later, he regretted it when he overheard his wife tell someone that she regretted the day she agreed to only have one kid. So he decided to reverse the vasectomy, which eventually led to Robin getting pregnant and giving birth to their second son, Jordan.

12 Robin Had a Lot Going On For Her, But She Had To Make a Lot Of Sacrifices For Dr. Phil

IG / @robin_mcgraw

Robin has had a long happy marriage, but loving Dr. Phil came with a couple of sacrifices. Even though she spends most of her time supporting her husband on set, Robin used to be a very career-oriented woman. But she gave it all up in order to marry Dr. Phil. The moment she said “I do,” she dropped out of school and quit her job. A lot of people would've had a hard time dropping everything in order to support their partner's career.

But Robin was perfectly okay with being a housewife and a stay-at-home mother. We all make certain sacrifices when it comes to love and that’s totally okay just as long as everyone's happy.

11 You’ll Never See Dr. Phil And Robin Fight And There's a Reason For It


We all know that fighting is healthy in every relationship as long as it doesn’t go beyond a certain point. But you’re never going to see Dr. Phil and Robin shouting at each other and there’s a perfectly logical explanation for that. Robin told New You Magazine that they discuss an issue before it becomes a major problem. In fact, Robin grew up with parents who never yelled at each other so it’s unnatural to her.

And when she told Dr. Phil she didn’t want them to be screaming at each other in her house, he totally got her. So, throughout their 40 plus years of marriage, he’s never raised his voice.

10 These Two Lovebirds Love Spending Time Together, But When They're Playing a Game Of Pinball, All Bets Are Off

IG / @robin_mcgraw

Just because they don’t fight, it doesn’t mean that they’re not competitive. They enjoy spending quality time together, but they have this adorable tradition of playing pinball quite a lot. The famous TV couple owns a pinball machine, so they spend a lot of time playing at least one or two games at night. But in most cases, they are hooked on the game and eager to challenge one another.

And other nights, they end up playing as much as 15 times and wind up going to bed late. Leave it to Robin and Dr. Phil to make pinball sound wicked fun!

9 Robin's So Supportive Of Her Celeb Husband, She's Been To Every One Of Dr. Phil's Show Tapings

Dr. Phil Show

The key to a great marriage is having a spouse that is fully supportive, and Dr. Phil can certainly count on his ride-or-die wife, Robin. She’s already an incredible partner who cooks meals, plays games, and watches TV with her husband. But she’s also supportive of her husband’s TV career. Just how supportive, you ask? Well, Robin has demonstrated her love by being at every taping of Dr. Phil’s show.

She’s even shared a couple of photos she’s taken of the two of them while on set. Some of these include them laughing or even dancing in front of the studio audience.

8 But In 2016, Someone Tried To Use Robin's Image To Scam People, Which Sent Them Into a Rage

IG / @robin_mcgraw

As if dealing with the National Inquirer throwing shade at their marriage wasn’t bad enough, Robin has also had to deal with fraud. In 2016, Dr. Phil and Robin both stated that a lot of companies have used her likeness in an attempt to sell skincare products. But neither of them had any idea this was happening and would have remained in the dark if viewers hadn’t sent them letters to complain.

On that same episode, Dr. Phil made a promise to hunt these scam artists down so that they can’t take advantage of their fans.

7 Dr. Phil And Robin Went Through a Lot Of Heartache, But Life Tested Them Again When Robin's Sister Cindi Passed Away


Dr. Phil and Robin went through some dark times when Robin’s sister, Cindi Broaddus, became the victim of an unthinkable attack in 2001. Doctors weren’t very hopeful, but Cindi managed to pull through and found her way back to a happy and fulfilling life. Unfortunately, 17 years later, Cindi passed away, which forced Dr. Phil and Robin to go through heartache once again.

But as heartbroken as she was, Robin went on social media to pay tribute to her beloved sister whom she called “our hero,” for getting through the rough patches and being a great mom to her three kids. Clearly, these two had an incredible connection.

6 Dr. Phil Promised Robin He Would Never Divorce Her And The Reason Why Is Pretty Interesting (To Say The Least)

IG / @robin_mcgraw

Although Dr. Phil has been married before, he promised Robin he would never divorce her and there’s an incredibly touching reason behind it. Long ago, Robin’s heart broke when her mother passed away. While at the funeral, Robin told her husband: “I’m an orphan. I’ve got no people.”

That must have been a tough thing for a husband to hear his wife say. But Dr. Phil turned to her and said, “That’s not true because I will never leave you.” You have to admit, that’s a pretty sweet thing to say. So it looks like Robin doesn’t ever have to worry about the D word.

5 Robin Will Tell Anyone Who Listens That The Key To a Happy Marriage Is To Flirt With Your Husband...A LOT!


Everyone wants to know how Dr. Phil and Robin keep the sparks in their marriage alive and as it turns out, it’s something quite obvious. Robin believes that the key to happily ever after is to always flirt with your hubby. Sweet talking your husband or wife will not only keep your other half happy, but it will release tension as well.

So, you should never stop flirting in your marriage. But she recommends couples figure out what their spouses like as everyone is different. Other than that, it’s all about having fun and remembering why you first fell in love, to begin with.

4 Phil Always Comes First, According To Robin, Who's Just As Smitten As She Was When They Got Married


Putting your partner first should be the priority in any marriage, which is exactly what Robin feels she has done. In fact, she told her husband that she would put him above anyone else after the birth of their first child in 1979.

From that moment on, Dr. Phil knew that he would never come second in the eyes of his wife and she proved it in other ways too. Robin has found that checking in on Dr. Phil has been invaluable, as it makes him feel truly loved. She also makes sure to remind him of how proud she is of him every day.

3 And When Dr. Phil Posted a Video To Commemorate Their 42 Years Together, She Totally Lost It


If there’s one thing that should never go stale in a marriage, it’s the element of surprise. So, in honor of their 42 years of marriage, Dr. Phil posted a beautiful video and captioned it: “42 years of amazing memories, and many more to come.” In the video, Robin watched as Dr. Phil flipped through large white cards describing the various events that were part of their journey so far.

Robin recorded her reaction as she read each of the cards, and she was obviously quite overwhelmed by her husband’s romantic gesture. She was beyond moved, and it was obvious to viewers that Robin loved her husband even more than she thought possible

2 But That's Not All... On Valentine's Day, He Took It To The Next Level

Dr. Phil Show

When you’ve been married as long as Dr. Phil and Robin have been, it’s pretty difficult to surprise your wife. But it’s been over 40 years, so naturally, a box of chocolate and some flowers wouldn’t do. So instead, Dr. Phil used a Valentine’s Day edition of his show to bring Robin on stage. There, he announced a surprise that would leave her in a state of utter and complete shock.

He told her that he had spoken to her all-time favorite artist. She rested her head on her husband’s shoulder shortly after letting everyone know how shocked she was. She couldn’t stop smiling as she waited impatiently for what her husband had to say next.

1 She Got The Shock Of Her Life When She Realized Her Favorite Artist In The World Was Playing For Her On Stage


Robin was so excited, Dr. Phil even started to worry that she would faint when he told her who was about to come on stage. So, while the producers cued the surprise guests, Dr. Phil turned and made the announcement everyone was waiting for. He told the audience that this band was topping the charts from Los Angeles all the way to Australia. Then he said, “Let me introduce … our son Jordan and his band Hundred Handed.” Robin was in tears.

For years she had wanted to get Jordan to perform on the show, but producers didn’t like the idea. Thankfully, Dr. Phil got them to change their minds so he could give his wife the best Valentine’s Day gift yet.

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