20 Disturbing Facts About Freightliner Trucks

Freightliner, like many other operations, has gone under fire many times for some questionable business affairs, actions, and situations which left much to be desired. We all know that not every success story is a clean cut race to the finish line, but we’d sure like to hope and wish for the corporate higher-ups to take ethical steps when it comes to their decision making. It would be nice to know we live in a world where democracy and morality play a leading role in the structure of major corporations, but of course, that is not always the case. Every company tries to bury the bad press and exemplify perfection in the eyes of the media, but none can prevent the lead of information on the world wide web! Here are 20 disturbing facts about Freightliner trucks that we’re sure they wish we didn’t know.

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20 Concealing Driving Under The Influence

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DUI incidents are a concern for any company, but what is more concerning is that the drunk driving charges laid to Freightliner drivers seem to be instantly concealed. In 2018 a Freightliner driver was charged when he crashed and spilled fuel all over the highway. Freightliner was very fast in pulling the news and silencing the media.

19 Caught Red-Handed For False Advertising

What better way to show your lack of ethics than by false advertising? Freightliner was caught red-handed in 2014 when the National Advertising Division of the Better Business Bureau demanded they change part of their Class 8 Truck ad campaign. They were caught false advertising by the watchdog and had to be regulated and monitored until they modified their lies and presented a more factual campaign to the public.

18 Emissions Tampering

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Freightliner was named in a 2013 investigation of emissions tampering. While we all know that large corporations are guilty of making questionable movements behind the scenes in the pursuit of “quick success”, this is taking things a bit too far. Emissions tampering is a quick fix that is sure to lead to massive issues in the future. Their willingness to tamper with emissions demonstrates their lack of ethics in business.

17 Daimler Is Negligent

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Daimler was negligent. A recall affecting 18,105 Cascadias was a result of an issue with the brake caliper mounting bolts not being properly tightened. You’d think a massive organization such as Freightliner would have better standards in place at their plants. This was completely avoidable and showed a lot of negligence on their part.

16 Supply Chain Constraints

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Current reports show that Daimler expects their supply chain constraints to continue through 2019. Daimler and Freightliner are not expecting supply chain constraints to improve anytime soon, and state that “ongoing shortages have interrupted commercial vehicle production over the past 12-18 months amid record demand”. They just can’t seem to pull themselves together!

15 Overcharging & Issuing Non-Required Repairs

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Freightliner likes to handle their own repairs by their own mechanics…and they love to overcharge and issue non-required repairs. Greed and unethical business ethics are once again questioned. The internet is full of clients complaining that they were overcharged by Freightliner, or that they were “convinced” to pay for repairs that were absolutely unnecessary and not at all required.

14 Poor Warranty History

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For a company with massive, repeated issues with recalls, you’d think they’d get their warranties right, but unfortunately, this is also a fail for Freightliner. They have a poor warranty history, and are very slow to respond when warranty coverage is required. That is if you can reach them at all. They’re known to magically disappear when warranty questions are asked.

13 Driver Support Is Non-Existent

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The complaints board shows that driver support is non-existent at Freightliner. Formal complaints are constantly and consistently reported. Unscrupulous business practices are documented and drivers routinely express concerns over lack of support. Their promises of assistance are not honoured and drivers are routinely left without answers to their questions.

12 Troubling Job Cuts

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It seems that Freightliner’s woes span way beyond the assembly line and production stages, and seep into their executive offices. Troubling job cuts are a widespread issue for Freightliner, as they continue to mismanage their organization. The company publicly eliminated over 20% of their production jobs in 2001, yet refused to talk about this, or future job cuts. They took the action to eliminate these jobs, and then created a wall of silence, refusing explanation and insight.

11 Low Employee Satisfaction Rates

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From the time that Daimler took over, poor ratings of employee satisfaction were reported, and things have never gotten better – in fact, each year seems to get worse. Lack of consistency in training has been reported at a number of plants, and a poor work environment seems to be the unfortunate “norm” for Freightliner employees.

10 Fire Hazard

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In 2016 The Freightliner Cascadia Trucks were recalled due to a fire hazard caused by faulty wiring. Daimler’s HVAC auxiliary units were the cause of this problem, which took months to remedy. 9000 Trucks were affected and had to be hauled in for repair.

9 Sloppy Recalls

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Recalls were prevalent for Freightliner, and 2016 was an exceptionally sloppy year for this corporation. Months after the HVAC recall, 1900 Freightliners recalled for issues with the chassis. Fire risks were feared, as a result of incorrectly equipped power hoses.

8 Plants Go Up In Flames

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Plants go up in flames all the time. Yes, that’s a fact. Freightliner plants are notorious for explosions and fires. It was 2013 when the Mount Holly, North Carolina plant went up in flames, followed shortly thereafter by fires in the Wyoming & Gastonia plants. It’s an annual occurrence.

7 Recalls Are Routine

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Another recall affected the 2015-2016 Cascadia trucks that were manufactured between March 24, 2014-November 9th, 2015. The cost of all these recalls is absorbed by Freightliner, and we’re certain that with so many recalls being issued, the cost of the trucks also went up exponentially.

6 Recalls Increase Faster Than Sales


In 2018 the world took notice when 45,000 Cascadias were called in for an issue with the ignition control unit not performing properly. If you’re following the count – each recall embraces larger numbers of affected vehicles, as Freightliner issues spin out of control.

5 Do You See A Recall Pattern?

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The tail end of 2017 saw a whopping 400,000 Western Stars recalled for a defect that prevented the brake lights on these trucks from working. This massive recall sent Freightliner into a chaotic spin, as they tried to handle the repairs and issues.

4 Concealing and Lying

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Freightliner buried a lot of “incidents” that should have really had more a light shone on them. For instance, in California in May of 2016, a Freightliner driver failed to brake and sent a car reeling into a cement wall, killing a woman. The company kept this hush-hush and tried to bury this from the media.

3 Burying The Truth

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Freightliner made the headlines for all the wrong reasons again when a driver of a Freightliner in Santa Rosa County did not yield to traffic in 2018, and was killed. The details surrounding this were kept quiet and there were more questions than answers for Freightliner, once again.

2 The Worst Customer Service

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In 2014 Freightliner was slammed for having the worst customer service, according to Truckers Report. Complaints and grievances were in abundance, as people took to the internet to complain about all their horrible and unhelpful experiences. Everything from lack of service, to poor service plagued Freightliner’s reputation in the public eye.

1 Lack Of Professionalism

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Lack of professionalism is reported at every level, and Freightliner’s reputation is frequently smeared with reports of employees being treated unfairly, and left unsupported. Their internal handling and management of their staff has gone under fire, and lack of professionalism is prevalent on a global scale.

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