20 Facts About Jersey Shore MTV Execs Want Us To Forget

MTV’s Jersey Shore was one of those “train wreck” shows that was too absurd not to watch. Season after season, the cast got wilder and wackier, went through all sorts of drama and mayhem, all while managing not to die of alcohol poisoning on a daily basis.

They all started as strangers, but before long, friendships formed and relationships flourished. There were emotional upheavals, big-time brawls, and lots of booze-fueled hookups that made us all a little uncomfortable. The guys were big on “GTL,” gym, tan, laundry, and the girls loved to get dressed up in the skimpiest of outfits and head out to the clubs. All in all, they enjoyed their sloshed summers at the shore, even though they’ll have to contend with the raunchy footage of it which will live on forever.

These 20 Jersey Shore memories were what made the show so successful. Would anyone else want to be part of this debauchery? Perhaps some would, but the rest of us wouldn’t be able to face our parents ever again. The execs at MTV must have loved making all that money off the show, but perhaps they’d soon have us forget these 20 troublesome TV moments.

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20 Snooki Was Handcuffed On The Beach For Public Intoxication

Via: eonline.com

Life wasn’t always a beach for Snooki. She drank too much and was out of her mind while on the beach. Her insane behavior and drunken sloppiness gave the cops a reason to reel her in and take her to the station.

She was a public wreck and needed to dry out before going home.

19 Mike Was Fighting With Ronnie And Ran Head First Into A Wall, Winding Up With A Neck Brace

Via: thelist.com

Mike (The Situation) was having a hard time dealing with Ronnie. They started to get into a brawl, leading to Mike charging after him, ramming his head into a concrete wall.

Obviously, this had to hurt, and Mike wound up in a neck brace. The next time he should head-butt something not quite so hard.

18 Ronnie Threw All Of Sammi’s Belongings Out The Window…Including Her Mattress

Via: nj.com

Ronnie and Sammi’s relationship was an up and down disaster. One minute they were in love and the next they’d rather rip each other’s hair out. One fight got out of control, and Ronnie proceeded to toss all of Sammi’s stuff out the window.

Even the mattress was too much for him to tolerate. These two were like oil and water. Eventually, after numerous breakups, they split for good.

17 Some Guy In A Bar (A Teacher, No Less) Punched Snooki In The Face

Via: usmagazine.com

As if the cast didn’t fight among themselves enough, someone else got in on the action and punched poor Snooki in the face at a bar. This behavior was totally unacceptable on many levels, and to everyone’s shock, the dude who slugged Snooki was a schoolteacher.

Nice to know such stand-up men are educating the leaders of tomorrow.

16 JWoww Urinated Behind A Bar

Via: nj.com

When you gotta go, you gotta go, but most of us locate a bathroom before we do our thing. Not JWoww. She decided that the area behind the bar was the prime place to pee, so she pulled down her undergarments and urinated.

Remind us to never order a drink at that joint.

15 JWoww And Sammi Got Into A Punching Match

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

JWoww and Sammi had a relationship that was sometimes OK and other times, not anything even close to good. One time on the show, they got into a physical altercation, causing a “catfight” that even the guys were worried about.

These folks need a course in anger management. Otherwise, someone’s going to get seriously injured. Just ask Mike.

14 Snooki Came Into Season 6 Pregnant

Via: Hollywoodlife.com

Just what the show needed…a pregnant housemate. This environment was the last place one would want to be in while “with child,” but Snooki was willing to start off Season 6 with a bun in the oven.

She obviously couldn’t drink, so at least we knew she wouldn’t be a sloppy mess as she approached motherhood.

13 A Girl Named Danielle Was “Stalking” Pauly D

Via: mtv.com

The guys on the show were always in search of girls to get together with, but there was one gal in particular that was a bit too much for Pauly D to deal with.

He considered her a “stalker” since she just wouldn’t leave him alone. Pauly D wasn’t looking to be tied down, so this babe was a big bother.

12 Deena Fell Flat On Her Face On The Concrete When They Were In Italy

Via: vulture.com

After far too many drinks and a pair of high heels, Deena went crashing down on the concrete when the gang was visiting Italy. Surely she was embarrassed, but this behavior was nothing strange for this crew.

