20 Facts About Maryse The Miz Probably Wants To Forget

With Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch getting engaged, another WWE power couple is on its way to tying the knot. They’ll go on to join a club that includes Beth Phoenix and Edge, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan and of course, The Miz and Maryse.

Maryse may not have had the most decorated pro wrestling resume, but beyond winning two championships, she's also a major force outside of the ring. She’s into business, is busy on reality TV and gave birth to a daughter.

Yet behind all her charm and accomplishments, she has secrets The Miz would rather keep a tight lid on. Unfortunately for him, we’re uncovering the thorny and awkward parts about Maryse’s history below.

20 She Was In A SmackDown! Swimsuit Competition

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It wasn’t a good night for either Maryse or The Miz. During a Smackdown! in 2008, not only did The Miz lose to John Morrison, but Maryse was also in a swimsuit competition. She was even the first one to get eliminated.

That may have been the only upshot for The Miz when he looks back on that night (Earn The Necklace).

19 That Time She Danced Around Ted DiBiase Jr.

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Back in September 2010, Ted DiBiase Jr. and Maryse had a dance-off against Eve Torres and R-Truth. The eye-opening moment showed just how far Maryse was willing to go to meet the Raw Roulette’s challenge.

In turn, she also gave The Miz something to think about for years to come.

18 She Kissed Timbaland In A Music Video

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Many pro wrestlers—such as Maryse—manage to break into other mediums outside of the ring. She even made an appearance in a music video with Timbaland where she kisses him on the cheek.

While it was a mere peck on the cheek, The Miz probably wants to bury this music video forever.

17 Hackers Released Intimate Images Of Her

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More and more female celebs are falling victim to hackers. In 2017, intimate photos Maryse took leaked out. The Sun reports that topless selfies of the wrestling star were among the photos.

Even though Maryse has already shared a lot of herself with the world by modeling, this may be more than Maryse—and The Miz—is comfortable with.

16 She Was In A Sharknado Movie

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Maryse has been in lots of movies over the years. The titles of the movies along say a lot—The Marine 5: Battleground, Santa’s Little Helper, Isle of the Dead and more.

Yet arguably the most popular one on the list is none other than Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, which probably causes The Miz to shake his head.

15 Her Modeling

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Trish Stratus, Eve Torres, Alicia Fox—all of these Divas and more did modeling. It’s no surprise that Maryse was a model too. For Maryse, it wasn’t just a photoshoot here or there though.

She’s modeled nonstop, even during her time in the WWE. Even though it brings in money, it may not sit well with The Miz.

14 A Fan Stalked Her

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Being a beautiful Diva has its drawbacks. According to Wrestling Inc., a 61-year-old fan wrote her letters and sent her, in what the wrestler states, "more than 50 voicemails.”

It even forced her to go to court to get a restraining order against him. The Miz probably wishes the whole incident had never happened.

13 She’s Great At Modeling, Not As Much At Wrestling

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It’s a little harsh, but there are opinions out there that posing for photoshoots came more naturally for Maryse than wrestling ever did.

Wrestling Hub put her on their list of "Female Wrestlers That Were Better Models Than Wrestlers.” The real question is whether The Miz agrees with that notion.

12 The Beauty Pageants

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Before Maryse was a pro wrestler, she spent time in beauty pageants. According to TVOvermind, she entered and won the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada beauty pageant in 2003.

These pageants prove Maryse had the brains, talents, and beauty to compete. However, The Miz probably doesn’t like imagining his wife doing the swimsuit walk

11 The Paparazzi Made Her Look Bad

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Most of what the public sees and remembers of Maryse is her smiling demeanor. Yet an encounter with the paparazzi back in 2008 made the public think differently of her friendly persona.

According to WhatCulture, while taking a photo with a fan in a wheelchair, the paparazzi appeared and drove her away. The press tried to make it look like she didn’t really want to take photos with the wheelchair fan, however, spreading rumors for headlines.

10 When Goldust “Stalked” Her

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Remember the Goldust and Maryse storyline? Unfortunately, we do too. So does The Miz, though he probably wishes he could forget all about it.

At one point, a secret stalker was sending Maryse messages, which ended up being Goldust as a way to address Maryse's real-life stalker outside of the ring (WhatCulture).

9 She Posed For Playboy

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Several Divas have posed in Playboy, from Candice Michelle to Torrie Wilson to Sable. Maryse herself did back in 2006.

Even though she did it over ten years ago—before she and The Miz started dating—it’s probably more than The Miz can bear; he'd likely wish to lock these photos away from the rest of the world.

8 WWE Had A Girl-On-Girl Storyline In Mind For Her

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WWE has to come up with interesting storylines for its wrestlers. Back in 2008, they had something more risqué in mind for Maryse—a girl-on-girl narrative involving her and Eve Torres.

It’s a little awkward looking back on, and something that The Miz probably laughs about today but deep down wishes it would never come up again (WhatCulture).

7 She Clashed With The Bella Twins

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Maryse and the Bellas have beef. It may have stemmed from rumors that, according to Bleacher Report, the twins tried to prevent Maryse and Kelly Kelly from returning to WWE. Maryse and Brie even had a contentious conversation on Total Divas.

This feud is something The Miz probably wishes he could sweep the memory of under the rug.

6 She Was In A Wet ‘N’ Wild Match

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The year 2008 had its share of SmackDown! nights with Maryse showing off more than The Miz can bear to look back on.

One of those included a Wet ’N’ Wild match, where swimsuits, super soakers and buckets of water were all on hand as Divas duked it out in the ring.

5 Maryse Put Their House Up For Sale Behind The Miz’s Back

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Much of Maryse and The Miz’s personal lives gets shown on Total Divas, a reality TV show. In one episode, she even listed their house on the market without The Miz knowing.

“Why would you put it up? I said no,” The Miz said. “I said we’re not leaving that house.” It seems clear The Miz would rather not revisit this.

4 The WWE Let Her Go In 2011

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Rewind back to 2011. Maryse was just recovering after she had surgery and was ready to make a comeback. Yet even though the timing seemed fit for this Diva to rule again, the WWE had other plans.

They released her and Maryse’s time in the WWE—at least for a time—came to a screeching halt (Bleacher Report).

3 Diva Pillow Fight

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The WWE sure has had some lows. The pillow fight that involved Divas in pajamas wailing on each other was one such instance. Maryse got pelted with pillows, though that isn’t likely what The Miz wants to forget about.

If we had to guess, it was probably that she participated in it at all.

2 She Was In A Political Film

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Most of the movies Maryse appeared in are forgettable films no one takes too seriously. There’s one exception on her filmography though.

According to WhatCulture, she appeared in a movie called Octobre, a political movie that might rub some the wrong way. In her defense, the same source notes she was just 11-years-old when she appeared in the movie.

1 The Move To Raw

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As a result of the Superstar Shake-up, both Maryse and The Miz went over to Raw in April 2017. While The Miz continued to find success and remains one of the more decorated wrestlers today, Maryse got pregnant and had a stint as a manager.

In retrospect, it looks as if the move to Raw hurt Maryse’s career (Hidden Remote).

Sources: TVOvermind, Earn The Necklace, Bleacher Report, Wrestling Hub, The Sun, WhatCulture, Wrestling Inc., Hidden Remote

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