19 Facts About Vince McMahon He Wants To Keep On The DL

Vince McMahon may portray himself to be this big, intimidating macho man of an individual but in reality, that's pretty far from the truth. Sure, he can come across as being a little bit scary, but people shouldn't allow themselves to get confused between 'scary' and 'putting on a mask'.

He's pretty much the whole reason that we're here today with pro wrestling being in the position it is, for better or worse. Our plan with this piece is to try and peel back the curtain in order to better understand the ins and outs of this incredibly curious figure.

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19 He’s An Emotional Person

From people giving emotional speeches on WWE programming to incidents behind the scenes, we can officially confirm that Vince has a soul. He may not want to admit that for some bizarre reason, but the guy does have a heart buried beneath all of those questionable decisions over the years.

18 Clearly Concerned About AEW

If Vince wasn't concerned about All Elite Wrestling, he wouldn't book NXT in a Wednesday Night War against them and try everything within his power to avoid mentioning them on WWE television. There's no need for concern right now, but in the future, there's a decent chance they'll be a real threat.

17 Looked Petty After Acquiring WCW

Instead of just acquiring World Championship Wrestling and going from there, Vince just had to rub it in the face of every single wrestling fan on the planet. It came across as being a bit of a joke at first, but beneath the surface, you could just tell that he was brimming with arrogance and confidence.

16 Got Beaten Down With First XFL Attempt

He thought it'd be a viable alternative to the National Football League - but he was wrong. While Vince's second attempt at making the XFL a success could be great, the inaugural season was anything but, with the boss losing an incredible amount of money on the investment after being well and truly humbled.

15 Has A History With Steroids

If you don't think Vince McMahon uses steroids personally then you're fooling yourself. Aside from that, Vince was taken to trial back in the è90s for reportedly administering steroids to his wrestlers. While he was let off the hook, there are still many that continue to speculate on the matter.

14 Forced To Give SmackDown Some Respect

For years RAW was seen as the A-show of WWE and SmackDown was viewed as the black sheep of the family that just sort of existed. However, upon FOX purchasing the rights to air SmackDown on Friday nights, Vince was forced to put a real backing behind it and make it worth their while.

13 Fired CM Punk On His Wedding Day

CM Punk received his official termination papers on his wedding day, and while Vince has since claimed that it was a complete coincidence, we don't buy into that theory. He clearly knew what he was doing, and it served as a vindictive way to get back at the man he'd been frustrated with for so many months.

12 No Longer A Risk Taker

From shaving his head to booking the Attitude Era, Vince used to feel like the sort of risk-taker that would do quite literally anything in order to get ahead. Now, the booking is formulaic, the product is a bit stale, and it just doesn't really feel like there's any sort of clear direction.

11 Felt The Need To Beat “God”

During a feud back in the mid-2000s, Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon teamed up to take on Shawn Michaels and his partner "God". Yup, that's right, Vince wanted to book himself to win a match in which he would defeat God himself. That's the kind of ego we're dealing with here.

10 Getting Overtaken By MMA

While this entry could mean that mixed martial arts are becoming more popular than pro wrestling, which is sort of true in a few ways, it's more about how many MMA stars are being brought in to keep the WWE ship afloat. This includes Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey, Shayna Baszler, Cain Velasquez and Matt Riddle to name just a few.

9 Willing To Bow Down To Hulk Hogan

Vince and the company made a clear power move when they decided to banish Hulk Hogan from the record books of WWE as a direct result of his racism & sex tape scandal. Of course, that only lasted a few years before they decided to bow to the pressure and bring him back into the mix.

8 Hates Sneezing

Vince McMahon wants to control literally every single aspect of his life, and that includes sneezing. He hates when other people do it and in the rare instance that it happens to himself, he's incredibly angry and frustrated about it. Sound weird? That's because it is and there's no sane explanation for it.

7 Didn’t Want The Eric Bischoff Fight

During the height of the Monday Night Wars on an episode of Nitro, Eric Bischoff decided to challenge Vince McMahon to a fight. His belief was that Vince would either show up and kick his ass on live television which would bring in lots of viewers, or Vince wouldn't show up and would look scared as a result. It worked.

6 Has A Weird Sense Of Humor

At the peak of Vinnie Mac's sense of humor comes his love of mocking and degrading people. One of the most significant examples is the fact that he enjoys pushing people into pools, probably because of how dominant it makes him feel - and all of a sudden we feel really cold inside.

5 Afraid Of The Saudi Arabia Situation

If Vince McMahon wasn't scared of the ongoing relationship between WWE and Saudi Arabia, then he would've cut it off after the first show or two upon learning that fans hated it so much. It's a really, really bad look for the company, but Vince doesn't have it in him to fight back.

4 Wanted The Shine Of A Fake Death Angle

Vince McMahon faked his own death because of course, he did. It happened a week or so prior to the actual death of Chris Benoit, meaning that Vince had to instantly scrap the angle in order to deal with the ongoing controversy surrounding what happened with Benoit and his family.

3 Doesn’t Understand Certain Women

Rumors circulated a few years back that Vince McMahon, being of the belief that the general public didn't find Asian women attractive, also didn't know that Asian adult film sites existed - right up until he was informed of that fact by none other than Jim Ross. What a weird world.

2 Screwed Bret Hart

We can completely understand and appreciate that Vince had his reasons for the Montreal Screwjob, but let's be very clear about this: he screwed Bret. You can try dancing around the truth of the matter all you want but facts and facts, and that is quite literally the biggest fact of them all.

1 Booked Himself Into Romance Angles

When you go back and watch the angle between Vince McMahon and Trish Stratus, or any of the other incidents in which Vince is flirting with or kissing a member of the women's division, remember that the man himself would've been in charge of giving the green light for those storylines.

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