After all the alcohol they consume, it’s a miracle any of them could stand up straight.

11 The Guys Call Not-So-Attractive Women “Grenades”

Via: bellmedia.ca

Not every girl is going to be gorgeous, but the guys on the show gave them a nickname…”grenades.” Surely this isn’t nice, but the guys like to be funny when it comes to how they talk about females.

They’d prefer to hook up with a hottie, but every now and then, a grenade made it back to the house.

10 Deena Basically Showed Mike Her Private Parts On The First Day She Got To The House

Via: nydailynews.com

Deena made quite the impression on Mike when she introduced herself to him. She was trying on a bathing suit and a new hat and essentially flashed her private parts while he was admiring the view.

There are surely better ways to get acquainted, but Mike didn’t seem to mind.

9 There Was A Room Dedicated For Hookups – The Smush Room

Via: todaysorlando.com

The crew decided to dedicate a special room in the house for hookups only. The “smush room” was for flings and “romance,” so when anyone was in there, there was no question as to what was going on.

The idea of everyone getting busy in the same bed is kinda disgusting, but the cast didn’t seem to care.

8 Mike Found A Used Sanitary Pad While Cleaning Up…It Belonged To Angelina

Via: nj.com

Nothing like tidying up the bathroom only to find a used maxi pad in plain sight. While those items are supposed to be thrown away in a sanitary manner, it became clear that Angelina didn’t dispose of it properly.

TMI, indeed, but Mike made the most of making her feel embarrassed about the icky incident.

7 JWoww Backhanded Mike In The Face When They Were In Atlantic City

Via: watchmojo.com

Once again, JWoww couldn’t control her violent temper. She was super peeved about something Mike did, and rather than talk it out, she resorted to slugging him in the face. This chick is a tad troubling, especially when it comes to her inability to control her rage.

Imagine if it were Mike throwing the punches. Seems like MTV let JWoww get away with it.

6 Vinny Flushed His Shirt Down The Toilet, Causing A Major Clog

Via: mtv.com

The toilet bowl was clogged for days and no one could figure out why. Eventually, it was discovered that the reason the toilet was backed up was that Vinny flushed his shirt.

We all know that this is a stupid idea and it would never make it through the pipes, but apparently, Vinny had to learn that the hard way.

5 Snooki’s Butt Was Itchy So She Cooled It Off By Sitting In The Mini Fridge

Via: mtv.com

Snooki was dealing with an uncomfortable rear end, so her solution was to sit inside the fridge. She believed that the cool sensation would make her butt feel better, which it did.

While she may have felt some relief, it must have been hard for everyone else to eat food from that fridge without feeling nauseated.

4 Mike Made Himself An Egg Sandwich And Watched Pauly D Hook Up With A Girl

Via: youtube.com

Pauly D got lucky, but Mike didn’t meet up with a girl one night. Instead of going to bed alone, Mike decided to fix himself a sandwich and peek in on his roommate.

This behavior would be odd in normal circumstances, but the Jersey Shore crew seems to have a different set of values.

3 Deena Tried To Make Out With A Girl, Wasn’t Into It, So The Chick Hooked Up With Vinny Instead

Via: foxnews.com

Deena decided to take a “dip in the lady pond,” but eventually decided she just wasn’t into girls. Rather than the girl going home, Deena passed her over to Vinny, and the two of them made out without an issue.

It’s nice to see the roommates are good at sharing.

2 Snooki Crashed Into A Police Car In Italy

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Seeing Snooki behind the wheel is a scary sight in itself, but it was even worse when she was driving in Italy. The rules of the road aren’t the same as they are in The States, so surely Snooki was out of her element.

She managed to ram into a police car, only proving the point.

1 Mike Sent A Cab Carrying Snooki And Deena To Times Square…Not Where They Thought They Were Going

Via: mtv.com

Deena and Snooki were ready to hit up one of the local Jersey clubs, and Mike was cool enough to call them a cab. Little did the girls know that Mike was going to prank them. He told the cab to drive the ladies to Times Square in NYC.

It took the girls a while to realize where they were headed, but Mike was at home laughing all the while.

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