19 Things About The Human Barbie Doll That Make Us Squirm

Ever since Barbie made her debut in 1959, there has been a lot of debate over how she is a false representation of what a woman should look like.

Many believe that it is impossible to obtain the measurements that Barbie would have if she was real. Well, Valeria Lukyanova proved them all wrong.

Growing up, Valeria received a lot of attention for her doll-like features. With her long blonde hair, gorgeous skin and big doll-like eyes, she was her parents own life-size doll. As she got older, she began to use her looks to gain success and fame.

With extensive methods, she began to look more and more like a Barbie doll, giving her the name, “The Human Barbie Doll.” Which, by the way, she doesn't like being called.

Keep scrolling to learn more about Valeria and how she became a human Barbie.

19 She Claims She Is Not Human


According to thetalko.com, Valeria has been dubbed “Space Barbie,” by Vice thanks to her belief that she is not human, but in fact an alien sent to Earth to teach humans how to astral travel out of their bodies.

"Once when I traveled outside my body, I remembered that I was not human, and my spirit is not a human spirit,” she announced during an interview.

18 She Tried To Lose Weight By Living Off Air And Light

Vogue Sugar

Valeria has gone through some pretty extensive dieting to get the figure that she has.

According to directexpose.com, Valeria is strictly vegan and lives off a liquid diet most of the time, but to try and lose more, she decided to try a diet of nothing but air and light. Unfortunately, things didn't go so well, and she started to feel sick.

17 Her Husband Is A Little Strange Himself


Earlier it was stated that Valeria believes she is an alien.

Well, according to thetalko.com, during an interview, reporters decided to ask Val if her husband was also an alien or if he was human. She responded, “I prefer not to talk about that, as I do not want to damage his reputation.” After a while though, she finally responded, “Yes, my hubby is as human as everyone else.”

16 She Claims That Her Eyes Are All Natural

New York Daily News

Valeria has stated multiple times in the past that when it comes to her looks, they are all natural, especially her eyes.

According to therichest.com, Val claims that her eyes are the result of non-stop exercising. That’s right folks. All one must do is exercise to get doll-like eyes. Val always had doll like eyes, but it’s obvious that she underwent surgery to make them bigger.

15 She Was Brutally Beaten

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Valeria was attacked on Halloween night back in 2014 by two men outside her house in Ukraine.

According to directexpose.com, the two men punched her a few times before one began to strangle her. Luckily her neighbor saw it and came to help. She was then taken to the hospital. Val has received threats in the past, but that was the first time anyone acted on it.

14 She Claims She Can Speak To Aliens

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We already know that Valeria believes she is an alien.

Well, according to directexpose.com, Valeria also believes she can communicate with other aliens around the Universe. That is a little crazy seeing as we have been trying for years and all we have received is radio silence. Either she really is an alien, or she should become a scientist because she is obviously a genius.

13 She Has Written A Book About Astral Projection

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Valeria has been sent down from space to teach humans how to astral project, or show she says.

According to thetalko.com, Val has written a book to explain to others how time travel and astral projection works. “I teach people to leave their physical body and travel in the endless expanses of the universe,” she explained in an interview.

12 There Are Claims She Removed Her Lower Ribs To Get Her Tiny Waist


Valeria’s waist measures in at 19 inches, while an average model’s waist measures in around 24 inches. She claims that it’s all natural, but no one can have a waist that narrow without help.

According to directexpose.com, Val has denied all claims of having surgery and that it’s a mix of genetics and serious workouts. Clearly, she is missing her lower rib cage though.

11 She Won Miss Diamond Crown Of The World In 2007


Celebrities all have to start somewhere, and for Valeria, that somewhere started with beauty pageants.

According to directexpose.com, in 2007 Valeria went up against 300 other girls in a Worldwide beauty context called, “Miss Diamond Crown of the World,” and won. For Val to win against 300 other girls is absolutely amazing. It takes a lot to be able to win something like that.

10 She's A Feminist….


Valeria was born in a poor city where the belief was that women should marry young, have children and stay at home to raise them.

According to thetalko.com, Val is proud that she was able to rise above her people’s beliefs and not follow through like a lot of women in her village did. She prides herself on her appearance, her success, her independence, and her spiritual ideals.

9 ….And A Narcissist

The Independent

When it comes to beauty, this woman feels she is the most beautiful girl in the world and that everyone should stop and appreciate her beauty and compliment her on it.

According to therichest.com, Val has stated in the past that every time she goes out everyone crowds around her for pictures and they shower her with compliments, especially when she travels abroad.

8 She Has A Huge Following


Since coming out to the public, Valeria has gained quite a big following.

According to directexpose.com, as of 2014, Val had over 30 million views on her YouTube channel, over a million followers on Facebook, 10k followers on Twitter and over 300k followers on both the Russian social network VK and Instagram. Obviously, all those have most likely doubled.

7 She Avoids The Sun And Bright Lights Like The Plague

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Valeria might have thought a diet of nothing but light and air was a good idea, but when it comes to being out in direct sunlight, she tends to avoid it.

According to thetalko.com, Val claims that light is harmful to her perfect porcelain skin. Because of this, she tends to try and spend as little time in the sun as possible.

6 She Has An Obsession With Dolls (If No One Has Noticed)


As a young girl, little Valeria had an extensive collection of Barbie dolls that she used to love to spend hours dressing up in the latest Barbie fashions. Normal little girl behavior.

According to therichest.com, Val’s parents thought her obsession was normal and they let her have any doll or accessory, she wanted. They should have sought help though when she started trying to look like one too.

5 She Is Working On A New-Age Opera

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Valeria is a very spiritual person and its not shocking to learn that she would want to promote her ideas through music.

According to directexpose.com, Val is working on a new age musical that will educate others on how they too can travel to other dimensions and transcend through space and time. Her hope is to encourage others to pick up a new age belief.

4 She Claims She Has Never Had Chest Enhancements


When Valeria first started her road to becoming a human Barbie, she started it off by getting a breast augmentation.

According to directexpose.com, at first, she denied all claims that she had any work done, after a while though, she finally came clean and told the world that she did, in fact, have her surgery done.

3 She Has A Matching Ken Doll


This proves that women aren’t the only ones who like to look as good as a doll does.

According to directexpose.com, Justin Jedlica is making headlines for being a real-life Ken doll. Justin has had over 190 plastic surgeries to look like Ken and has even starred on the show Botched. Unlike Valeria though, he is completely honest about all the work he has done.

2 There Are Others Just Like Her


According to thetalko.com, shortly after Valeria became an internet sensation, a girl by the name Anastasiya Shpagina made her internet appearance when she created her own YouTube channel to show the world what goes into achieving her look.

Unlike Val though, Ana wants to look like a real-life anime girl. Rather than a Barbie doll.

1 She Is In A Movie

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Valeria made her film debut back in 2016 when she was cast for the role of Natasha in the movie The Doll.

According to directexpose.com, the plot of the movie revolves around Val’s character, a woman made out of doll parts who is instructed to do away with the men who hire her as an adult worker.

Sources: therichest.com, thetalko.com, directexpose.com

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